25 Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice For Couples

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Love is a beautiful thing – there is no other way to say this thing but the truth is love will not and cannot be a beautiful thing every time and this is why we need some relationship advice for couples.

Your love is strong we know that, so do not get the wrong idea, we are not saying your relationship is weak but good things can be better and that is our idea for you and your partner.

Sometimes it is not even doing something because we are all doing something in our relationship, what profits you the most when it comes to relationships is doing the right thing at the right time and this may seem like an easy task but we can assure you that it is not.

For a more practical or lifelike example, we would be looking at an imaginary friend of ours – Jack.
Jack is a real estate manager who has been married for just a year; his wife loves baking but just does it for fun.

You wouldn’t say Jack doesn’t love his wife, he does and he is not shy to show it – he is always taking her out to company outings and buying her gifts but we overheard his wife on the phone with her best friend Tracy and the conclusion is that she is filing for a divorce. For Tracy, this whole thing doesn’t make sense but when we look at the reasons behind her friend’s decision, we begin to see reasons why she said what she said.

Jack’s wife is shy and hates any form of PDA (public display of affection) but she strives from having words off physical touch and that is exactly where her husband was lacking.

He would show her to the world, give words of affirmation and buy her all the gifts money can buy but he is almost always never there. She sleeps alone more than half of the time and his excuse is always scripted, ‘work was much today, I did not even know when I fell asleep in the office’.

Doing things for his wife here was not the issue because, in all honesty, the young man did the best that he could in the situation but the issue here was that he was not doing what was best for his wife, the right thing was missing and that is always where we need to be present.

This is why we are giving relationship advice here, just so you do less of things and more of the right things to take your marriage to the heights that you imagined for it.


Relationship Advice For Couples – 25 Of The Best


1. Talk

Communication is key and this is the best relationship advice for couples anyone can give to a couple, whether they are newlyweds or old timers, communication is the most powerful tool in their marriage arsenal.

Communication will always reduce the chances of quarrels and fights and also when you communicate, a lot of the ingredients that are needed to make your union amazing will be added like trust.

When things like this are present, you are sure that what you have with your partner will grow from strength to strength.


2. Relationship Goals

Talking about growth, it is important that this is visible even if it is just to the both of you – this is how your relationship waxes stronger.

You must set goals of where you want your relationship to be in even if it is a goal for the end of the day and then when the goals are set, you have to make conscious efforts to make sure you achieve the goals. Set goals like this once in a whole – this on its own is a bit of relationship advice for couples who argue.


3. Keep Your Secrets

It is important to make yourself your partner’s best friend, ones you are the person they confide in no matter what, you would rarely have issues because they will always want to talk to you even when you are the problem and this makes it easy to settle.

When you are looking for relationship advice for couples, one of the first things you will hear is to keep your stuff indoors and this is important. When your partner confides in you or tells you something, it is very wrong to take that information out to the general public or the hearing of others regardless of how unimportant it is.


4. Split The House Chores

It may seem like nothing but this must be done as much as you can. Working together is important as playing together as a couple and it is important to always split the jobs in the house.

When this is done right, it creates this sense of togetherness and gives the feeling of being wanted and loved especially for the ladies.

SO, if relationship advice for couples is what brought you here, here is one for the record books – make sure you are setting the table and making her a hot bath while she is cooking dinner, this is the best way to go about things.


5. Intimacy On All Levels

This is the best relationship advice for couples we have given, just make sure the intimacy is top-notch on all levels.

However, if for some reason one of the sides of intimacy begins to lag, it shouldn’t be physical intimacy. Love fails once in a while and when this happens, we would need something to hold on to.

More often than not, physical intimacy has come through for people – you just do not know the power of knowing how to hold and touch somebody the way they want to be held and touched.


6. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

We asked a man to give us relationship advice for couples living together, he has been happily married for 43 years; a union blessed with children and grandchildren.

His response was ‘laugh’ – funny answer but it is important to note that laughter is the best medicine and one thing that is common about medicine is the fact that it tends to make you better. So, if this is true, what better way to make your union better than to look for things that make you laugh together.


7. Respect Their Boundaries

Sometimes you just have to listen and forget about trying to make your partner give in to what you want.

If they have told you where the line is do not even go close, so you avoid the need to cross it. We know she or he is not perfect but does not go about giving the advice that they did not ask for.

When you are talking about relationship advice for couples, respect the boundaries they have put in place is number one.


8. Compliment Them Before You Complain

We would all agree that nobody is perfect no matter how hard we try. It is also a known fact that we all have something we are good at and when talking to your partner, a combination of these two is the best way to go about this thing.

First put a smile on their face by telling them the things they are good at before you go on to tell them their flaws, it is even easier for them to listen and make corrections when this happens.


9. Yesterday Is Not Important

When we are looking for relationship advice for couples, this has to be one of the most important in the book, knowing that yesterday is one of the hardest lessons to learn but when learned it will make your relationship grow from strength to strength.

Regardless of the stories, you have heard about your partner, as long as they are honest about their previous mistakes and they put in the work needed to change and be better then you must repay them by putting in the work to forget the mistakes of yesterday.


10. Spend Time Apart

You must stay together when in love but also important that you spend some time apart from each other.

The first reason is that regardless of how similar you might be, there are differences and time alone is also time to work on your differences.

So, the time alone is the time you have to watch your favourite team play since she is not into sports or for you to go shopping since he gets debit alerts rather than adrenaline from that. Also, when you spend time apart, you give room for your partner to miss you.


11. Little Acts To Show You Love Them

When you can do little things to shows that you love them. It could be buying them gifts, calling, or texting to check in on them.

What you are going to do with depends on what they like or want but make sure you are showing them with your little acts that you love them – this is the relationship advice for couples you came for.


12. Friendship First; Friendship Always

It is one of the most important things we can say to you – be friends with them first. Like we have established earlier, love will fail and most times this is the only thing that most couples hold on to meaning when it fails, they are left with absolutely nothing.

This is why is it important to be friends with your partner what we suggest is a relationship built on strong friendship.


13. He/She Is Not A Television Set

The biggest problem we face most times in a relationship is the fact that we meet someone who is 7/10 and we become so focused on making them 10/10 that we forget that the agreement was to love them how they are.

No one is a TV set that can be changed just at the push of a button and it is very wrong to treat someone like they are.


14. He/She Is Above All Others

There are a lot of things we would be looking at when it comes to relationship advice for couples but one that must be known is that your partner is the most important, regardless of who they are coming up against – you choose them and you continue to do that for the rest of your life.


15. Fight But Not Always

In any place where two or more humans coexist one of the things that cannot be avoided is fights – quarreling and fighting cannot be avoided and this is because you are not a mirror image of your partner.

He or she still has reservations on some issues but the most important thing to do is you fight to become better and you do not do it always.


16. When Alone Together, Forget Everything

This is relationship advice for a couple living together – after a long day at work and you are alone, please forget about every other thing.

Technology has no place in the bedroom and work should be left in the office. Even the kids, now we are not saying forget the kids totally but enjoy your alone time.


17. Look Nice For Them

You have to keep wowing them regardless of how many times they see you with or without clothes. You must impress them once in a while by looking nice for them.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you are going out for a big date or an event. Just keep looking dapper and watch the love grow.


18. Change Should Be Constant In Your Relationship

Just like your looks, our relationship advice for couples is that the activities you and your partner embark on should always leave things entertaining and exciting.

Change is the most constant thing in life and when it is not found in your home, then chances are, you lose that spark sooner rather than later.


19. Love Hard

The fear to love hard has ended more relationships than problems from the relationship itself has. People are constantly scared of committing everything and giving their all in a relationship.

Everyone wants the other person to love first or love stronger. The ultimate relationship advice is to let your guard down when you are sure they are for you.


20. Never Leave The House Without Saying Goodbye

This may sound like the most cliché thing in the book of books but little things like this matter in your relationship and it might just be that one thing that keeps you going.

A routine is important for every couple and a kiss goodbye with an ‘I love you or ‘see you later to go with it might be what makes your partner’s morning every day.


21. Learn Their Love Language

Of all the relationship advice for couples we have given, this happens to be the most important as we started by saying doing the right thing is better than just doing something.

Understanding what their love needs and language is will tell you what they want you to do hence increasing the effect of your actions.


22. Apologize And Compromise

Regardless of who is wrong or right, apologize to your partner, just be the bigger person because deep down they know when they are wrong.

It shows that you value what you have and cannot trade it up for the pride that comes with who says sorry first. Also, it is important to make compromises when you are dealing with your partner.


23. Get A Kid Or A Pet

Mutual love transferred to something else will always resonate to love back and this is the same when it comes to humans and relationships.

This is why you see two football fans who do not know each other celebrate together when their club wins the playoff. Try a pet or have a child, when the both of you love that child or pet, it increases your love for each other.


24. Be Dependent

It might sound like the dumbest thing in the book since the internet says that men and women love independent partners but the truth is that it is not.

Men and women want to be dependent on – men want to protect and women want to take care of people and things, it is an instinct, so learn to be dependent on your partner.


25. Try Counseling

Contrary to popular belief counseling especially marriage or couples counseling should not be done only when someone is processing the divorce papers. Counseling is an open space to share and that doesn’t just mean bad memories or experiences.

So, if you are looking for a piece of relationship advice for couples, we suggest that you and your partner start seeing a counselor today, as this is a way to promote the love that you have but mind you, this is not the cheapest option on the list.



There are so many things you can do as couples to help you grow together in love, peace, and harmony but if happily ever after is what you seek, these are the 25 best pieces of relationship advice for couples.


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