10 Steps To Finding Your Soulmate

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We all have different meanings to the word, so before we talk about how to find your soulmate, we need to be on the same page as regards the meaning of the word soulmate.

According to the dictionary, a soulmate is someone, especially a romantic partner with whom one is exceptionally or uniquely compatible or has a special, almost spiritual connection. So, yes what we are trying to say is if she is your Cinderella or he is your Prince Charming then there is a high chance that he is your soulmate.

Since we agree that whatever our definition of a soulmate is, we are correct, let us move on to find out the keys to identifying your soulmate and making sure the love lasts the ultimate which is time.

The prince met with an uninvited guest and spent all his time afterwards looking for her until he found her. I think this is the best definition of what a soulmate is – going through fire and brimstone for another human being. Sleeping beauty was awakened by her true love’s kiss even after other men had tried countless times – we say this to give you hope.

There is someone for everyone at least that is what the songwriter said and that is worth holding on to in a situation as critical as the one we find ourselves in, we just need to stay positive as we go about asking the internet ‘how to find your soulmate’ because if you do not even believe that there is someone for your out there that you can call a soulmate, how would you know when you see the signs he’s your soulmate or she’s your soulmate.

The question ‘how to find your soulmate’ has been asked in different forms by different people yet the answer to this keeps running far from us and this is evident from the fact that the amount of people breaking up keeps increasing as the day goes by.

We all want to find our soulmate; it is supposed to be the endgame for all the relationships we are all in but more often than not this isn’t the result we get. Most times it is almost like a cycle – you love, commit then find out it was a waste of time then you repeat the whole process.

The reason why we can’t seem to find one and keep them till the end is why we are here, to find out the steps we need to take if we are trying to get a soulmate.


How To Find Your Soulmate – The 10 Golden Rules

1. Find You First

If you haven’t asked yourself ‘who am I’ and provided an answer to the question then asking ‘how to find your soulmate’ can be likened to asking the right question at the wrong time.

In your journey to finding a soulmate, the first thing you should think of finding is yourself because without finding yourself, it is impossible to even know what exactly you want from others.

What do you enjoy and what are your plans in life – knowing what you want to achieve and how you plan on going about it gives you a clearer picture of the type of person you want to be by your side as you go on with this journey of life and you try to achieve those goals.

Working on yourself and getting close to the person you want to be will make the process of finding a soulmate like a poet, freetivation would say ‘there is nothing more attractive than a man who knows who he is, what he can do, where he is going and what he wants.’

Forget what the series made you believe, orange is not the new black, the purpose is and once you have that, there is no telling how easy it would be to follow the remaining steps as you attempt to answer the all-important question ‘how to find your soulmate.’


2. Be Comfortable Being Single

We know it looks like it almost half of the time but the truth is, it is not a do-or-die affair – this journey for you to find a soulmate.

Regardless of how important finding that person is to you, you must realize that you still have a life before it and you would have one after you find a soulmate – so it is important to be comfortable being single when you are.

Embrace the freedom and do a bit of adventure. Find new ways to make yourself happy all by yourself and try to love yourself too because at the end of the day it is all that would matter.

Find a new hobby, learn a new skill – look at things this way, even if you find a soulmate now, the chances are, he or she would not always be around you. There are times they would leave you alone and this is not because they don’t love you but their would-be other factors like work, school, family engagements, etc. to keep them away and when that time comes, you would need something to hold on to.

If you haven’t learned how to love yourself, you might even end up ruining the relationship you have built with your soulmate because you would constantly keep doubting since you do not even see yourself as someone worth loving. So, while you are looking for the signs he’s your soulmate or the ones to show that she is, we suggest you learn how to love yourself and start being comfortable with the single life.


3. Know What You Want

If what you typed on your search engine is ‘how to find your soulmate’ then it is important that you know who exactly your soulmate is because, at the end of the day, they cannot be just anyone.

If you wanted anybody, you would have simply searched ‘how to find your next girlfriend’ but instead you used the word soulmate and your soulmate cannot just be anybody. You have to dream about the love you want from them, picture what they should look like, how you want them to sound – have everything in your head but while you are at it is, it is important to be realistic and also to have a threshold for a pass and fail.

We all know you want a 10/10 but what if he is a 9, do you just brush him aside or see how he can love him regardless of the one that he doesn’t have until he can get it, and even if he doesn’t, how you can love him regardless.

Knowing what you want is important because, at the end of the day, you cannot just love anybody and call the person your soulmate – the name is too sacred to be used loosely like that.


4. Be Open-Minded

We know you are out here for serious business and that business is finding your soulmate but we all know what made Jack a dull boy, right?

All work and no play – so make sure you are open-minded and you are having fun. The truth is finding your soulmate has no formula, there are general steps to follow like we are listing here but it could happen at any time whether you are on step one or step eight.

Having an idea of all the steps is mainly to help guide you even when you have found that special someone. First, you must have it in mind that it may seem like what it is not sometimes – you might put in your all because you think the person you found is what you want but you can later regret it because that person is not even close to being the one for you.

There are so many variables to this but with an open mind, the hurt, if at all it comes will be a minimal and easier bear. Also, you might meet the right person at the wrong time – when this happens the best thing is to walk away. If he or she is taken when you meet them then you just have to forget about the relationship at least for the time being, to help protect your mental and physical health.

So, if you are looking for how to find a soulmate without even trying, don’t see it as a job and try to keep an open mind.


5. You Have To Go Find Them

Some believe that after reading this article, their soulmate would be at their front door, asking them to buzz them into their apartment but the truth is most times this is not what happens.

There is a high chance you are not even in a relationship right now, so we are almost starting from scratch to look for not just anybody for you to date but to find one that is not just boyfriend or girlfriend material; the one that is your soulmate.

Tell your friends and family that you are searching, they will do the best form of advertisement for you and you can explain what you want to them which makes the whole finding process much easier. You can enjoy the thrill of a blind date when they find someone for you and see how compatible you are to check if he or she would be the one.

While that is brewing, there are so many other options you can try and one of the very popular options is online dating. You can go through the options available to find the best platform that suits what you are looking for then set up a killer profile to help boost your chances of landing a match who would potentially turn out to be your soulmate.

So contrary to popular belief, a soulmate is not just shipped to your doorstep, if you are looking for how to find your soulmate, you have to put in the work; you have to go out and find them.


6. Stay Positive No Matter What

It sounds really easy but what if that is just what we want you to believe – what if that is how words work.

Remember when they said ‘actions speak louder than words.’ This is exactly why they said that, when you are trying to tell someone how to do a task, you most time forget the difficulties and this is not because you want the person to suffer but because you are focused on the positives.

Finding a soulmate might sound easy but, in all honesty, it is not, you would find people who in all realms would look like they are the one but at the end of the day, they won’t be. You might even lose count of the number of contacts you have to block and delete after the first dates but what we are saying is in all this, you must stay positive.

Even when others around you are on the same journey, find theirs – you must stay focused, do not switch your standards to what your friend has because it worked for them and it is important to remove jealousy from the agenda also.

When you are looking at the steps to finding your soulmate, it is also important to note that, good is good and sometimes that is better than not when better and best is not available.

We are not saying lower your standards but it is important to understand that finding a 10/10 might be hard and that is where having a threshold comes in.


7. When You Find Them, Go All-In

Even after all the hard work of finding someone, it is still possible to mess things up with your soulmate. This is why we advise people to make peace with their pasts before heading out to find a soulmate, the same way you look at your baggage is the same way they will see it, so if you look at them as issues, that is what your soulmate would see.

So, find out what went wrong in the best asides from the fact that you were not with your soulmate and make the necessary adjustments then make sure you are going all-in with them.

The effort is important, put in the work – that is how to find your soulmate. Go for friendship, befriends, and do not seek romance at the early stages. You also have to give everything time, as long as you want it to work – you don’t expect to go from hi or hello to happily ever after, it rarely works that way.


8. It Is A Learning Ground

This love thing especially when it involves doing it with your soulmate is a place to learn, so if you do not get your notepad ready for jotting things down, you cannot take things out of the relationship regardless of how hard you try.

One of the keys to identifying your soulmates would be finding out if they are willing to study you and if they want to just love you how they know best or if they are willing to learn how to love you the way you want to be loved.

Learn how they enjoy being flirted with, their love language, and what they reciprocate to. It is also good to set goals for the relationship and work towards them as this gives you a sense of accomplishment and it can be translated to stronger love.

If you can, instigate a fight and see how they react to it or go through some challenges together, to help you learn to the sweet and bitter side of love and being together.


9. Be Sure

You are within your rights if you want to be sure before committing fully to the course. Being safe is very essential especially when you take the option of online dating because that is opening yourself up to total strangers whose intentions are not clear to you, so you have to look before you leap into situations like this.

Even when it is someone you met face-to-face, it is important to ask questions, find clarity if you have to before you are concluded on how to go about love with the person. You can never be sure but it is important to find out all that you can, to help you make an informed decision – this is how to find your soulmate.

Also, your inner voice knows more than you do half the time, so when it speaks to you on this matter, it is important to listen.


10. Intimacy Seals The Deal

There is nothing much to say here because all that needs to say has been said in the heading. When you find that special someone, it is important to have a lot of intimacy both in and out of the bedroom as this is one of the things that would make whatever bond you have stronger.

Intimacy here means to have a lot of intercourse but it also means everything in between –a connection that is second to none.

Here, you have it – all you need to know as regards how to find your soulmate, so there is no need to hang around here to find something else to read, just find yourself, make peace with your past then go out and find them.


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