10 Things A Man Will Do If He Really Loves You

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 things a man will do if he really loves you

Love is a beautiful thing, and everyone wants to experience love because with it comes so much spice to life – attraction, sweetness, excitement, pleasures, etc.

And despite the love we feel from everyone else, we crave more to be loved by a significant other, who will in no time take us into a deeper realm of these feelings.

But have you come to think about what would happen when you are found in the wrong relationship and things don’t get to go as planned or expected? – A place where you feel used, disrespected, drained, neglected, and hidden?

I’m sure no one would like that, and that is why this article was put up to help you choose wisely. Yes, indeed, men are often conditioned to be uncomfortable with expressing themselves, but the moment they fall in love or takes a girl seriously, they will do everything they can, to make that girl feel special, secure, and loved.

In other words, you can tell if your man is really desperately in love with you because he won’t be able to hide his feelings for you.

He will go all out for you, do his best to win you over, and treat you right. This is because he sees you as himself (a delicate part of him).

But if you find him slacking in these 10 things a man will do if he really loves you, then I think you should retrace your steps; there may be things you are doing wrong or perhaps, he isn’t actually into you, so watch out for these tips;


10 Things A Man Will Do If He Really Loves You

Things That A Man Will Do If He Truly Loves You With All Of His Heart


1. He Will Chase You

This is a crucial example of 10 things a man will do if he really loves you. Fact is, men are natural hunters, they’ve got a strong desire to be the initiator in relationships.

That is part of their manhood. They want to seize the challenge and pursue what they want, and no distance or obstacle is big enough to stop them from getting what they want when they really want it.

When they do this, they feel a sense of achievement, and the fact that they are in control gives them a major ego boost.

However, when the table turns the other way round, and you step in to make things happen all in the name of empowerment, things can go sour – you throw yourself at him, you initiate most or all of the conversations, you do all the visiting and at his beck and call, you do all the calling, he hangs up first, stops texting back and sometimes keep silent.

This desperate search for approval from the guy you want is not pretty at all! Hey, he doesn’t have to work too hard now, because you did all the work for him!

So, it’s way more likely he’s not going to chase you or try to impress you since he’s pretty sure he knows how you feel, and that isn’t cool at all. It can de-value you before his eyes.

You should make yourself unavailable sometimes; build a high-quality life for yourself, disappear when he expects you to be there, enjoy the company of your friends, and don’t stop being single.

Also, sometimes, send him pictures to make him miss you and communicate less with him, then watch him hunt you like a lion to a prey. Find out more in 7 Things A Man Really Wants In A Relationship.


2. He Will Be Vulnerable To You

Things A Guy Will Do If He Really Loves You

Vulnerability in a relationship is something many of us avoid due to fear of being judged, hurt, or abandoned.

It means allowing your partner to know you fully, through open, honest, and authentic communication, which also involves exposing ourselves in a manner that could potentially lead to feelings of shame, embarrassment, self-criticism, or other uncomfortable emotions.

However, it is one of the true signs he loves you deeply. Now that means that he would let you in on his experience, challenges, flaws, feelings, and thoughts.

He’ll start to tell you when things bother him, or the things he worries about, and might even let you in on matters of his heart or life that no one else knows about, and this is how true intimacy is achieved (Check Out Intimate Habits Of Successful Couples).

He just wants to make you know his true nature and it will not be anything short of pure love. Exposing his vulnerability to you is one of the 10 things a man will do if he really loves you.


3. He Will Introduce You

when a man truly loves you

A third of 10 things a man will do if he really loves you, is to showcase you to the world. A man who just wants something casual will never even tell his friends that he is dating anyone since he knows you won’t be around for long, neither would he introduce a fling or a girl who he doesn’t see as a future wife to his mother (think of the complaining he would be setting himself up for if his mother falls in love with her), you see!

But when his emotions are engaged for you, you are going to meet everyone in his life – his closest friends, his family, the people he loves dearly, and so on.

This is a very strong indicator that he considers you among them in his heart and wants to see you with these people. But if you stay hidden, it’s possible someone else is in the picture or he doesn’t love you enough for the long haul. So watch closely to know where you stand.


4. He Will Try His Best To Make You Happy

signs he loves you deeply

A healthy relationship is one in which partners strive to make each other happy. This is to say, when considering 10 things a man will do if he really loves you, you should also check if he makes you happy, because you can only give swiftly back to a relationship where you experience joy, cheerfulness, and peace.

In other words, when a man truly loves you or one of the signs your boyfriend loves you deeply or signs you are with a good man, he will do everything in his power just to make you comfortable.

He will shield you, build you, provide for you, encourage you, compliment you, fight for you, and will try his best to make you laugh, no matter how lame he gets.

He’ll also consider your likes, to do them, and your dislikes, to avoid them. He just wants to see you grinning and face-palming because you look cute when you laugh out loud.

Just don’t forget to show appreciation for all he does for you, for this is your application to getting more. Learn More Ways To Make Your Spouse Feel Special And Appreciated here.


5. He Will Listen To You

 true signs he loves you,

Talking in a relationship is very important, and the listening skill isn’t any different in outlining 10 things a man will do if he really loves you.

When your man listens to you, he exercises maturity and the gift of patience which is needed for any long-lasting relationship. He will listen to your dreams, drives, achievements, struggles, and hopes.

He will also listen to all your tantrums, all your miseries, your quarrel with a college girl, about your mom, about the guy who is wooing you, and so forth. He wants you to talk freely without any hesitation or interruptions.

He cares about what you think about his appearance too, his friends, his plans, and his goals. He will even prod you to share your ideology on marriage, politics, religion, and any other area of his interests, because he wants to know you better.

This also shows that you have a voice in the relationship. But if you notice his mind, or even worse, his eyes wandering mid-conversation (when you are talking to your guy), that is a red flag for you and your relationship.

If he isn’t interested in your affairs and refuses to listen to you but can discuss dollar rates or any other matter with someone else for hours, it’s time to think about your relationship.

A man who truly loves you will give his undivided attention when it matters and a conversation with you would always matter to him because he values you and your opinion. Check out these 7 Tips For Effective Communication.


6. He Will See You As A Partner

signs your boyfriend loves you deeply

A part of the 10 things a man will do if he really loves you is to engage you in partnership. Partnership simply means “we are in this together”.

In other words, no one is the boss and there is no subordinate. It means “we walk this through as a unique couple who understand our goals”. Isn’t that what relationships should be all about? A man who sees you as a partner treats you as an equal.

He is every (good) thing but a bully, a dictator, a clinger, an abuser, selfish, hateful, and proud. He’ll see you as a soul mate and not just as someone he is seeing right now, and will never make you feel excluded in your own relationship as your opinion is just as valid as his.

This doesn’t mean that you both are never going to disagree. It just means that when you do, it will be a discussion between two equals.

Neither of you will consider yourself the superior being or patronize the other. But if you feel like you are always sacrificing your life and dreams for your partner, it is time to re-evaluate your relationship as it is never part of the things a man would do if he loves you deeply.


7. He Will Make You His Priority

secret signs a man loves you

Anybody in love will tell you that it is a natural feeling to place your beloved partner as a priority in a real relationship.

When we say priority, it means placing your partner above all others. You consider their feelings and how each decision will affect them before such decisions are made.

And if for some reason there’s a day where they can’t come first, it will be for a very good reason, which they will also approve before you commit to it.

That’s how it ought to be! This is to say, if a man really loves you, he will regard you and consider your interests as well. When push comes to shove, he will always show up for you, no matter what. He lets you know that he cares because he puts your needs ahead of his.

For instance, he will change or adjust his plans just to make you happy, and/or cancel an important meeting when you are ill.

But when things become the opposite and you feel like you are not important to him, then, that is a problem – maybe he is always late for things about you or he constantly forgets important events in your life, or maybe he unapologetically cancels an appointment with you a few hours before, only for you to later find out that he spent all day at home playing video games instead, then I think the signs are obvious enough.

So pack your bags and go get someone who can show you 10 things a man will do if he really loves you.


8. He Will Tell You That He Loves You

desperately in love with you

It is a well-known fact that love cannot be felt or received without expression. Whether it be in words or actions, an outward display of love is essential when considering 10 things a man will do if he really loves you, as we cannot read the minds of our partner or tell if that is love when an action in that direction is not given.

When a man says I love you, you can feel it, either by the way he talks to you, the way he looks at you, the things he does for you, how he touches you, the time he spends with you, and even the things he buys for you.

He will do his best to make you sure about his genuine feelings for you and wouldn’t relent until you are dead sure, he is the one for you and find yourself loving him back.


9. He Will Be Committed

 if a man really loves you

Sometimes men play games to keep people at arm’s reach. This is because they don’t want the girl to get too attached or they don’t want to get attached to the girl.

They can flirt from Jane to Jeanine, to Joy, and then to Mary and Martha, and Zain – all shades, complexion, and height. This is kind of like their inbuilt defense system, which keeps them safe from getting hurt.

However, this will all stop when he becomes serious about you. Showing his commitment to you will be one of the 10 things a man will do if he really loves you. He will feel satisfaction and devote all his attention to you.

He will want to prove his honesty so you can trust him also. He goes further in referring to you as “we” – maybe he’ll say something like “we’d love to come” without even considering an invite might just be for him.

This is because he considers you already a part of him. If he can’t imagine life without you, it means you are ingrained into the essence of who he is. This is a heavy commitment that should be appreciated.


10. He Will Respect You

The concept of respect is very important when it comes to relationships because it is one element that feeds our ego as humans and without it, resentment sets in.

A man who respects you is one who treats you right. He’ll pamper you, acknowledge you, speak softly to you, respect your ideas, and even when he doesn’t understand why you feel a certain way about something, he’ll still respect that your feelings are valid and won’t criticize, yell at/or shame you.

He’ll never demean you, or think of being aggressive with you even for the weighty mistakes you make, neither will he go public to announce them.

Instead, he’ll find a way to help you out, while also celebrating your victories. But if you constantly find yourself in situations where you have to make excuses for him to your friends and family regarding how he treats or talks to you or you find yourself depressed, or your self-esteem damaged because of his reactions towards you, then it is time to go.

You shouldn’t allow anyone treat you like trash, you are a lot more valuable than you can ever imagine. Go find someone who can place value on your life and watch how radiantly your beauty (both physical and emotional) unravels. If you aren’t sure if you’re being disrespected in your relationship here are 15 Shocking Signs.


Things A Man Will Do If He Really Loves You – Recap

The greatest feeling in the world is to be with someone who wants nothing but to see you smile. This means any relationship where you feel anxious, confused, uncertain, and even unsafe isn’t right for you.

Check out signs you’re in a toxic relationship, signs you are in a healthy relationship, and Top reasons for divorce.

So take your time, and carefully note these signs above, but if a man does these things or secret signs a man loves you, then he is madly in love with you.


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