10 Things A Man Really Wants In A Relationship

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10 Things A Man Really Wants In A Relationship

Whether you are just getting into a relationship or have been in one for years, it is vital to know what a man wants in a relationship.

Oftentimes, it can be easy to assume they want exactly what you want, but that does not always prove to be accurate. Men are way different from women.

From the way they think, the way they act, things they do, how they connect, and so on. And as such, to understand them, you have to learn to see things through their eyes.

You need to understand that, in discovering what a man wants in a relationship (those cues that makes him feel good, special, and wanted) lies the treasure of that union as it will make him desire you more on a deeper level and treat you accordingly. Here are some tips you should know:


10 Things A Man Really Wants In A Relationship

what a man wants in a relationship


1. He Wants Respect

This area about what a man wants in a relationship rates very high. Men are kings and they feel respect as love.

Respect for a man involves upholding the basic right that he has to make his own choices and feel safe in his own daily life. It involves holding him in high esteem and value.

However, it is reflected in how you treat him daily. If he feels like you find every little chance belittle him, or put words in his mouth or talk him down or his family, career, decisions, or things that he believes to be integral to who he is as a person, then that could mean disrespectfulness to him. Here are 15 Shocking Signs Of Disrespect To Avoid.

If while you are reheating his dinner, you contradict what he just said, criticize him, roll your eyes at him, interrupt him, try to teach him how to do something, or point out his mistakes publicly, he is likely to get defensive.

That’s because you were just disrespectful, hence you begin to hear statements like; “I can’t believe you just said that about me in front of all our friends!” “How could you humiliate me like this?” “Did you have to tell everyone and make me lose my face like that?”

Some ladies go further to respect their men only when they need something from him, so they use it as a manipulative tool. Don’t be like that!

Respect is established when you consistently consider and value the feelings and opinions of your man. You should talk to and treat them in ways appropriate.

Practice politeness, courtesy, and kindness (without ulterior motives) no matter how frustrated you are, and learn to present issues to him lovingly.

Not to forget that whatever you give you receive as well. Respect is like oxygen to men. So, give him life by giving him respect.


2. He Wants Praises

Being praised is what a man wants in a relationship. Everyone enjoys feeling good about themselves, and men are no different.

He might exude coolness, and independence, but trust me; when he does something right, he definitely wants to hear about it.

Even the most confident seeming man could use some reassurance now and then. Tell your man exactly what you find attractive about him – whether it is about his career, how good he is on the bed, or how he is as a partner.

He loves to be praised and is what a man wants in bed. He may not be the breadwinner in the relationship but needs to hear once in a while from you that he is doing his best. This will let him know he is doing well and propel him to do better.

Show him that you appreciate what he does for you even the simplest things. Sentences like; “thank you so much for cooking for me, love. I really appreciate it.

And this is delicious”, “I noticed that you did (this) for me”, “thank you for being so thoughtful”, “you are very sweet with me and I love it”, will surely boost your man’s ego.

Compliment his nurturing skills and his tenderness with his kids. Hearing what a great dad he is makes him want to be an even better dad.

Acknowledge his efforts to making you smile. Letting him know how good he makes you feel with insightful words and actions is a guarantee for a better connection and a closer walk.


3. Physical Intimacy

While women typically connect better through the act of communication, men are known to typically connect better through the act of physical intimacy.

Irrespective of his strong and egoistic nature, there is a child in him (and in every man). That part of him that wants to be cuddled, held, and wants to be vulnerable with you without being afraid.

It includes lovemaking which is part of what a man wants in bed, but it doesn’t just have to be that.

Little touches while your man is working or reading, rubbing his shoulders, and grazing the small of his back when you walk by, coming from behind to touch his hair and neck when he is absorbed in whatever he is doing, let him know he is on your mind and you appreciate his presence.

Intimacy which means closeness or a close union between people in a relationship builds over time as you connect with each other, grow to care about each other, and feel more and more comfortable during your time together. Intimacy is among the needs he has a hard time telling you.


4. Security

Feeling certain in a relationship is always incredibly important to the parties that are involved. A secure relationship is a relationship where the people involved trust each other, and do not feel anxious or afraid and believe the other person loves them.

Men want a woman who does not have a ‘roaming eye’. They want someone who they are sure is in love with them, and can wholeheartedly commit to the relationship.

Someone who is consistent and does not shower them with love one week and stop the other, else they may start to believe that you don’t love them the way you say you do.

Be honest. Don’t give your man reason to suspect you of cheating or lying. The truth is that; no man in his right senses would like to share his life with someone he thinks is doing something wrong every time he turns his back.

If he must trust you, then you must earn it. And if he feels like he can really trust you, then there should be no problem having an open and honest relationship.

At the same time, men hate being the subject of scrutiny or suspicion, so they must know you trust them as well. Trust, honesty, and loyalty are foundations for a healthy-supportive relationship. Security in a relationship is what a man wants in a relationship.


5. He Desires Emotional Maturity From His Partner

Women think men want women who are supermodels, and that they never consider whether a woman is emotionally mature, kind, and supportive, but that is not true!

In reality, men want women who are both emotionally mature and stable. Come to think of it, why would a normal man want a woman who acts like a child when he could do better with a woman who acts like a mature grown-up and save himself from too many dramas?

You see! Emotional maturity is defined by the ability to manage our emotions and take full responsibility for our actions.

At one time in a relationship, there will be a situation that will occur when the two of you see something differently, resulting in a misunderstanding. How would you react? Maturely or immaturely?

Unlike an emotionally immature person, an emotionally mature woman will not act on how the situation presents itself. She is better at rationalizing her own emotions in her head and will think twice before saying anything as an impulse.

Her confidence and the way she carries herself is just magnetic. She owns-up when she is at fault and does not try to pass the blame onto another.

And is compassionate and as such better at empathizing with her partner. And all these qualities are what a man wants in a relationship, and as such makes her even more attracted to him and makes their bond stronger.


6. He Wants Partnership

In this context, what a man wants in a relationship is almost the same as what a woman would want, and that is ‘a whole partner’.

That doesn’t just mean someone to go out to dinner and get intimate with, it also means someone that he can build a life with and make important decisions with.

He wants a woman who can see her part in relationship dynamics and own it. One powerful way to attract a great man and build a vibrant relationship is to create a full, rewarding life for your own fulfillment. Have your own identity.

This will allow you to share a different perspective with your partner. After all, life is interesting only because of the differences and individuality. A healthy relationship is one in which two ‘whole’ individuals can work things out together as a team.


7. Humor

No one wants a boring and sad relationship. Whether it is having a sense of adventure or a similar sense of humor, who doesn’t want to be able to have fun with their partner?

Men are cool being in a serious relationship, but that doesn’t mean they want to be serious all the time. A lot of them are just big kids, who want a partner who can relax and joke around.

This is to say that a woman who can make her partner laugh is equally, if not more, important to the guy’s long-term happiness in the relationship. So, look for opportunities for humor.

Make funny faces, pretend you’re stuck in slow motion, hop on him for a piggyback ride, or start a well-meaning food fight. Put on a show.

Do a foreign accent or pretend you’re him – lightly mocking him as a form of flirting, of course. Convince him about going to a comedy club.

Do something you absolutely suck at. Dance like a crazy woman while you’re making dinner. Tickle him and lighten up.

Do little things for him and just try to make his life easier and happier. Let him see the bright side of life. The longer the laughter continues, the greater the man’s rating of satisfaction, commitment, and passion towards you (his partner). Humor and happiness are what men want.


8. He Desires Communication

As strange as it might seem, men are not against empty chatter. Contrary to the established belief, what a man wants in a relationship is a talking partner.

They don’t like women who always stay silent. They want friendship. They want to be able to relate with you on all levels, to share their work, dreams, goals, and even themselves with you.

They are truly interested in how things are going at your end too. In healthy relationships, couples communicate more honestly with each other and more clearly express their own needs, and that helps build trust and bonding.

That’s what a man wants! Someone who can communicate clearly without being too critical, and who cares about preserving his dignity.

He wants a woman who answers questions honestly and perhaps even voluntary information. He wants a woman who confidently asks for her wants and needs to be met.

He wants someone who can see the truth and tell it like it is while communicating with kindness. He wants to feel heard and seen too, feel a deep sense of connection, and wants to be able to communicate all his wants and desires also – even needs he has a hard time telling you.

When a man feels comfortable opening up to you, he is showing a vulnerable side he could have been taught to hide. You become his safe space, his place where he can be his true self, no matter what. And this is a plus for you.


9. He Wants Encouragement

what a man wants in bed

Blame social conditioning, biology, or whatever else you’d like to, but the majority of men have a deep level of love of being seen as the leader in their lives and relationship.

A man loves working so much that when he feel s like he is winning, it becomes an all-round plus for him (as things don’t come easy).

That is why he would rather commit to a motivator than a queen of the park. He knows that he can achieve so much more with her positive words, as they can lift him and give him confidence.

So, give him encouraging words. Cheer him on when he is feeling doubtful. Let him know that you trust his ways, that you believe in his talents and skills, and that you support his vision.

Let him that you are on his side and that with a little more effort anything is achievable. That’s how successful couples do.

When someone believes in you, motivates you, inspires you, strengthens you, then you realize what being in a relationship really means because you’ll realize how powerful you’ve become, even better than your imagination.


10. He Wants A Patient Partner

Permit me to say; your man is not perfect and will never be. He may sometimes behave in ways that you least expect. Try to keep your cool and be patient with him.

Does he forget to close the door when he gets into the house? Or even forget to do something you want him to do.

These are minor compared to having your relationship filled with so much tension and quarreling always (if so, you can patiently and lovingly lure him to seek help).

Also, in life’s journey, he will appreciate the fact that you are patient in helping him grow and become the best version that he would be.

He may not turn to be the person that you have always desired overnight but he will make an effort. What a man wants in a relationship includes someone who believes that time changes everything with every little effort applied, so he needs you to be there for him.


Wow! That was such a long ride on what a man wants in a relationship. You can learn more with How To Attract The Man Of Your Dream and How To Be A Better Wife.


Final Comments On What A Man Wants In A Relationship

At the end of the day, what a man wants in a relationship is a place where they can feel good about themselves and where they feel like they are with someone who understands them.

Someone who respects them, acknowledges them, makes them feel secure, important and valued. They want someone who acts maturely and has inner beauty, a partner they can trust to make them laugh and be happy, who also desires to hear them speak, and encourages their growth even with a loving touch.

Someone who patiently wants them to become better in all they do. So be that person!


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