9 Powerful Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

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Little Signs You're In A Good And Healthy Relationship

One of the best signs of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook. – J. Bertrand

Relationships are naturally part of life. We all meet people – from birth to growing up, to school, work, etc. and with such love from mother to child, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, and friends, we would expect that the fun and excitement would extend to our romantic relationship.

But unfortunately, life isn’t always fair. It brings to us not just the good, but the bad and sometimes the ugly. But how can we tell the difference? What are the signs of a healthy relationship? What is a healthy relationship like anyway?

Well, to tell the truth, it isn’t any different from the love you got from your mom, the acceptance you got from your neighbors, the communication that existed with your classmates, the encouragement your colleagues offered, and the fun and excitement you shared with your friends.

And these signs you are in a healthy relationship would make you stronger, livelier, and even more attractive to anyone around you. But if otherwise, anger, fear, regrets, frustration, and even depression will be registered as your daily anthem. So watch out for these daily tips for a healthier relationship.


9 Powerful Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Powerful Signs Of A Healthy Relationship


1. There Is Open Communication

Communication indeed forms the basis of any relationship – at least you must talk about yourselves to get started at the beginning of your relationship, right? However, this isn’t just stating your names or favorite food or restaurant.

It includes talking about “anything” possible – whether they be topics that might seem insignificant like – a TV show, a funny display on your way to work, your boss’s reaction to a sport’s game, to more serious issues like – home expenses, chores, mortgage, Open Day at your kid’s school, debt, travels, concerns, fears, ideas, excitement, memories, etc.

Also while communication (talking) is important in expressing your love, setting boundaries, fixing problems, or even making love, the listening skill is just as important. This means, actively paying attention to your lover.

In other words, you are interested in understanding what the other person is thinking, feeling, wanting, or what the massage means, and that you are active in checking out your understanding before you respond with your own message.

This shows that you consider your spouse’s feelings and that you value the relationship. And when you do this, you build credit toward future communication.

That is to say, both of you know and expect that you will be able to share because you have a record of success. Isn’t that part of the signs of a healthy relationship? Learn how to Communicate Better With This Complete Guide.


2. Trust Is Important

signs of a healthy relationship

This guide on how to have a healthy relationship with your boyfriend involves honesty and integrity. Fact is, no matter how much you love your spouse, without trust, you’ll live a life of stress and hurt. So what then is trust?

Trust is about being able to count on your spouse. It is one of the signs of a healthy relationship. It is the confidence that your partner will be sincere with you and won’t do anything to hurt you or ruin the relationship.

As a matter of fact, you don’t feel threatened in any way, neither do you cling nor try to monitor their movement for fear of being cheated on or lied to.

Instead, you feel safe, secure, and comfortable because you know they won’t harm you physically too – whether it is by hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, pulling hair, throwing objects, hanging, or even poisoning.

All you do is express your faith in each other and enjoy every step together. Learn The Best 5 Ways To Build Trust here.


3. Acceptance Is Evident

what is a healthy relationship like

One of the biggest challenges we experience in relationships is that we are all different. We perceive and experience the world in many ways and that’s ok because life would have been very boring if we were all the same. Don’t you think?

However, one of the outstanding signs of a healthy relationship, or would I say, one of the early signs of a good relationship is that there “must” be ACCEPTANCE. Not pity, not reproach, but ACCEPTANCE.

This means your partner understands and accepts that you are, first and foremost, a unique individual, who has interests, needs, and life experiences that are separate from his/her’s.

And that means, there is no judging, no blaming, no shaming, and no criticizing each other about your scars, body structure, status, color, religion, or even past flaws, neither do you treat each other as though you are doing yourselves favors by being in the relationship.

As such a welcoming aura is established and a sense of belonging is created, and this surely is a wonderful way to groom the relationship and one of the signs of a healthy relationship when dating.


4. Equality Is Vital

 how to have a healthy relationship with your boyfriend

Equality is an essential part of healthy relationships. It means that each person’s interests and desires are respected and met to a reasonable degree as opposed to just one partner’s needs dominating the relationship.

In other words, both partners feel like they have an equal influence and voice, or contributes their fair share to the relationship.

But if you feel like things are feeling pretty one-sided, that is; one person is having all the fun, one person gets all the attention, one person gets their needs met or has the final word on everything, from where to go on vacation to which movie you see; you can end up feeling like your opinion isn’t needed and disrespected.

Also, if one person does all the chores, run all the errands, ask the other for permission but never get the same in return, it can lead to a whole mess of resentment, because eventually the person who is getting the short end of the equality stick will begin to have some seriously angsty feels, and then, overtime those feels turn to serious conflict.

So, start to have a rethink if your relationship feels like this because one of the signs of a healthy relationship is that you both put in 100% of your efforts (and everything) in making that relationship work, not 20/30, nor 40/60.


5. You Encourage Each Other

signs of a healthy relationship when dating

Being able to weather the storm can be essential when considering the signs of a healthy relationship. The fact remains that, we all need encouragement from time to time, whether it is to bolster our spirits in a painful time or simply to remind us that we are valued.

Encouragement means the act of giving your spouse support, confidence, or hope. It is your expression of approval or words or actions that assists or inspire your special one.

You give them the energy to keep trying and/or believe in themselves – whether it is about building a career, handling a difficult situation, trying new things, or improving on an existing project.

With words such as – “I believe in you”, “I trust in you and I’m fully committed to your potentials”, “don’t worry, you’ve got this”, “I love you no matter what”, etc. you not only help each other refuel your confidence but build self-esteem and make yourselves better at what they do. Encourage your partner with tips on how to make them feel like royalty.


6. Compromise Is Necessary

how to build healthy relationships

No matter how loving a relationship is, there will be times when you both wouldn’t agree on the same thing, and that is just fine.

After all, saying yes always to your partner’s opinion isn’t healthy. However, one of the very important signs of a healthy relationship is knowing how to draft a meeting point between you and your spouses’ opinions and requests – especially when they are both conflicting.

In other words, embracing the spirit of compromise. That is to say, you don’t call all the shot, neither does your partner.

For instance, a compromise can be established when discussing the number of kids you’d like to have. Your partner may like to have five, while you’d prefer 2.

However, when a healthy compromise exists, you both give something to gain something and you may likely peg it at 3.

This shows that you are mindful of each other’s needs and your shared desire to make the relationship work outweighs any need for personal gratification, and that can be a plus to the relationship. Compromising is one of the habits of strongly connected couples.


7. You Get Along More Than You Argue

early signs of a good relationship

It is no news that disagreements are normal in any relationship, so if you are not fighting, chances are you are holding back.

But if you find that times spent arguing is more than, or equal to the time you spend enjoying each other’s company, you might want to consider whether you are well matched.

You nag, and with words splashing at each other’s faces like swords you accuse, demean and blame each other for everything (including things that ordinarily shouldn’t count), hence bitterness sets in, then, regrets take over and rather than spend (or enjoy) time together, you find yourselves drifting into loneliness, and/or feeling relief when they are not around.

You also always look forward to going out with friends, family, or anyone else (even persons that you may not even know) but them. But this is no way to live! It is definitely not healthy!

You have to come to terms with the truth that this relationship isn’t working and move on! Why endure when there could be so much more out there for you? So make hey while the sun still shines. Learn how to stop fighting with these 8 sane steps.


8. Playfulness Is Compulsory

healthy relationships

In today’s hectic world, we can be so busy analyzing, judging, comparing, predicting, hypothesizing, problem-solving, goal-setting, and getting involved in every other stress of the day.

But one of the unique signs you are in a healthy relationship is that amidst all these stresses, playfulness with your significant other is never neglected.

This means that you create time for fun; bringing delight, joy, and an incredible feeling of sweetness to the relationship.

You play cards together, go gardening together, you hike, ski, skate, sing, skydive, or dance in the rain, you host a cooking competition just for two or cook together, you create jokes, nickname each other, learn new things and so lot more.

This, in turn, forms sweet memories, and a bond of attraction is created on a deeper level, isn’t that awesome?

However, if your partner takes things too seriously or doesn’t even laugh at the slightest jokes you make, it can be problematic.

Your relationship can feel, boring, tensed, and static, and I’m sure you wouldn’t like that, or would you? So act now. Find the fun in your relationship with these 25 Fun Bonding Activities For Couples.


9. Selflessness Is Also Required

Love is selfless and comes with giving, and any relationship without sacrifices can only last but for a few days.

When we express the selfless kind of love in our romantic relationship, we are concerned with the needs of our partner and we focus on what we can do for them rather than what they can do for us.

Also, we extend our love not only when it is blissful and convenient, but in difficult and inconvenient times too.

For example, we could serve our partner our very last meal, even though there isn’t hope for us to get another, or, ride with them for miles to get that one ice-cream they like, even though we feel like they could have gotten it anywhere else in our neighborhood.

However, we don’t keep track of the kind things you do for them, neither do we see nor use the gesture as an opportunity for blackmail when you want something, or insult when our request is turned down, else it no longer is selfless but a medium or tactic for manipulation, and that isn’t cool at all.

But when we make sacrifices because we love our partner and because we want to make them happy and smiling, it will naturally come back, and that is how to build healthy relationships or show forth signs that you are in a healthy relationship.


Quick Summary: Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

It is true that human life revolves around relationships, but a healthy relationship is a better experience especially if you want to live a long, peaceful, and happy life.

So free yourselves from all the troubles, bitterness, and heartaches an unhealthy relationship can give and adhere to these signs of a healthy union.

Feel free to check out these awesome resources; 15 Shocking Signs Of Disrespect, 25 Red Flag Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship, and 8 Obvious Signs You Are Not Compatible With Your Spouse.


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