9 Intimate Habits Of Couples Who Are Strongly Connected

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Relationships have got so much to do with connections, as many people consider intimate habits of couples or meaningful connections with their spouse to be the most important part of their lives and forging a strong bond as one of the most fundamental building blocks of a lasting relationship.

Strong connections often serve as a foundation upon which other elements are built; strength, trust, and respect, which also improves the ability and willingness to share your feelings with your significant other.

Intentionally connecting with your spouse each day is an essential part of keeping your relationship healthy and fulfilling.

According to Asserts Rosario, “connection is like an anchor in the relationship that allows a partnership to weather any storm and sail seamlessly on calm waters”.

It is the strong chain that binds two people together and develops into a deep, abiding love that stands the test of time.

It can also be seen as the energy that exists between two people when they feel seen, heard, and valued, when they can give and receive without judgment, and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

Couples who are closely acquainted or deeply connected are often happy because they feel cared for, loved, and secured. So the question is what are the habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships to make them even more connected and enjoy a more fulfilling relationship?

Join me on the ride as I take you through 9 intimate habits of couples who are strongly connected.


9 Intimate Habits Of Couples Who Are Strongly Connected


1. They Communicate

Most of life is made up of polite, mundane, or silly conversations, and that’s fantastic. But how amazing is it to be able to share your life with someone you can have a deep meaningful conversation with?

One of the intimate habits of couples or habits of happy couples is that they always make time to talk and that they never stop talking.

A healthy relationship is one where there’s communication. Couples who share a bond talk about almost everything, and even before taking any decision.

They share and know details about each other, they talk about their personal and private aspects of their lives, their problems, their emotions, their thoughts, needs, and desires.

They share intimate knowledge about each other’s secrets, interpersonal rituals, bodily information, and memories of embarrassing moments. (check out Things To Make A Big Difference In Your Relationship for more insights).

Couples who are strongly connected vocalize their love for each other and feel comfortable sharing their values, beliefs, and dreams with each other so they can support and champion one another.


2. They Compliment Each Other

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Everyone loves to hear that they look good, smell nice, are beautiful, intelligent, smart, and so on. A sincere compliment boosts one’s morale.

This mood booster affects your life, from your general mental health to the way you treat others at work, at the coffee shop, and those directly in your life.

Complimenting each other is one of the intimate habits of couples which makes them feel good about themselves and the relationship. In fact, a study found that receiving a compliment has the same positive effect as receiving cash.

Strongly connected couples make it one of their romantic habits to give sincere and specific compliments as to why their partner is special to them which helps them know that they are seen.

They focus on the positive they see in each other and celebrate that and never forget what attracted them in the first place.

They compliment each other’s appearance, kindness, hard work, and make it a point of duty to say something nice about their spouse in front of others.

For example, they could put a call through to their partner’s parents and tell them what a great job they did making their mate into a wonderful person he or she is today.

Most deeply connected partners have some sort of shared endearment for each other. For instance, if your wife looks pretty one day, consider calling her “Hottie” or “Sensuous”. You could give her rear a smack in those jeans you adore.

For your man, “Handsome” would be nice, or you could tell him how hot he is or that he smells delicious. Don’t forget to check out How To Treat Your Husband Like A King for more ideas.


3. They Keep Touch Alive

Staying intimate and romantically connected is one of the bonding activities for couples you can do for a happy, lasting relationship.

Deeply connected couples are not ashamed to touch their partners, even in public. Touching is a natural love language that many people respond to.

Holding hands on dinner dates, touching toes as you stretch out side by side on the couch, reaching out for a gentle squeeze or a backrub when your partner passes you in the hall, around the kitchen, or while doing everyday household chores makes you feel confident, close, and cared for.

Touch and caress each other lovingly, tenderly, and warmly. Marriage therapists indicate that couples who are unhappy with their lovemaking life will strain in their relationships and could even be headed to a split- that’s to say, lovemaking is an essential bond in a thriving relationship.

And it gets even more interesting; the more you make love, the more you want it. The opposite is also true; the less you make love, the less you want it, and the less you feel connected with your spouse. In other words, making love boosts the chemicals of love and connection in a relationship.

A study published in the journal of lovemaking and marital therapy found that couples reported having a greater emotional connection when they were sensually satisfied.

Do you remember the honeymoon phase of your relationship, when you can’t keep your hands off of each other, wasn’t that fun? I bet it was.

What about the bedroom games you played; truth or dare, str#p poker, str#p checker, or basically anything that got you both in the mood and naked. And how you felt all through that period? Intimately connected I guess, yeah! That’s actually what I’m talking about.


4. They Trust Each Other

Trust as one of the intimate habits of couples is an indispensable ingredient in building and maintaining a healthy relationship.

It is the most important predictor of long-term relationship success and one of the habits of successful couples, and without it, the quality of relationships will deteriorate.

Trust means you can rely on your partner, can confide in them, while you feel safe, secure, and supported. It gives reassurance and helps to stay close despite obstacles.

Every relationship needs to have trust, balanced equality, never to hurt your love by any kind of cheating, being micro or what’s ever, so also needs to have openness and accountability. In other words, a happy relationship is how we maintain the trust between us.

A pattern of not hiding and being accountable openly builds trust. Strongly connected couples never have to betray their partner, as a matter of fact, they never have the word “betrayal” as a language.

Each partner protects the boundaries of the other person by keeping their partner’s intimate details secret. Learn How To Build Trust Easily In A Relationship With These Ultimate 5 Tips.


5. They Spend Time Together

Deep and meaningful physical and emotional intimacy in a relationship depends on the quality of human interaction.

Spending time together is one of the intimate habits of couples that are very important and valuable, as time shared with one’s partner is central for a couple’s togetherness and cohesion.

Research has shown that one of the major reasons that most relationships fail is because couples don’t recognize the importance to dedicate time to one another.

Healthy Couples Routine which includes quality time; that is, spending time with your spouse without interruption is important for any relationship to blossom and is the one of the top habits of healthy couples.

You can’t connect with your spouse in a meaningful way if you are plugged in all the time, so spend some unplugged time together every day.

Consider putting away your phone, turning off the computer, television, or video game console when you are together and spend time talking, sharing, and looking at each other in the eye.

A regular date night, lunch together once or twice a week or regular walks around your neighborhood can increase the time you spend together and can build shared memories and experiences while strengthening emotional intimacy.


6. They Celebrate Each Other’s Successes

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Achieving success is something that practically ALL of us strive for. We want to feel accomplished, we want to attain our goals and see our dreams become a reality.

Healthy couples have a kin interest in what is going on in each other’s lives. They want to see each other succeed and not to fail.

They are each other’s support system, they are each other’s cheerleader and they share in each other’s successes.

Recognizing that you and your partner have wonderfully different skills, talents, and abilities and celebrating each other’s success is a very powerful motivator for partners because it reinforces the meaning behind all that hard work and it shows appreciation for the achievement.

This, in turn, boosts their confidence and self-esteem and fuel their continued success. When we recognize, honor, and celebrate each other, we are freed up to be the best person and partner we can be.

Celebrating each other is one of the healthy marriage habits you need to adopt today.


7. They Love And Care For Each Other

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True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well-being of one’s companion – Gordon B. Hinckley

One of the vital intimate habits of couples is caring for their significant other through good times and bad.

Remember that true love, the kind of love that keeps a couple together for a lifetime, is not always a feeling but an attitude.

Make a habit of showing your spouse that you love and care for them. Many of us sometimes assume or insist that our partner know we love and care for them, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t remind them of our love and care through whatever means suitable for us.

You could call or send a loving text during the day for no reason other than to check in on your spouse. No need to talk about who’s picking up the kids or what’s for dinner. Just a simple “hi” and a message that you are thinking about them and wanted to check-in.

Checking in with one another boosts feelings of ardor and security. Ask about their needs and listen to how they feel. Embrace each other whenever you see yourselves again after being apart.

When your spouse gets home from work, look into his/her eyes, kiss them (it could be as simple as a peck), ask how their day went, put gas in their car, write a cute message for them on the whiteboard in the kitchen. This helps to enhance your relationship and give your partner that feeling of being special.


8. They Laugh And Play Together

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Laughter is good for love. It’s been said that we can’t truly love another person if they don’t laugh with us or make us laugh.

Couples who laugh together have a better and higher quality relationship defined by their feelings of closeness and support and can overcome the stresses and conflicts in their relationships.

Strongly connected couples spread joy as often as possible to each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. They can’t help but feel closer and happier even as they become more playful, sharing giggles to keep the lovey-dovey feelings going.

Playfulness as one of the intimate habits of couples could be in any form; dancing in the kitchen, pillow fights, going on adventures, getting dirty, playing games, or anything just to let loose and do what feels right.

While at it you could give each other silly pet names, create inside jokes that only you both know about, tease and tickle each other. You could also play pranks on each other, or anything just to keep you playing and laughing.


9. They Don’t Freak Out Over A Fight

This is the last of the intimate habits of couples we have on our list. A strong relationship does not seek to reduce conflict because there is always going to be some.

Having an emotional connection doesn’t mean you won’t disagree because disagreeing is also an important aspect of any relationship which oftentimes involves two separate individuals coming together with different views, opinions, and ideas.

In fact, strongly connected couples are better fighters and lovers because of their open and honest communication skills. It means they’ve become comfortable expressing themselves over time.

The question is; how do you and your partner deal with conflict in the relationship? Do you hang onto small annoyances?

Misunderstandings are not the problem, being able to calmly and respectfully tell your partner the issues you are having is essential.

Successful couples focus their attention on solving issues rather than attacking the other person. One of the secrets of deeply connected partners is the ability to develop coping strategies.

They don’t keep records of offenses done to them by their mate, they sometimes overlook the faults of their mates for peace to reign.

They don’t read meaning to every word spoken in anger to them, instead, they try to understand why the partner reacts in a certain manner and tries to see through the reactions.

They know how to have mindful conversations about things that are bothering them, rather than nagging each other, or worse, giving each other the silent treatment (malice) and they find resolution through patience and respect.


Woohoo! That was such a long ride on 9 intimate habits for couples. Thanks for staying with me until this point, I really appreciate it.

If you’ve mastered the art of intimate habits for couples then checking out 10 Tips On How To Stay In Love With Your Spouse won’t be a waste.

Also, you could check out 10 Tips On How To Be The Best Wife And Mother, 8 Morning Happy Couples Routines and 8 Things The Happiest Couples Do On Weekends for more insights into building yourself a lasting relationship or marriage.


Final Notes On Intimate Habits Of Couples

Finally, every effort you make to strengthen your relationship is worth it. The happiest of couples don’t look to see what the grass looks like on the other side. They work on theirs and make it enviable.

I hope with these points you can learn to have a change in your relationships. It would be great to get feedback from you in the comment section. Also, don’t forget the share button. Enjoy! Xoxo, sending Love and Light from me to you all!


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