15 Best Tips On How To Flirt Like A Pro

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We will do it every day, sometimes we just do it to have fun, and other times we do it because we are trying to win someone. At the end of the day, we all need tips on how to flirt, it has become more of a survival skill in the world today. You must first understand that what we think flirting is may not be the whole truth of the matter.

Most times we think flirting is basically what comes before intercourse; what we do to get someone into bed with us but the truth is it is more than all this. Flirting is what you do basically to get someone’s attention, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve you wanting to take them to bed with you, just basically those things you do to get someone else to notice you, like you, and feel comfortable talking to you.

Getting yourself familiar with tips on how to flirt will increase your ability to socialize and increase your potentials to be the stand-out person in a crowd. You can flirt with anybody but you must understand that having intercourse is not always the endpoint but getting noticed and into the good books of a stranger is the primary target, any other thing coming is secondary.

It can be done in so many ways and sometimes we do not even know when we are flirting because of how simple it can be although a lot of times it is harder than it seems. Let’s say you go to the bar to have a good time with your guys and then a girl walks in with every inch of her screaming perfect. Your boys are now cheerleaders for you because they saw how your eyes lit up when she came in.

Everyone, there is rooting for you to get her number but if you don’t know how to flirt with a woman, how would you get what you want? What if it was the boy from history classes, the one you have been crushing on? Finally, your best friend gets his phone number or Instagram handle and sends it to you. She would be waiting for stories of your first date in a few days but if you don’t know how to flirt over text, what do you say to get his attention or make him want to go out with you?

There are so many tips on how to flirt, some can be used when flirting over text, some can be used when you are face to face with the person and then the remaining can be used on both occasions.

 Best Tips On How To Flirt Like A Pro


How To Flirt 101 – 15 Flirting Tips

There are so many tips on how to flirt and this is basic different things work for different people. Also, different occasions and situations will require a different set of flirting skills but ultimately the best flirting tips will help you regardless of the situation you find yourself in. We have compiled 15 of them for you ranging from what to do with yourself before you get there and also what to do when you are there;


1. The Eyes

This is the most important factor when it comes to winning someone ever, the eyes are everything, so make sure you get it right. Try practicing in front of the mirror until you get it done correctly, once the eye stops being your problem, then you can take on the world and whoever she throws at you. I know we have flirting tips for guys and flirting tips for girls but using the eyes in general.

One that can be used in both scenarios, you catch their attention using the eyes and everything else becomes easy to do. Make sure they notice you too, so you look at them often but try doing this carefully because once it becomes too much, they begin to see you as a creep. Once, you are noticed then you move over to them, you don’t just continue making eye contact from a distance – being shy isn’t part of flirting.


2. Proper Introduction Is Nice

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Icebreakers are amazing but a lot of times we don’t usually go for Olympic gold with the one we choose, so sometimes it is best you just totally avoid the whole thing and stick with something else that could work for you better. A lot of times the icebreakers we pick might be good and all but it makes us look different from what we are or what we want.

Some would make you look immature, some like a player, and some others would make you look too serious like you want a serious relationship even when that is not what you want. This is why we have chosen a proper introduction as one of the tips on how to flirt like a pro. A simple, “Hi, my name is John Doe and you are?” might be all you need to break the ice sometimes.


3. Self-Confidence Does Half Of The Work

We could decide to end it all here, if you are looking for tips for flirting, how about you just work on your self-confidence. You have to first believe that you can do it before you attempt to do it. Once you begin to think she is out of your league or he is too cute to talk to you, this is what will happen – you would flop your speech, regardless of how long you have prepared for the occasion, and mess things up.

The key, however, is to believe that you have already gotten her number before going to ask for it. According to research, going solo will do you a lot of good rather than going with a wingman when she has people around her. People enjoy confidence, it amazes them and they pay more attention to it usually.


4. Laugh And Make Them Laugh

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They say this is the best medicine and, to be honest, they were not lying when they said that. Once you can make him or her laugh a lot, you have skipped ten steps on your journey to getting what it is that you want. Be creative about your jokes, it is hard to find something relevant to say a joke about especially when you have just met the person, so the best bet most times is to use something around you for the joke.

Now, making them laugh is cool it is one of the most important tips on how to flirt but there is something more important and that is laughing too. Normally, you won’t crack three jokes in a roll without them trying a little something in between. Truth be told it may not be as funny as yours but by all means, give them a laugh too.


5. Know Your Audience

There hasn’t been a better response than this, knowing your audience makes everything a whole lot better. Different things work better for different people, so during the eye contact stage, you shouldn’t just be focused on their eyes. It will be nice if you try to understand them a little by the actions they take.

You can find out a lot with proper observation if they came alone or with someone if they are lonely and want to leave if they are looking for someone to talk to them. When you go close, a woman or man would appreciate it if you tell them something about them you are not supposed to know but you observed. They are automatically interested in how smart you sound even if all you did was take a wild guess from an observation.

Also, social cues should be observed when you are together as it would help you win the battle, what are they doing with their body during the conversation and what does it mean. When you notice the topic is boring you can switch and when you notice that it is going well, more fire can be added. Observing social cues will always be one of the tips on how to flirt for the smart; you can see through these observations when it is a lost cause and then steep back too.


6. Make Your Availability Know

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How do they know when you do not tell them at all. If you want something that involves the bedroom with them, it is important that you cheap in the fact that you are available and not in any serious relationship that might hinder that.

This is because sometimes we would be thinking you are just bored and need someone to talk to, so we might be responding to you but we know this is just for here and already we have declined any form of continuation afterwards. When you let them know that you are available, it makes these assumptions disappear, if there was any.


7. Be You; The Best Version Of You

We know we have talked about self-confidence and the bliss it comes with but at the end of the day, you must be yourself, just unapologetically, the best version of yourself that exists. Look at the part first, you want to present yourself as the perfect candidate for friendship or maybe for a relationship and the best way to start this is to dress the part.

We advise people to always look their best when going out because they just never know whose number they would have to ask for while they are out. So, dress well and make sure you are being you; these are the tips on how to flirt.


8. Why Are You Here

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No one wants to be stalled for a very long time, we know you care about knowing stuff but please just tell us why you are here, we deserve to know if we are both wasting our time, so we can end things or maybe that is also what I want then we can speed things up.

Being honest about what you want will never go out of fashion and it is what is most important in situations like this, it is one of the most important if not the most important of the tips on how to flirt.


9. Body Contact

This is a very tricky topic because too little is not good enough and too much sends the wrong message, so you have to find the right balance, or else all your efforts can be ruined in a flash. It is important to get into their space, make them feel like you have known them for years even when you just met them. If for example, you wanted some bedroom activities with them, having enough body contact during the conversation is a way of say ‘you already said yes and you don’t even know that yet.

Hand their hands, push their hair to the said, and say you just want to get a better view, help them do their buttons or tie their shoelaces. There will be at least 10 reasons to make body contact with anyone at any given point in time and all you need to do is find out what the reasons are.


10. Small Things Matter

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The smallest of smalls matter when you are looking for flirting tips and one of them is how you approach someone you want to talk to.

It might be the dumbest thing in the books to say but it has been proven by the experiment that how you approach someone gives you are stronger chance of getting what you want from them. According to the research, the best way to go about approaching someone you want to talk to is from the front. Also, when you get there, it is important to you maintain eye contact between the eyes and nose, just focusing on their face is all you need to win.


11. Treat Them With Respect

Whether you want to know how to flirt over text or in person, the be best flirting tips you can receive is to respect the person you are flirting with and respect yourself too. Some words cannot be used regardless of how honest and straightforward you want to sound. Saying ‘Hi, I want to have intercourse with you’ sounds pretty rude even if you intended to be straightforward about how you felt and what you wanted. Disrespect in any form is not part of the tips on how to flirt.


12. Tease And Compliments

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In any manual that contains flirting tips for guys or flirting tips for girls, you will see this as number one. Teasing and complimenting them is the easiest route to their good book. Everyone likes a compliment or two, it could be complimenting what they are wearing or how they look but, by all means, they need to know you notice the little things they did to make themselves presentable.

Just tell them what caught your attention but you have to be careful because you may not know when you begin to come off as arrogant.


13. Ask Questions

Sometimes what we want masks our ability to think and before you know it, we have lost it all. Remember first that you are having a conversation with a human being and as such getting to know them is the first step. Know what they are doing there, how their day is going, if they are having fun if they came alone if there is a reason why they are drinking too much and dancing a little too much.

Show that you care about them as a human first and then your desires can come later, this is how to flirt with a woman.


14. Don’t Flirt Drunk

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It is important to note this is how to flirt 101, so get a pen and jot things down. Beer googles is a real thing, when you are drunk everyone seems the same, beautiful like Medusa before she was cursed but this might not always be the case. So, to avoid awkward situations later, whenever you are drunk, flirting shouldn’t be part of your plans at all.

Also, when drunk, you would most times do the right thing but in a very arrogant manner and this might not give you the desired result. So yes, of all the tips on how to flirt, this is number one.


15. Just One At A Time

Just as simple as it sounds, flirts with one person at a time – whether it is over the phone or in person. A lot of times, you want multiple options then you end up getting none because you end up not spending as much time as you should with the one you decide to spend the time with. So, one of the tips for flirting is to focus on one.


In Conclusion – Tips On How To Flirt

It isn’t the hardest task on earth but then it is not as simple as it sounds. Next time you have your crush’s number and you are looking for what to tell him or how to start the conversation. Next time that girl walks into the restaurant and blows your mind away leaving you speechless just relax. Don’t overdo it, remember you already know 15 of the best flirting tips.


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