How To Get Him To Propose (12 subtle tricks that works)

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How To Get Him To Propose

Why go through the stress of lectures for a whole semester if you don’t have plans of taking the course examinations – a friend of mine said this to me and this is the best way for me to start this conversation with you.

How to get him to propose – well at this point even if it involves some ritual, not everyone would judge you for doing it.

What is the point of having a relationship last so long if it will not take us to the moment when he is standing at the end of the aisle and you are making that majestic walk?

This is one of the visited pages on our blog, so you don’t have to feel bad or alone – a lot of women out there are seeking the very answers you have come here to get from us. If we are being honest, there are so many reasons why he is not proposing to you just yet even if he knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

However, the problem or the reason why is unimportant – what we care about is how to get your boyfriend to propose to you because it has been too much. It has gotten to the extent that you have begun to doubt whatever it is that existed between the two of you.

Some of you do not even want it to happen immediately, you just want to know how to make a man marry you in 30 days, so when the time is right for you – everything that needs to be done can be done with ease however for some doing it now and doing it right is all they have in their agenda.

Regardless of which side of the fence you are hanging, the knowledge of this will do you a lot of good as those who do not want to get married immediately will have stronger bonds with their partner if these rules are followed.

However, this is ultimately a guide to take you from being a girlfriend to where you want to be which is a lawfully wedded wife.

How to get him to propose might seem like an easy question to come up with but the answer for some people is more complex than it would be for others but at the end of the day, the destination is the same.

This is true because people are different and what works for your best friend and her relationship. might not ultimately work for your relationship.

How to get your long term boyfriend to propose to you


How To Get Him To Propose – 12 Subtle tricks that work

There are so many ways you can do about getting him to do exactly what you want him to do but at the end of the day, it ultimately depends on your partner. This is why we always reiterate the need to know your partner, this way it is easier to point out the things that work for him and the things that do not.

Out of the million things you can do to get him to propose, we have listed out 12 steps which we know, if followed honestly, can get you in front of him with one knee touching the ground, tears in his eyes, and a ring in his hand.


1. Find Out If He Is Ready

This is the most important thing to do when you are searching for how to get him to propose because when this is not considered and it turns out that he is not ready, all your efforts would have been in vain.

There are so many angles to this question and if possible, all should be critically looked at before you decide on going through with the remaining steps.

First is the time right for him, does he think he is old enough for marriage – whether you like it or not, most men have an age bracket set aside for marriage and if he isn’t there yet, selling the idea of marriage will just be hard for you.

It is okay to help him with his fears by reassuring him that everything will be fine and you care for him but is he ready to listen to you because if he is not then there is no need to stress the issue.

If and only if these things are checked and you know he is ready should you go further to find out how to make a man marry you asap?


2. Love Yourself

How To Get Him To Propose To You

The most important part of the journey regardless of what you want from your partner is to love yourself as this adds sense to your reasoning. It is obvious you love him because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here having this conversation with us but it is more important to love yourself here.

A man sees a lot of things that you might not be doing knowingly and one of the ways to get him is to let him see that you love yourself – what better way to do this than to love yourself.

People say you cannot give what you don’t have and the energy you portray is the energy you get back. It is important to let him know that you are not going to die if this doesn’t happen even if you want it to.

Focus on you, get hobbies that benefit you in any way probably healthy wise like exercising and yoga, this is how to get him to propose.


3. Time Waits For No One

He should know–he is ready, he said marriage before 35 years and for crying out loud he is going to be 32 years old in a month, so we suggest you let him know. Not saying you should make it a cause to fight but he should know that time is waiting for nobody. A lady wrote once, she said ‘do a peaceful protest at home especially in the bedroom’.

It is more like denying him some benefits sometimes and letting him know the reason for that is the fact that he hasn’t sealed the deal yet. Sometimes dating makes a man too comfortable and he has to b reminded of the things he still has to do before he can finally relax.

So let him know you have options, call a male friend and have a laugh in his presence, stay late when next you go out with your girls even if it is not something you usually do just to make him feel a little bit insecure.

This is a good step to take when you are looking for how to get your boyfriend to propose but you also have to be careful as overdoing things could be catastrophic for your relationship.


4. Be His Weakness And Strength

How To Get Him To Propose To You Without Asking

How many times do you leave the house for a full day without your phone? The answer is no and we all have almost the same reason why we do this – our phone has everything we need to go by our day (schedule, contacts, applications that make life easy like banking and taxi services).

If you can be something close to his mobile phone then staying far from you will not be an option and doing what you want even if it is marrying him becomes easy.

So, if you want to be his wife, you must first be wife material, this is how to get him to propose. For guys, there are girls that they would make intercourse with but will never date and there are girls they would comfortably date but they know it cannot lead to marriage.

For you to win, you have to be irreplaceable in his life – know your partner inside out. What makes them tick, how to quickly get him calm when he is angry, how to make his head swell.

Knowing these things about him will make him feel so dependent on you and no one wants to leave someone who can make them happy, so proposal becomes a necessity rather than just something you want him to do.

The concept of a peaceful protest comes in again here, makes his favourite meal and while he is cleaning the plate, says things like ‘if I marry someone else how will you ever survive’. This is the way to put the idea of marriage in your man’s head, this is how to get him to propose when you live together.


5. Communicate

Whenever the topic for discussion is love or marriage or anything in between one of the ingredients will be communication.

It is key if you want your relationship to lead to marriage. It is important first of all for him to know what you mean to him and your desires to spend the rest of your life with him because the truth is most times these things will be news to him.

The young man may have gotten the ring already but he is just unsure if you would say yes if he pops the question.

So, he must know of your plans to spend eternity with him and carry his children, this is how to make a man marry you asap. Make plans for a holiday you would have in a year and tell him you guys should start saving towards it, then after a month whisper the idea of making that your honeymoon destination – this way you are talking about marriage and a proposal without mentioning any of it to him.


6. Have Fun Without Him

How To Get Your Lover To Propose To You

Sometimes missing you is the only language they understand, so if you are looking for how to make him propose in a long-distance relationship, just keep having fun without him.

A man’s instinct is to have fun with you and be the reason you smile always so when this is not the case, it troubles him and sometimes his mind not being at rest will be all you need to get what you want from him. If he asks you why you are not with him and still happy, you can tell him he knows what to do if he wants you to be with him whenever there is a smile on your face.

Get lost, it may seem like a bad idea that is why it shouldn’t be done always but get lose once in a while, let him search for you even if it takes days then come back to his arms or turn your phone back on so he can call.

Missing you might drive him crazy and to make everything stop, he has to have you under his roof and a proposal is the easiest way out of the misery of missing you.


7. Reassure Him That He Is Enough

Sometimes these men want to hear the same thing again and again even if they already know that it is the truth.

He knows you do not have another man asides from him but sometimes it just tickles his fancy when you call him the king of your kingdom and the only man in your life.

Reassure him of your feelings for him and how everything will be alright regardless of the challenges that may come.

Understand what your man can afford and talk to him about your dream wedding but even if it is not, tell him about a wedding that falls under his budget or something that is attainable judging from his salary and savings.

Hearing things like this will boost his confidence towards planning a wedding and a life with you. Play a movie where the guy engages the girl with his mother or father’s ring and then tell him how this will be like a dream come true for you if he still has his parent’s ring – these are a few tips if you are looking for how to get him to propose.


8. Enjoy The Union Of Others Together

Make going to the marriage of other people together with a habit especially when the person getting hooked is a mutual friend.

Working hard doesn’t cut it most times, working smart – let the guests and your friends fight the good fight for you. While you are out, dress like a married couple and let others ask the both of you when they would be attending your wedding.

The idea is that more often than not, the question will be asked to him and not you and he would get tired of answering it at some point and just go with it. So, if you are looking for how to get him to propose then just keep your married friends closer.


9. Appreciate Your Man

He wants peace at the end of the day and if do not want to give that to him, there is no way he is going to want you for the rest of his life.

Sometimes all you need to do is appreciate his little efforts, the small things that he does to put a smile on your face, this might be all you need to know in your quest to know how to get him to propose when you live together.


10. Lead Everywhere

Sometimes decisions you make today might be what affects you in some years to come. Luckily it is never too late to start leading, it is important to lead because in the relationship, the leader most times has most of his or her opinions adopted.

Reduces the number of times you give him choices, make the choices for him, and make sure they are choices that align with his lifestyle.

When this is frequently happening, he will eventually leave decision-making to you, and when comes to deciding on the proposal, it will be easy for him to listen to you when you say it. Lead in your home, this is how to get him to propose.


11. There Are Don’ts

A lot of them actually and they must be ahead to with all seriousness if you want that ring on your finger. One of them is to make sure you do not talk about that Saturday always, it gets boring if ‘when are you giving me a ring is all you ask’, it sometimes makes you seem desperate and this is not a good way to present yourself to him, it is not how to get him to propose.


12. Propose To Him

The truth is sometimes every other option will fail and when this happens, there is only one thing left. It takes a lot of courage to do this but sometimes he is just too scared to do it even if he wants to do it.

If this is the case then finding out how to get him to propose might not help you. Get yourself a ring, have a romantic moment with him, go on one knee, say something sweet and then end it all with will you marry me.


A Quick Recap On How To Get Him To Propose

The journey is not how far most times but how well it all plays out at the end of the day. So, if you love this man and you want to spend the rest of your life with him, the first thing to do is find out if he wants that too.

Once it is confirmed that he does want that then what is left for you to do is take on the 11 other steps we have listed above on how to get him to propose.

What we are expecting in the comment section are testimonies, so get to work, so yours can come in the next 30 days.


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How To Get Your Man To Propose To You

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