25 Best Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend

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 how to be a better girlfriend emotionally

Committing to sharing your life with someone else can be one of the most amazing and intricate human milestones. It is a sign of willingness to share your life with another and a display of faith in the love you share.

However, if you are still uncertain of what traits to look for in a girlfriend, or perhaps you as a lady do not have clues of what a man would expect of you in order to have a superb relationship, then you should check out these 25 qualities of a good girlfriend and have a blast.


25 Best Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend

how to be a good girlfriend


1. Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend – She Is Loyal

Loyalty is an integral part of any monogamous relationship. It is a strong feeling of allegiance and the quality of being faithful to someone – especially your spouse, which also entails staying firm in your relationship.

This simply means that the qualities of a good girlfriend entail assuring her partner that despite the looks and suggestive advances she gets from more handsome or successful guys, she won’t be swayed because her commitment is to her man.

There is absolutely nothing in this world that could make her betray her lover’s trust. However, this goes beyond simply not cheating on him or flirting. She finds a way to stick up for him around other people, and defend him if people are being rude or unfair to him.


2. She Is Not Pretentious

signs of a good girlfriend

Pretence is an action or way of behaving that is intended to make a person believe something that is not true. It means being fake, unreal, and it portrays falsehood.

However, one of the qualities of a good girlfriend is sincerity. She knows the value of being honest and that pretense about anything may sometimes deceive the wisest and the shrewdest, but, however cunningly it is hidden, a child of the meanest capacity feels it and is repelled by it.

And that all pretenses, like flowers, fall to the ground, neither can any counterfeit last long, hence she puts in her best effort to always be her true whole self, which keeps her man attracted to her, even more.


3. She Displays Respect For Your People

Another good example of the qualities of a good girlfriend is that she feels or shows esteem or honour for the people in your life.

She gives them due regard because they are a part of your life. She blends seamlessly with your family – opens up to your parents, joke around your siblings, and probably guard some of your sister’s secrets.

She even gives that one aunt a big hug even though she smells badly, and accord your friends the same respect as she does you. Respecting the people in your life is a sign that she wants to be more fully a part of it, and that is a plus for the relationship.


4. She Makes You Laugh

Best Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend

They say laughter is like medicine to the body because it helps to ease stress and anxieties. When you find a girl who has a sense of humor, or at least, knows how to make you laugh, it makes the atmosphere lighter and happier even if some things go wrong or even turn for the worse.

She keeps the relationship glowing by giving inside jokes that no one else in your social circle gets. Hence creating room for a super connection and a deeper bond.


5. She’s A Good Listener

The listening skill is one of the qualities of a good girlfriend that a man appreciates. There will be days when he’ll come home to you and tell you about the horrible day he’s been having, and all he’d want is your willingness to put your own cares aside for a while and listen.

You may not understand half of his technology-related problems he encountered at the workshop. You probably don’t get why it’s so important for him to analyze the actions of every soccer player on the team, and even if you cannot give a solution to his struggles, it is a big help for him by just having someone who listens to his rants, frustrations, and happiness.


6. She Has A Life Of Her Own

Nothing kills a relationship faster than people who do nothing else but obsess about the relationship. This is to say, a girl who knows exactly what she wants to be and pursues it with perseverance is a gem as she has her own goals, hobbies, and friends that she wants to spend time on independently.

She earns her own money and can feed or protect herself, without relying on anyone else. Her independence doesn’t only show that she is strong but it also shows how smart she is and how much she can be trusted on big things like Finances. And that is an irresistible trait.


Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend To Marry

7. She Is Appreciative

One of the ways on how to be a good girlfriend is to practice gratitude. To recognize the positive virtues and good doings of your man.

A good girlfriend knows that even though men are socially conditioned to give out compliments, they won’t refuse getting one either, hence she makes a conscious effort to make him feel good about himself by daily intentionally saying “thank you” and complimenting him now and then; this implies everything he does from taking her out for a fancy dinner to taking out the trash.

When a woman really sees and appreciates her man, it boosts his morale and Makes Him Feel Like The Ultimate Winner, which therefore will re-ignite the love that is there, and increase his desire to work hard.

She knows that appreciation is an application for more and that if she doesn’t show appreciation to someone who deserves it, he’ll learn to stop doing the things she appreciates, which can in return, give room to a host of other problems in her relationship. She wouldn’t want that!


8. She Is Honest About Her Feelings

One of the hallmarks of a good relationship is transparency. As the saying goes “honesty is the best policy”.

A good girlfriend shouldn’t be afraid to speak up when something is bothering her. She should be able to tell you exactly how she’s feeling towards you and why.

She knows that men do not pick up on nuances and subtleties in the same way women do, they need things spelled out clearly and directly, hence she does just that, so you can tackle the issue together as a team.

However, she expresses herself in a way that doesn’t attack anyone else’s opinion or lifestyle – she can be humble and outspoken at the same time.

A girl who can be straightforward with what she feels and thinks is someone who knows her value. You wouldn’t have a hard time understanding her and avoiding to hurt her feelings.


9. She Is Easy To Entreat

Sometimes it can indeed be impossible or unavoidable to have a relationship without having any emotional pain because we’re all humans and all imperfect. We make mistakes!

However, a girl who wants to know how to be a better girlfriend emotionally must be easy to entreat. She should be quick to forgive and let go of any record of wrongs once the issue has been settled.

She knows that holding on to grudges may not only hurt the relationship, but it could also cause unwanted stress and anxieties. Hence, she does her best to have honest conversations when she believes she’s been treated unfairly.


10. She Gives Her Guy Space

Honestly speaking, Men Crave Emotional Connection the same as women do. However, one of the qualities of a good girlfriend is that she is aware that sometimes, giving them (men) space does more good for the relationship than piling on the love.

And so she creates a culture of Trust and gives him space to rejuvenate and be his own best self. She wouldn’t mind him hanging out with his friends occasionally, and would not interrupt his time by incessant calls and text messages.

She knows that, if she tries to control him or make him stay back, it’s only going to drive him even further away.


11. She Apologizes For Her Wrongs

Someone who displays the qualities of a good girlfriend knows how to take responsibility for her shortcomings. She keeps focus on her actions, not on the other person’s response, and apologizes when she has said or done something wrong.

Her sincere apology allows her partner to know that she is not proud of what she did, and will do her best possible to avoid repeating such behaviors. In other words, she chose to humble herself and has chosen the relationship over her ego. This is what adults do!


12. She Is Willing To Make Compromises

Compromise is a non-negotiable part of any union if the relationship must work out. This (compromise) occurs when two partners agree by each offering to meet somewhere.

It is giving up something to reach a place of understanding with your significant other. More clearly, one of the signs of a good girlfriend is her willingness to talk through any given issue with her special one and makes compromises where necessary.

She is not head bent on her ideas only. She knows that for a relationship to blossom, there must be a point where she’ll lower her guard just to please the other – a point where she’ll have to give a little to gain a little. It might not be exactly what she wants but is nonetheless fair to both of you.


Characteristics Of A Good Girlfriend

13. She Is Caring

It is of importance that the qualities of a good girlfriend reflect care. She is concerned about the well-being of her guy and shows him care.

She cares for him even in simple ways like; cooking a healthy meal, getting him some medicine or bringing him soup when he is sick, embracing him after a long day, and/or giving him a relaxing massage to get rid of stress.

If you send a note or even a small gift to him even before his huge presentation at work or school that he is stressed about, you not only demonstrate your care but also that you’ve paid attention and understand the gravity of the presentation.

Your little encouraging and greeting messages and calls can Make A Huge Difference In Your Relationship with him.


14. She Is Generous

A generous girlfriend shows with her actions that she deeply and unerringly values her man. She does what she knows he likes – just because he likes them, and because she wants him to be happy.

She knows that even the simplest gifts given with pure feelings can bring the most beautiful smile on the face of her special one, and that is enough for her.


15. She’s Supportive

Also, one of the important qualities of a good girlfriend is providing her significant other with help and support.

She believes in her man and his potentials and will not question his capacity to reach those dreams. Hence she provides him with all the love, understanding, acceptance, reassurance, and encouragement to accomplish such.

All she does is to stand by him – whether it be in form of providing him with information to help him understand a situation, or helping him complete a physical task or achieve a goal.

She wouldn’t nag at him when he reaches rock bottom, instead, she provides warmth, comfort, and understanding when he is stressed or upset. Who wouldn’t be attracted to such a beautiful soul?


16. She Takes Care Of Herself

Men are visual creatures and whether you like to admit it or not, the fact is that a lady’s physical appearance matters.

No man would like his girlfriend looking like his old granny who is probably counting her days. He wants to see a young, vibrant woman who deliberately takes care of her mental, emotional, and physical health.

Someone who eats right, nourishes her body with healthy foods, exercises, read books or is exposed, and sleeps right. Someone who also wears good lipsticks, gets her hair done, wears beautiful outfits, etc. because she knows that the relationship will not be perfect without her well-being.


17. She Makes Her Boyfriend A Part Of Her World

This doesn’t mean she has to be with you 24/7. It means she respects and cares about you enough to keep you up-to-date and involved in her life.

She goes further to introduce you to her friends and family because she wants you to know and get to see the foundation of her growth as a human being, which also is communicating that she isn’t taking you for granted.

If she has never introduced you to any of her peeps and when you bump into one of them, they’ve never heard of you, there is definitely a problem.


18. She Loves You Unconditionally

When we say unconditional love, we mean the kind of love displayed without conditions. It is the active choice you make to love someone no matter what may come your way. Check out How To Stay Madly In Love With Your Spouse.

It is unconditional love because she cares about your happiness and will do anything to help you feel that happiness without demanding any benefits in return.

She isn’t after your money, neither is she after fame or connections. And would not leave you because you don’t have any of those. The person with such beautiful qualities of a good girlfriend shouldn’t be taken for granted.


19. She Is Confident

Confidence is believing in/and feeling comfortable in your true-self, knowing you have worth. It means you accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control in your life.

In other words, you are not shy about who you are or act like you are unworthy of good things. You are sure and bold and that is one of the qualities of a good girlfriend material.

She is someone who accepts her body, color, style, etc. as it is and embraces her authentic personality without apology. She isn’t envious or threatened by the achievements of others and would not compare herself with them. She is unique in her way and that makes the relationship unique also.


Qualities Of A Girlfriend Material

20. She Respects You

 qualities of a good woman

Of all the qualities of a good girlfriend, this is the utmost because a man’s highest need is to feel respect. Respect means that you recognize that your partner is a whole person and not just a way to get something that you want.

It means that you know your partner has different experiences and opinions from you, and that’s okay. When you feel respect for a person, you naturally want to act in ways that honor him. This looks like; talking openly and honestly with him, valuing his feelings and needs, etc.

For example, when he does something wrong or fails at something, you should not humiliate him in public, or use derogatory words on him, instead, talk to him privately to explain where he went wrong and what he could have done.

Also, a good girlfriend will never badmouth her man behind his back no matter how big a fight she had with him. She should be able to speak about him with respect even when she is not particularly pleased with him at the moment.


21. She Inspires Your Trust

The qualities of a good woman also include that she can be trusted with your secrets. She is a person who you Trust so much that you feel like you could tell her anything.

Someone with strong ethics, integrity, honor, and a moral foundation. In other words, she is someone you can freely express your feelings and concerns.

And even if there is a falling out at some point, and you dislike each other, she will never go public with it, neither will she use them as a means to hurt you.


22. She Shares Your Values

 25 qualities of a good girlfriend

Our values on loyalty, religion, family, lifestyle, etc. have a way of shaping our lives. They define who we are – they dictate how we speak, the decisions that we make, and of course, the people we surround ourselves with.

Couples must share the same values. They don’t have to agree with each other on everything, but when it comes to your fundamental beliefs and values, they should be aligned, otherwise, they’ll live in perpetual disappointment and resentment which is one of The Reasons For Divorce/Breakup.


23. She Prioritizes You

When she sees you as a priority, she considers everything through the lens of both of you as a couple, and how her decisions and actions will impact you and the growth of the relationship.

This means that your emotional needs are as important as her own (she considers your needs before she acts) and makes effort or does her best to integrate you into her life.


24. She Treats Other People Well

 qualities of a girlfriend material

The way a person treats other people speaks volumes of his or her real personality. Some girls can be impolite and rude to the common man by the gate, the waiter in that restaurant, the street sweeper, or even talk sarcastically to the little one begging for alms.

However, what makes a good girlfriend is the empathy and kindness she extends to others around her and those that aren’t directly related to you.  Check out these other 15 Signs Of Disrespect you might be overlooking.


25. She Is Patient

Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.

A patient girlfriend calmly gives herself time to choose how to respond to a given event, rather than get emotionally hijacked by her emotions.

Patience (which is an antidote for both anger and stress) helps her show her special one that she values him and the relationship enough to see beyond his faults and it allows her to stay gathered and make the relationship work.


In Summary: Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend

Thanks for the read! For the men, I believe with these tips you can tell when next you see a good girlfriend.

And for the ladies; do ensure to evaluate yourself to see if you could get a pass mark and if not, it would be best to sit back and work on yourself, don’t you think?

By the way, don’t ever because you want to be a good girlfriend ignore the Signs Of A Toxic Relationship. Ciao, see you next time, and don’t forget to leave a comment below!


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