10 Tips On How To Stay Madly In Love With Your Spouse

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how to stay in love forever

Love is a choice and not just a feeling. It is not about falling in love but the reassurance that you’ll go all the way together is what comes to the heart. And with the challenge of children, career, drive, passion, etc, relationships can be somewhat difficult, as it experiences a slack.

However, it’s up to us to team up, partner up, and navigate through life no matter what is thrown our way.

Do something every day to win the love of your spouse, something that lets them know that they are the choice that you would make again and again.

As the saying goes, a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. To know how to stay in love the following tips can be of help:


10 Tips On How To Stay Madly In Love With Your Spouse

Intimate Habits Of Happy Couples Who Stay Deeply In Love


1. Show Appreciation

This is a vital note on how to stay in love. As humans, we constantly crave positive attention, and appreciating someone is the best way to go about doing it.

Over time, we just might forget to show gratitude for the things which are done by our partner especially for us, but by being intentional about acknowledging your gratitude to your spouse, you`ll find that love comes easily.

Thank him or her for their work, and how they manage all the responsibility. Appreciate them if they iron your clothes or cook your food because you were too lazy or tired to do it.

Be thankful for everything that adds value to your relationship, tell your partner about it regularly, and that you`d be less without them.

Let your partner know that you don’t take them for granted. Appreciate them for being there with you through your ups and downs.

They are the ones investing their time in you more than anyone else! Be grateful to them for putting your needs ahead of theirs.

Speak words of acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratitude not only for what they do for you but what your partner does for who he is because that’s how to stay in love forever.

Praise him/her to your kids, tell the world what your spouse does for you that’s another tip on staying in love for a lifetime.

Write a thoughtful card, note or letter to express your gratitude. Daily appreciation will help you not only not to lose sight of all the good your spouse does for you but you`ll also get in the habit of focusing on the positive and your partner will feel loved.


2. Make Time To Connect

staying in love for a lifetime

Life can be busy. It is far too easy for an individual to get caught up in his/her career, kids, and all there is in life. One secret of how to stay in love is to share intimate time with your spouse.

There’s nothing that shows your spouse how important they are more than giving them your most valuable resource: YOUR TIME.

Make an effort to get away regularly so you can spend time exclusively focusing on each other, and create the avenue to enjoying a continuous honeymoon.

By which I mean consistently going on dates and vacations, spend lots of quality time together, and most importantly keeping things fresh by embarking upon new experiences whenever possible.

When you do go out, don’t use it as an opportunity to talk about the kids, run errands, or strategize for work, focus on the “US“ time.

You could find a free weekend this month, drop the typical Saturday chores-and –errands and plan something that you`ll love doing together.

Maybe it’s as involved as a weekend B & B trip, or maybe it’s as simple as spending an afternoon playing tourist in your hometown.

If you find going out expensive or challenging, date your spouse at home. How about a movie in bed with a bowl of popcorn? You could find a show Netflix you like to watch together!

Or read the same book or listen to the same podcast that you both can talk about and connect on? Or if you can squeeze it into your schedule, after the kids are in bed, put away the tub toys and enjoy a shower together.

Your love, your amazing moment, your care, everything will reconnect your relationship level and you will live happier moments in life because that’s one tip on how to stay in love.


3. Encourage Each Other

Encouragement is an expression and assurance of one’s hope and future in words, presence, and sincerity. Encouragement goes straight to the heart.

In fact, the word itself comes from a combination of the prefix ‘en’ which means ‘to put into’ and the latin root word which means “heart”.

Knowing what a big difference encouragement makes in your own life, what can you do to help your spouse? Do you know your spouse’s deepest desires?

Besides wanting the best for your family and loving you above all else, do you know what other things are tugging at their heartstrings?

You need to be aware of what your partner is doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. So why not find out today?

Encourage them with words. Be each other’s biggest fan. Follow their progress on the things that matter to them. Point out your partner`s strengths.

There are enough people in the world who will jump at any chance to point out his/her flaws. But the words of the wise bring healing.

Do your best to encourage one another as long as it is called “Today”. By doing so, you are creating a pathway on how to stay in love with your boyfriend, and you also get the chance to help them become the best version of themselves.


4. They Communicate Often

You can’t have love without some form of communication. You could try to learn how to better communicate with your spouse with love and sweetness.

Send the kind of long, chatty email you send to a girlfriend. Interrupt evening reading to have a chat. In other words, talk for the sake of talking. It will help you, remember that along with everything else, your spouse is also your best friend who you really like to talk to.

Talk about anything at all, but do your best to make sure you’re breaking out of habit and discussing more than day-to-day life.

Talk about current events, or a hobby you`d like to pick up, or a book or T.V show. Just find ways to connect that are beyond daily responsibilities.

Take time to discuss matters that are important to both of you, they may be individual hopes, aspirations or fears, joint plans, or problems. It is essential that you lay the issues down and ask each other’s opinions about them.

Making communication a regular event can make it easier to discuss difficult topics as they arise and help you and your spouse understand each other`s communication styles as well as increase trust and strengthen the bond between you as you feel safe and happy.

It may sound simplistic, but as long as you are communicating, you can usually work through whatever problems you’re facing.


5. Respect Each Other

One of the most important tips on how to stay in love is to respect each other, without which you`re left with very little.

If you love your partner so much then you really need to show respect to make your relationship long-lasting.

Because if there`s no respect for your partner in your eyes then your partner really becomes frustrated from these and your relationship can break.

Respect in a relationship is reflected in how you treat each other daily. It means that you know your partner has a different opinion from yours and it’s okay (even if you disagree or have an argument you can respect and value each other`s opinions and feelings).

It means that you recognize that your partner is a whole person and not just a way to get something that you want.

Receiving respect from your spouse is important because it helps you to feel safe and to express ourselves positively and it’s a way to stay in love with your boyfriend.


6. Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is an important virtue a couple should note on how to stay in love. It is a virtue every lover must strive to develop in his/her character.

No one’s really perfect, there has to be room to be human; to make mistakes. Learn that we aren’t our mistakes and mistakes are opportunities for growth and improvement.

Patience shows your loved one that you value them and your relationship enough to see beyond their “faults”. Get to know your partner as a person.

By knowing them in and out, you can understand their strengths and flaws and become more natural patient when dealing with them.

Remind yourself often that your partner was brought up differently from the way you were brought up and so sees life differently from the way you see it.

Additionally, remind yourself often that your experiences in life are not the same as those of your lover or spouse. Doing this will help you to understand him/her better.

If you are patient and kind with your partner, they`ll feel loved and adored but if otherwise, your partner is likely to feel rejected by you.

Showing your partner more patience can also inspire them to be more patient with you and create that bond you need. Patience is really needed if you want a tip on how to stay in a relationship.


7. Compliment Each Other

It is a nice gesture to positively comment on your spouse’s appearance, to hear that your partner finds you beautiful, especially if you’ve been together for a long time.

As we age and begin to feel self-conscious about our look, it`s really helpful to know that your spouse still finds you attractive.

Praise your spouse’s physical appearance. “Wow! You’re really so beautiful in that outfit”, “I love how that yellow dress of yours makes you look radiant”! “That food tastes so delicious, I guess you have some magic fingers there!”

Comment on their hair, perfume, or anything that catches your attention. Use congruent body language when you compliment. Smile, make eye contact and speak in a warm a sincere manner.

These small compliments can get a great smile on the face of your partner.

The truth is that compliments show that you are noticing everything about your partner and that sends a signal to your partner of how special he/she has become, boosts their confidence level and in further reaction, they fall helplessly in love with you.


8. Be Playful, Have Fun And Laugh Together

stay in love with these ultimate 10 Tips

Relationships don’t always have to be super serious. Couples who know how to stay in love, know how to push each other’s buttons healthily; as one`s playful side is a strategy men and women have developed to make themselves more appealing to each other.

Create a physical playtime ritual, find out what makes each other happy. Take a cooking class together, go rock-climbing, learn something new together and you’ll see how it will liven up your relationship.

Even if you don’t have the same interest you’ll be sure to have fun together. Tease your partner in a validating and loving way.

Whether it’s giving him/her a pet name or nickname that only you call him/her, or simply bringing up silly things he’s/she’s done in the past that made you both laugh. Teasing can keep your relationship lighthearted and fun.

Find a sitcom you both enjoy or google jokes to tell each other. We’ve all heard that the best medicine is laughter, right?


9. How To Stay In Love: Care For Each Other

How To Stay In Love

Couples who are curious about how to stay in love should understand the importance of care. Ask your spouse how they are doing, ask about their day.

Ask them about that project they’ve been working on since the start of the year or about their new boss.

This will show that you care about what is going on in their life. Send a short message or email to let your spouse know that you’re thinking about them. You can also send a special delivery.

A surprise delivery makes any occasion or accomplishment feel more momentous. It is also a tangible sign that you are thinking of someone even when they aren’t around.

Showing care in any way possible is a tangible tip on how to be in love in a long-distance relationship.

Also, little surprise purchases go a long way. Does your partner love mint chocolate chip ice-cream? Or vanilla? Picking some up while you are at the store shows you care and that you were thinking of him even while going about your boring everyday chores like restocking the milk.

Make it a point to drop whatever you’re doing when the other person walks through the door. Greet each other with a smile and a welcoming demeanor, give them a warm hug.

You know, a hug is one of the best medicines for emotional stress and hugging increases your love all the time.


10. How To Stay In Love: Learn To Forgive

Couples who are in highly satisfying long-term relationships make a habit of forgiving each other.

When you are with someone all the time, they are bound to occasionally do hurtful things, or neglect you somehow. Even one unguarded or unkind word from our partner can cause a wound to our hearts. You do it too!

Everyone has disagreements, but not everyone holds a grudge. Forgiving when we are hurt is one fundamental base on how to stay in love.

It helps you build an emotional bridge that connects you and your partner and protects your relationship from the cumulative effects of misunderstanding and hurtful feelings.

Many elderly couples, when asked the secret to their long union always reply the same. They say start they attribute the strength of their relationship to never going to bed angry with one another.

Let’s think about it; when we are truly angry with someone over their actions, that pain festers and grows if left unaddressed.

So does that mean these older couples spent sleepless nights talking or yelling until dawn? No! What they did is much simpler, but much more difficult.

They forgave each other. The problem with nursing your hurt (whether real/perceived) is that it eventually makes it turn into something more destructive; hate and extreme bitterness, which in turn leads to withdrawal and lack of vulnerability.

Over time, this can erode trust. However, if you want a successful intimate relationship, be open and receptive to forgiveness.

Make a conscious decision to forgive your spouse, think of a calming place, or do something to distract yourself from dwelling on those thoughts when images of the betrayal or hurt flash in your mind.

Refrain from throwing an error or mistake back in your spouse’s face at a later date; don’t use it as ammunition in an argument.


Quick Summary: Tips On How To Stay In love

Hey! Thanks for reading to this point. I really appreciate you a lot. It’s been a long trip on ‘how to be in love’ and I hope that you’ve learned some lessons.

A good relationship is about when two people wholesomely accept each other, what you do to spice up each moment in your relationship, your love, and support for each other strong enough to encourage each other’s future and make each other better.

Knowing that it’s not all about you, and not all about them, but it’s all about the relationship. You can read more resources in How To Spice Up Your Relationship and How To Be A Better Wife. Thanks, until I come your way again, ciao!


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