How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship

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Dating is beautiful and should be embraced by everyone but just like every other beautiful thing on earth, it also comes with its problems.

There are so many issues a relationship can face but we would be focusing on the one that has ended more relationships than the others. The distance factor when added to a relationship makes things very tricky and if care is not taken might lead to the end of things, this is why we are searching for how to keep a long-distance relationship going.

It is not something that happens by choice, I don’t think anyone would take that option if he or she had to chance to choose but when you are found there, how you cope with long-distance relationship problems will determine if your relationship will run smoothly or if distance would do to you the same thing it has to do to a million others in the past.

There are so many problems attached to a long-distance relationship but what sums it all up is the fact that you are not there with the person you love. Being present physically counts for a lot and this is why partners who live together and sleep on the same bed tend to resolve issues faster than those who probably stay under the same rough but have separate beds.

Not being there might not be the issue but it becomes a trigger for other issues, one that is very common is the issue of trust. You begin to second guess because you are not even sure that they are staying true to the relationship.

Then lack of physical intimacy comes in – even for couples who believe that intercourse outside the bounds of marriage is bad, they try to get physical through kisses because physical intimacy is important. The truth is, if we focus on the issues that come as a result of distance in a relationship then you are not going to be leaving this browser window anytime soon.

However, that is not why you came here – you are here because you want to know how to keep a long-distance relationship. The first good news is that it is possible to have a long-distance relationship and maintain it at a premium level for as long as love carries you which could be for your eternity.

However, before we go anywhere it is important to get clarity on one issue first – are you dating? They have to first give you this assurance through their actions and words before you go ahead to practice what is written here.

It would even be more painful than you went through all this stress only to find out that the relationship ended a long time ago when distance became a factor in it.




1. Believe And Trust

If this is not the case then I am sorry to say but we are both wasting our time on here and I think you can take your search somewhere else.

Well, since you are still here then we can just move ahead with the solution here. It is important to first believe that you are worth the love that you want them to give you and then also believe that the relationship would work perfectly even if it would be from a distance.

When you are done with believing it will work, you also have to trust your partner to do the same – to want your relationship to work.

Trusting is one of the hardest things someone can do for another human especially when it involves money or matters of the heart but you have to trust them as it is the only answer to the question, how to keep a long-distance relationship.


2. Quality Communication

The issue here is most times we think just saying hello and how was your day is enough. The truth is communication can be bad too that is why when in a long-distance relationship, what you need is quality communication.

When you are talking about your day, it was fine doesn’t just cut it – make them feel like they were there with you at every step you took today.

When you talk to them, make sure you give them every available detail – this is how quality communication is done. You can talk about anything and everything with them, the topic could even be as silly as a mutual friend you both share but it should be about the both of you most times.

Talk about your small plans for tomorrow, the week, the relationship even. If you are looking for how to maintain a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend then you must learn quality communication because it might save your life.


3. Make It A Threesome With Technology

When used in the right way, technology can become man’s best friend as it makes things that seem impossible possible.

You want to know how to keep a long-distance relationship – marry technology, have a joint wedding with it.

There are so many platforms that offer different forms of communication – our advice for you would be to get the lot. They each have their unique selling points and can be combined effectively to give you the best communication experience possible.

So, while you are sending him traps on WhatsApp, you could be talking about your day on Facebook messenger and sending him memes that relate to the both of you on Instagram, a video chat can come on facetime before a well-composed SMS to say good night.


4. Don’t Rely On Technology Much

The truth is regardless of how good technology is, it cannot be the only form of communication that exists for you and your partner.

This is because although communication gives that sense of connection or being there, it can only give you a sense of it. If you truly want to be there then it has to be combined with other communication methods or platforms, this is the only way to effectively get what you want from them.

So, on the topic of how to keep a long-distance relationship spicy – we would suggest, you forget a piece of clothing in their house. Personal favorites would be ahead warmer, blanket, or hoodie – something they can use in your absence.

Also, you can try sending letters, mailing gifts to them, and hiding some around their place – they should see it a week after you have left and feel like you were just there.


5. Be Committed

This is the most important thing as long as a long-distance relationship is a concern, your loyalty should not be shaken.

It is the hardest thing to do because you can never be a hundred percent sure the other person is keeping their end of the bargain but these are the things that come with trust and love. You just do your part and also believe that they are doing their own.

You cannot be flirting and going on dates simply because your partner is not available except the structure of your relationship permits that, staying loyal is the most important thing you can do as long as you are looking for how to keep a long-distance relationship going.


6. Do Things Together Regardless Of The Distance

What spices up and keeps a long-distance relationship alive is the feeling of being together when in all honesty you are not even close to each other and this is what we try to achieve here.

When you are starting a long-distance relationship, it is important to find out all the mutual hobbies that exist between the two of you and make a plan to do them together even if you are apart.

The easiest would be for couples who are into sports and entertainment. You can watch the latest soccer game or the latest episode of wrestling or boxing – while you are at it, you could talk about how the game is going via chat.

Although they are miles away, the fact that you are seeing the same thing at the same time would make them feel a whole lot closer to you than they are supposed to.

Movies too and games can work but regardless of what it is you are using; it is important to make sure the feeling of togetherness comes for you and your spouse.


7. Set Rules And Have Boundaries

It is important when asking how to keep a long-distance relationship that rules are set for all parties involved to follow.

For example, in a case of an open relationship, what is permitted – some people would go as far as allowing their partner to explore other people physically in terms of intercourse while for some that are crossing the line and would rather stick with you going on dates with others.

Regardless of where your relationship falls, it is important to always communicate the rules and boundaries that you want to your partner.


8. Keep The Physical Intimacy Levels Up

Physical intimacy is one of the biggest problems we encounter in a long-distance relationship, it is usually what we miss the most, and as such, this is the reason why most long-distance relationships fail.

However, there are ways the physical intimacy levels can still stay up, one such way is flirting via the phone.

Regardless of what they are doing, now and then, your partner deserves to see you naked and you can do so via photos and videos.

If he or she wants to take the self-pleasure option when in need of some release, then you should be the one they fantasize about while they are at it.

When long-distance relationship problems are listed, physical intimacy would always be number one and this is why it should be treated with utmost importance.


9. Plan A Meeting

A lot of all these solutions that have been listed here are amazing and they would work wonders for your relationship but none would do good as long as how to keep a long-distance relationship is concerned than actually making plans to go see your partner whenever they are.

We are not saying just wake up in the morning and hit the road although if you can this is usually the best option as they would appreciate it ten times more. However, sometimes that is not possible and you both have to plan a weekend or a day to see but no matter how far the distance is, you must always make plans to see them wherever they are.

After visiting, the next day for a visit should be set, this way there is always going to be something to look forward to and the relationship becomes less boring.


10. Too Much Communication Can Be A Bad Thing Too

A look at long-distance relationship statistics would show you are decline in the number of them that works at the end of the day and this is for so many different reasons.

Yes, communication has ended some relationships but it cannot be the only reason why your relationship is not going according to plan because you know you are supposed to communicate.

The truth is sometimes it is done in excess and what was supposed to be a good thing for your relationship turns out to be the reason it ends in the first place. Your partner needs time to breathe and they also have to know that your trust them, so even if communication is good, we advise that you do not overdo it.


11. Plan A Virtual Date

While we are making sure we have a date planned out to meet even after every successful meeting day has passed, it is important to understand that going on dates is an integral part of any relationship and distance should not be the reason that this important part is thrown to the side.

So, if you are being asked how to keep a long-distance relationship, your answer should be to go on dates.

Have dinner dates together regardless of distance, start with your phones, dress up and take an uber to a nice restaurant while in the cab – sit on opposite sides of the back seat with the phone on a video call.

When at the restaurant, you could use your laptop on the other side of the table while you eat and talk about anything and everything.


12. Respect The Reason Why You Are Apart

I know that being able to see your partner only from the other side of a screen can be painful sometimes and you can express yourself but the reason why it is a long-distance relationship should be respected.

Half of the time, work would be the reason why and you shouldn’t expect them to just quit their job without proper planning to make you happy. So, respecting why you are apart is one important way of ensuring the relationship stays strong.


13. Have Fun Alone

We know that the relationship is important to you but when you are not happy, there is no way the relationship would be.

Half the time, you tend to blame the fact that you are in a long-distance relationship for your sadness which is not even the case.

Sometimes we forget ourselves when we are in a relationship and it is important not to, have fun alone – do the things you enjoy doing and make yourself happy then bring that happiness back into the relationship – this is how to keep a long-distance relationship.


14. It Is Not An Easy Way To Date

Mental preparation makes physical preparation easy – this is what those that use the gym and work out would always say.

It is the truth however and also applies to long-distance relationships. You have to first be mentally ready because it is usually not as easy as dating physically but at the end of the day focusing on the positives is a way out.

When you fight, see it as a good thing because if you do not fight when you are not together then it means someone has the eyes somewhere else and not in the union you share. Be slow to judge them and say it out loud when you are in doubt or need reassurance.


15. Set Goals

Where do you want to see yourself, your partner, and the relationship in the coming days, weeks, months, years.

Talk about these things and also have a combined schedule that shows what the both of you have planned.

Your partner should be able to predict what you are doing at every point in time even if they are not physically present with you. it gives them the sense of togetherness which is needed when you are trying to answer the question – how to keep a long-distance relationship.


In Summary – How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship

It is one of the most challenging adventures for both the mind and body but the truth is a long-distance relationship can resonate into the purest form of true love and happily ever after is a guarantee once it is done well.

So enjoy, as we have listed above all the keys that you need to help you keep your long-distance relationship growing from strength to strength.

The comment section will always be open for questions and testimonies but do not forget to subscribe as we promise even more amazing content.


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