7 Best Ways On How To Keep Your Man Deeply In Love With You

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There’s nothing better than being in love. Being in love is something most people yearn deeply for. We all want to be in love with someone who makes our walk through life much easier.

As human beings, we need to feel connected to somebody to let the walls around us down. And when we don’t connect with others, people might tend to see us as being too hard to get. But the moment we fall in love, there’s a feeling of contentment that comes with it.

One obvious evidence of being in love is making sure your partner is happy always. You don’t need to find your fulfillment in them but if they’re happy they’ll always want to make you happy in return. And being happy in your relationship is one of the signs of a healthy relationship.

So, have you been worried about how to keep your man interested in you? Just keep him happy – that’s the ultimate secret. Perhaps you are feeling like your relationship is losing its spark, you don’t grasp why or how but things feel distant between you and your partner.

Worry not, there’s good news! The good news is that it is definitely doable to keep your man deeply in love with you, there are certain things you need to be aware of to create and keep an amazing, fulfilling relationship.

Knowing how to keep your man by creating the right environment for love to flourish will help you better cope when times get tough, as they inevitably will.

If you’re looking for how to keep your man happy and in love with you, you’ve certainly come to the right place. To help you, here are some detailed tips; these 8 tips will ensure a satisfied partner and a happy relationship. Let’s go!


1.  Appreciate And Respect Him

A successful relationship needs many things. But when all is said and done, what matters most is knowing that you are wanted and desired in the relationship.

If you want to keep your man happy, you have to show him that he is your priority by respecting and appreciating him. You must know how to keep your man through a simple act of appreciation. Learn How To Make Your Man Feel Appreciated here.

Any day is a good day to appreciate that wonderful man in your life. When you have a great partner who supports you through all of life’s ups and downs, it’s important to let him know how much he means to you. Send him a flirty text, leave him a love note, or simply tell him “Thank you”.

It’s not just women that love to be appreciated or complimented; men love to be told that they look good, are smart, ambitious, or that they are doing a great job.

Sometimes, men might be confused about where a woman stands in their life and they want to see that you are supporting them beyond any superficial matter.

Giving him a reason or two as to why he is so special to you is a wonderful thing. Tell your man how grateful you are for everything; always say “Thank you” for every little thing he does for you.

Displaying your gratitude for him makes it easier for him to show you that he appreciates you too. Appreciating your man is one sure way on how to keep your man.

Showing your appreciation for your man doesn’t have to eat up a lot of your time or budget that you may not have. Something as simple as a heartfelt note left on his drawer or a romantic message sent at lunchtime could just be it.


2.  Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Be it in your career, social life, finance, or even physical appearance; Be Your Best Self! Have a life of your own. Respect yourself. And be confident in who you are.

Trying to keep your partner happy is one thing but being happy yourself is another thing. You have to reflect happiness to make others happy; you can’t be sad and want to make your partner happy. What you have is what you can give.

One of the most effective ways to have a lasting life together is to keep your own going as well. Men love women that have a passion and something they invest their time in. And they also love to show off their most prized possession; so be your partner’s most prized possession.

You can’t be one if you’re broke, unkempt, and unattractive; if you aren’t taking care of yourself, it’s a reflection on how much you value yourself, and if you don’t put a high value on yourself, why should he? Be your self, don’t give the opinion that you could be a difficulty.

Men are visual beings, so if you want to keep him captivated and keep the spark alive, then be an object of his desire! Take pride in looking nice for him and yourself, there’s value in taking some basic satisfaction in your appearance to look nice.

Being your best self also means maintaining your friendships, keeping up with your hobbies, and having many sources of fulfillment. This keeps a relationship fresh and interesting because it keeps you interesting, remember no man wants to be with a boring woman.

You might want to check out 10 Things A Man Wants In A Relationship That He Has A Hard Time Telling You for more insights into what he might need from you.


3.  How To Keep Your Man- Refrain From Nagging

Do you want to know how to keep your man? Refrain nagging! Nagging is an enemy of love if permitted to persist.
When you nag, it’s is a sign that something is already wrong in your connection.

No individual likes to be nagged; be it an adult or a child. So imagine how frustrated your man would be if you’re a chatterbox without remote controls when it comes to nagging; ‘clean the dining room’, ‘wash the dishes’, ‘take out the trash’, ‘are you leaving the house like that’, ‘for once in your life could you pick up your dirty socks’…nag, nag, nag. People generally hate it and your man would hate it twice as much.

Generally, when you nag, men feel like they are being controlled, trying to just get them to do what you want them to do; like you’re their mother and you’re treating them like a kid.

Instead of nagging, tell him once what you want, you’ll have a 50-50 chance it will be done. Tell him more than twice within 24 hours and it’s definitely nagging.

The incessant nagging you do not only drives your partner crazy, but it also pushes him away, hurt intimacy, and is often a primary cause of relationship breakups.

Instead of nagging, use positive reinforcement; it’s a more powerful tool for change and will help you keep your man happy.


4.  Become His Confidante

“Trust is not something all loving relationships start with. But one thing is for sure; happy and successful marriages and relationships survive and thrive on the basis of this trust.

Trust is so persuasive in their relationship that they never give it a second thought. They expect it. It’s always here. It is part of the fabric of their relationship”. – Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

Recognizing trust as a vital tool in the search of how to keep your man is surely necessary; and having someone to talk to and confide in is one of the lovely perks of being in a relationship. After all, honesty and communication are undeniably the most important relationship skills of them all.

When a man falls in love with you, he’s going to tell you a lot of his insecurities. For him to form a deep-rooted bond with you that lasts, he has to know that he can tell you anything. Even things that you might not fancy to hear. The most crucial aspect of building that bond is making him feel secure when he tells you things.

And that certainly means not judging him for informing you his truth about something, and it means no passive-aggressiveness or punishing him if he tells you something you don’t want to hear. Your man ought to feel comfortable confiding in you.

In a world where most men feel they must act tough just to make it, you should create a place for him to remove his “man mask” and just be himself.

No matter the subject he wants to talk about, make him feel that he can confide in you by sincerely listening and comforting him. You can advise if and when he requests for it but don’t jump at him whenever he opens up to you.

If he is confiding in you then it means he trusts you and is certain that you will keep his secrets. Don’t break that trust because being his confidante is one sure step on how to keep your man.


5.  How To Keep Your Man- Be Affectionate

The essence of romance in a relationship cannot be trivialized, it’s the powerful energy that makes couples feel deeply connected. Romance doesn’t have to be grand, it’s the gesture, both big and small, that makes your partner feel especially wooed and cherished by you.

Fanciful candlelit dinner or a five-star resort staycation can be amazing, but taking a stroll in the garden can just be as essential in developing your relationships as vacations.

If you are thinking of how to keep your man then you have to be open with your affection. Rock his world! Men want to be with someone who makes them feel wonderful and who blows their minds.

They relish affection through physical touch! Stroke and caress your man affectionately, your touch would be incredibly appealing for the one you love. Give him tight and long-lasting hugs, hotheaded kisses, or hold his hand in public.

Men associate lovemaking with desirability, so keep love alive by making love. Are you thinking of how to keep your man happy in bed? Be sensual and salacious. Make him feel like your own personal lovemaking goddess.

Flirt, tease, and tantalize him. Most ladies are quite good at teasing but stop when they get into a relationship. So it’s good to reignite that spark, and it’s a sure way on how to keep your man.


6.  Be Playful

Playful couples are oftentimes happy couples. Studies show those who are more playful in their relationships tend to experience more positive emotions, be more content with their union, and feel closer to each other.

Playful people appreciate jokes, pun, improvisation, and challenges. They also participate in more diverse situations than most and are good at building environments that others will enjoy.

All of these qualities make them attractive. Playfulness and childish behavior may appear silly, but it’s one of those little things that keep a relationship fresh, interesting, and exciting.

Tease him, pull his leg, play around with him, tickle your man, create goofy names. Playfully do stuff that makes you both laugh because when you’re laughing, you’re producing chemicals in your man’s brain to feel good. Laughter is the best way to pull him deeper in love with you and keep him wanting more.


7.  How To Keep Your Man- Love Him Deeply

The major secret of how to keep your man is to love him. Adore him from the bottom of your heart. Love naturally attracts love. No matter what you do to make him fall more deeply in love with you, you can never achieve it if you don’t firstly fall in love with him.

So, simply give your unadulterated and kind love to him and it will naturally trigger his hidden love. Furthermore, love him the way he wants to be loved. Everyone has their love language; people all show and receive love differently.

Dr. Gary Chapman established a way of thinking about love in a relationship. It revolutionized the way many people look at love, ranging from “Words of affirmation, to Act of service, Receiving Gifts, Quality time and finally Physical touch”.

He may be bestowing you love in the way that he likes to be loved, just watch and observe. That’s one certain way to detect his love language.

Is he steadily buying you gifts, or is he always on house chores duty but never actually enjoys a compliment for it? Does he put off his phone or any other device that may distract him when you both are on a date? Then you’ve certainly got a clue.

Putting off his phone can be equated to “Quality Time”, just as buying you gifts can be associated with “Receiving Gifts”.


Wow! You stayed with me till the end! Thank you for reading to this point. I hope that this post has helped you discerned how to keep your man one way or another.

You can’t give what you don’t have, so, if you don’t love yourself, you certainly can’t give love to someone else. And if you can’t love him, you can’t expect to keep him.

Effecting at least one to as many of the pointers listed above can heighten the love your man has for you thereby enhancing your chance of keeping him deeply in love with you.

No one certainly knows it all, so, what different ways have you used to keep your man deeply in love with you? Do you follow any of the ways listed above? I would love to hear from you in the comment section.


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  • Thank you! This has been wonderful. I’m not married and I’m not sure I’ll ever get married. I’ve had several men asked me and they were good men. Some of them. But I’ve never been in love with them that we’re good men and the other ones I didn’t feel like it would last. I’m always said anybody can get married. They make their mind up to do it. Is the being happy and staying married? That matters to me. I want to have someone to love but also want to be loved. I was at a couple’s house one night and the gentleman said to me well if your man came in and put his arms around your waist and kissed you on the cheek and he said he wanted to go to the bedroom and your frying chicken. What would you do?. I laughed and said we might have to buy some more chicken. If it sits in grease too long, it’s not edible. He said you’re joking. I said no cease the moment. If we were broke and we could not buy more chicken, you might want to tell him we’re not going to have nothing to eat unless you let me finish this. But if you have money you can replace the bad soggy chicken. I would hope that we could love each other and have fun together. I still do believe I have a soulmate out there. And you don’t tell all of your business to your girls when you’re dating a man. I would never answer the phone until it rained three times. Didn’t want some man to think I’m sitting home. Waiting on him to call. You know the game. I had a roommate and I told her this and the next thing I know she’s told her man the three ring rules. Dum dum dum. I found I couldn’t tell her a lot of things. Her elevator didn’t go all the way to the top. I think I have a lot to offer a man. I know I got a lot of love and fun to share when he gets here.