11 Most Sensual Places Men Like To Be Touched

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 Most Sensual Places Men Like to Be Touched

Do you know that men love to be touched just as much as women? And today, I’ll be telling you the 11 most sensual places men like to be touched. Humans are filled with nerve endings and if touched in our most sensitive places, it excites us. In the early 2000s, research was conducted to find out which areas on men’s bodies are most pleasurable to be touched.

The findings were used by therapists and healers to aid in treating cases of s#xual dysfunction and intimacy issues, but are just as beneficial to couples who want to spice up their love life!

Lovemaking can become a bit boring for long-term couples and they may lose their wildfire. Touch is a love language that can revive not just your love or bedroom life but also your relationship in its entirety.

Men may not be as expressive about their feelings as women, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be touched—quite the opposite! These 11 most romantic and s#xual places men like to be touched are sure to drive your man wild with pleasure…and maybe even his love for you too! You’ll have him begging for more!


11 Most Sensual Places Men Like To Be Touched

Drive Your Man Wild Tonight By Touching These 11 Sensitive Part


1. Back of the Neck

Men love it when you kiss, lick, or nibble on their neck—just be careful not to leave a hickey.

The back of his neck is a sensitive spot that’s sure to drive him wild. One word of caution: if you’re prone to biting your nails, keep them short! You don’t want to accidentally scratch him with your fingernails. Instead, use your lips and tongue for an extra-arousing sensation.

Another good tip? Reach around from behind and run your fingers through his hair while you’re at it. It may sound like a small thing, but touching different parts of his body will help make him feel more desired and connected to you.


2. Nape

 Most Romantic And Sensual Places Men Like to Be Touched

Do you know that spot on your neck where your shoulder meets your head? That’s a key erog#nous z#ne for men.

The back of their knees is another area that sends them over the edge, as well as their inner thighs. And, although it may seem counterintuitive, tickling a man’s feet can be incredibly arousing—especially if he has some kind of foot f#tish.

Some guys even like having their teats played with! And don’t forget about his ears—lots of people find that nibbling or licking these parts of his body makes him crazy in bed. (Just make sure he doesn’t have sensitive ears before going in for a nibble.)


3. Inside Elbow

Just as women adore being touched on their neck, men love being touched here, too. In fact, when you touch his inside elbow he will want to wrap himself around you.

This place is considered one of his most romantic spots because it’s an erog#nous z#ne connected with his heart chakra, or solar plexus—the center of emotions, willpower, and confidence.

The reason why touching him here arouses him so much is that many nerve endings are concentrated in his elbows, making them very sensitive. So if you want to make him feel good and help boost his self-esteem, try giving him a massage on his inner elbows.


4. His Chest

Sensual Places Guys Like to Be Touched

Hands are often associated with feelings of warmth, love, comfort, and affection.

This is why it comes as no surprise that many men enjoy having their partner’s hands exploring their chest. The fact that most men have a lot of muscle in that area makes it even more sensitive for them.

With so much stimulation, you can be sure he’ll feel deeply relaxed! Just make sure to avoid tickling him since that might ruin everything! 😉 Also, don’t forget about his teats—they can be extremely pleasurable when stimulated properly.

Finally, kissing his neck will drive him crazy! He’ll definitely love feeling your lips against his skin while your fingers move around down below. It’s definitely one of those highly s#xually arousing experiences he won’t soon forget!


5. Upper Back

For many men, their upper back is one of their most sensitive areas.

In fact, one study from New York’s Stony Brook University found that when men have a release of oxytocin (aka the love hormone), 80% of them felt titillating sensations in their upper back. So next time you want to rev up your guy’s engine, try massaging his shoulders or running your fingers through his hair. It may seem like an innocent gesture—but he’ll feel it all over!


6. Lower Back

What better way to demonstrate your love and affection than with a s#xual massage?

It’s one of his favourite things in bed because it makes him feel like you’re taking care of him. Just be sure not to tickle! Massage his lower back while he lies on his stomach.

Start at the base of his spine and work your way up toward his shoulders, pressing firmly but gently into knots as you go. Use lots of oil so that he can really relax into it—he may even fall asleep if he’s really relaxed! If you have long hair, you can use it to cover your hands and create a soft caress against his skin. He’ll enjoy feeling enveloped by your scent.

When finished, get him a glass of water (or wine) and cuddle with him while he recovers from what will surely be an amazing experience for both of you.


7. His Lips

 Most Romantic And Sensual Places Guys Like to Be Touched

No wonder they’re one of a man’s most sensitive body parts. They get more blood than any other part of your body – which makes them quick to react when you rub, kiss or lick them. But because they’re so sensitive, you have to be very gentle or he might get uncomfortable.

It’s all about how you do it, says expert Patti Britton. You can use your lips to tease him by kissing his inner thighs, then moving closer and closer until you reach his ph#llus, she explains. Or you can try sucking on his teats while rubbing his ph#llus with your hand.


8. His Hips

The hips are one of the most erog#nous z#nes on a man’s body. One of a man’s biggest erog#nous z#nes is his upper back/neck area, which can be stimulated by hand or mouth.

The area between a man’s toes is also very sensitive – pressure applied here will send shivers down his spine, giving him goosebumps all over. Another place that men love being touched is their chest (especially around their teats).

The teats themselves are an erog#nous z#ne for men as well as women. A lot of men like having their earlobes kissed and licked too! And finally, don’t forget about your man’s g#nitals! It doesn’t matter if you’re with a circ#mcised or uncirc#mcised guy; both types love attention in that region.


9. His Ears

The outer ear is also known as the auricle. The average human ear has about 5,000 hairs. That’s a lot of potential for tickling! Ears are very sensitive to touch and stimulation because they have such a high concentration of nerve endings.

This sensitivity means that men like having their ears touched during foreplay and lovemaking. In fact, according to research from SUNY Albany in 2000, more than 70 percent of women prefer giving oral lovemaking if it includes touching or nibbling on their partner’s ears.

And if you’re looking for other ways to spice up your bedroom routine without any extra effort, why not try adding some new moves? It might be fun to experiment with different types of touches on your partner’s erog#nous z#nes—and see what feels best—to make things more exciting in bed.


10. His Feet

Yes, his feet. The two most responsive erog#nous z#nes for men are in our heads and at our feet.

It’s a known fact that most guys take better care of their vehicles than they do their own bodies. If you want a guy to feel pampered, give him a foot rub or massage. You’ll be surprised by how good it feels—and he will too! The skin on his feet is similar to that on other parts of his body, so go ahead and use your hands, nails, lips…whatever tickles your fancy.

He may even get turned on enough to return the favor. But first things first: Get him naked! That way you can get an up-close look at those s#xual toes. Trust us, he won’t mind. Or maybe he will; either way, have fun with it! As far as foreplay goes, foot massages and toe sucking (or licking) ranks right up there with joystick sucking as one of a man’s favorite forms of s#xual pleasure.


11. The F Spot

Is said to be located on your frenulum, which is that place under your head where your foreskin connects.

Try stimulating it while touching yourself or by applying pressure during foreplay. If you don’t have a foreskin, you might still be able to find yours as there are other ways of achieving F spot climax.

A study in 2000 found that most men who were circ#mcised were also able to reach s#xual climax through stimulation of their p#nile frenulum.

Some even called it the male G-area. As with women, some men may need to use a lubricant when touching themselves in order to increase sensitivity. You can try using coconut oil or even saliva if you don’t have any lube handy!


Final Words On The Most Sensual Places Men Like To Be Touched

Wow, such a hot post! Now, that we’ve concluded the 11 most sensual places men like to be touched I hope these tips can spice up your bedroom life and make him happy in bed. While at it, don’t forget to compliment him and his abilities as they’re sure ways to turn a man on.

Complimenting him in bed will definitely improve his performance and you’ll see new signs he enjoyed making love to you. Now that I’ve given you some tips to be better in bed, I hope to see you in the next post.


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Sensual Places to Touched Your Boyfriend And Turn Him On

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