11 Bedroom Habits That Happy Couples Swear By

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Intimacy Habits That Happy Couples Swear By

With an alarm buzzing at the side of your bed, you wake up in the morning, clean, cook, bathe, attend to kids, rush off to work – business, transactions – wins and loses, documentations, hustling and bustling, with all the noise from the people and horns from vehicles, sometimes you are caught up in traffic, hungry, exhausted and looking forward to getting home.

Finally, here you are – home sweet home. Wouldn’t it be so great to cool off with the love of your life! With no distractions, worries, or fears and just enjoy the romantic gesture and pleasures in the outstretched arm of your love!

Even as you soar peacefully in the atmosphere of bliss and fun and laughter, refreshing your body and soul at different levels.

However, to help you soothe better and build a more intense relationship with you special one these bedroom habits for couples should be initiated


1. Go To Bed Together

You might be wondering what do married couples do at night especially happily married ones? Well, you don’t have to think too far.

It is well-known that having a very active romantic life and being strongly attracted to one another is so important for a healthy relationship, and going to bed together as one of the bedroom habits for couples can only foster that connection.

The fact is that couples who don’t see each other all day long and have a habit of going to bed at different times build for themselves avenues for conflicts, disconnection, and the feeling that each person is living a separate life and that can hurt.

It creates a recipe for feeling lonely and emotionally (and physically) detached from each other. And as they get “used” to being in bed by themselves, they may also get “used” to this disconnection being the norm.

But to avoid this effect and maintain the warmth of the relationship, happy couples go the extra mile of being in bed together, even when it is not convenient (or even if one partner wakes up later to do things while their partner sleeps).

This prevents negative thoughts and habits, provide more time for each other, and help strengthen the bond.


2. Ditch Your Devices Before Going To Bed

Many people are addicted to smart devices, so many, in fact, that it is considered an epidemic. These devices (phones, Ipads, tabs, laptops, and social media and games and apps they contain) are all begging for attention and can keep us distracted from real human relationships.

For example, engaging in acts such as phubbing is not just rude and disrespectful but also annoying. It signals that you are worlds apart and that whatever is happening on the phone (or any other device) is more important and worthy of attention than the person in front of you.

But why let that happen if you truly care about their feelings. You should sit down and strategize for a change (that’s what happy couples do!).

So, ensure to make a rule of “no electronics in the bedroom” and get rid of those gadgets, and reserve a space just for you and your significant other to talk, be intimate with each other and connect authentically. Learn more Powerful Tips For A Successful Relationship here.


3. Change The Scenery

It is important to consider lighting things up when considering bedroom habits for couples. A few thoughtful touches can transform any bedroom into a romantic getaway that makes your heart flutter.

To get started, it is essential to tidy up, especially if your room is filled with unnecessary clutter. Then reposition your bed, update your sheets and blankets with soft, warm texture and colors but do not forget that freshly laundered sheets all beautifully made up, are key to making your bed look appealing.

Get some scents such as lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood, etc. Using an oil diffuser is an easy way to get those scents in the air. The light effect can add more romance.

Also, a beautiful chandelier on a dimmer switch can add instant drama and ambiance, while a vintage sconce can create a pleasant soothing glow.

Unable to install that? You can never go wrong with candlelight – the soft, warm, indirect light is easy on the eyes and helps cast everything in a sultry glow.

Also, you can get some trendy sensuous lingerie or find something nice, fun, and flirty to wear. Wear a nice perfume too.

And remember that just playing the right cool music can do wonders for setting the mood. To spice things up, don’t forget to say Some Hot Things To Turn Him On.


4. Indulge In Lots Of Foreplay

Parts of what makes lovemaking great is the lead-up to the actual act (foreplay). Foreplay is a set of intimate acts between lovers meant to create arousal and desire for lovemaking.

It is the warm-up exercise that makes sure you’re in peak condition before heading into the game. What this does is that it triggers physiological and physical responses that make intercourse enjoyable and even possible.

It includes; caressing your partner’s face, running your fingers through the hair, and gently tickling the inside of the arm, the stomach, and the thighs.

You could dress up in your favorite fantasy characters and tease each other too. You could even tie up your partner or just let them explore your body without undressing you.

Also, pressing your bodies against each other and feeling each other’s hot breath on your cheek as you sway to the rhythm of romantic tunes can be fantastic when implementing bedroom habits for couples. Learn more ways of How To Spice Up Your Marriage here.


5. Give Each Other A Massage

The art of massage can be sweet and sensual. It is one of the bedroom rules for couples that shows you are sensitive to each other’s plight and ready to help each other through – you are removing all the dried, dead skin, the dirt, the unwanted baggage.

You are bringing freshly oxygenated blood to the surface so that new cells thrive, and the gentle hands of you on your partner would help them relax better.

You don’t even need to be very strong. A light touch in the right places will still feel just as good. The key is to move slowly and ask your partner if they’d like more pressure on a certain area.

Encourage them to let you know when you are doing something that feels great too. By doing this you are not just helping each other at the moment, but also paving the way for continued wellness, as well as attracting a bonding effect.

Just endeavor to pick the right massage oil (coconut oil, lavender, etc.) and make your lover feel secure and pampered, even as they surrender to you completely.


6. Regularly Make Love

This art isn’t just about the body, it’s beyond the mind too. It is all about giving your whole (full) self into the course – body, mind and soul, strength, passion and will, emotion and romance – just name it – everything and every part of you.

However, one of the bedroom habits for couples that keeps them healthy and bubbling is that they are never static, they are dynamic.

They spice up their romantic life and have pleasurable intercourse, so spice up yours. You could try by going away from the regular and engaging in different styles and positions such as; cowgirl reverse, chair position or classic chair, spoon, ottoman empire, etc. Talk dirty while at it.

You can also try incorporating some games to make it breathtaking. For example, take turns stimulating each other with your hands, bodies, mouth, and genitals in an attempt to make the other climax. Your job is to resist climax no matter how difficult it is. Whoever holds out the longest wins.

Also, you could use edible body paint to create signs on your body where you want your partner to kiss, nibble, spank, or grope, and take turns being in control or initiating.

This might help you discover sensations you never knew existed and make you more intimately and fantastically connected. Just know your body, and don’t hurt yourself or your partner.


7. Cuddle

Have you ever noticed that bubbly and happy people tend to be more cuddly, whereas stern, stressed-out people tend to prefer their personal space not to be invaded.

But come to think of it, wouldn’t it be amazing to come home to (at least) a 15 minutes hug from your partner after a stressful day to experience an intimate connection?

Shutting out the rest of the world and allowing you to just focus on each other? Who wouldn’t like that!

Cuddling as part of the bedroom habits for couples is a romantic activity of intimacy without the acts of creating intercourse.

It is a special way of settling in with your special one, and which allows us to feel known by our partner in ways that words can’t convey.

When we cuddle we can smell our partner and feel the warmth of our bodies. This experience of smell and touch help to release the “feel-good” hormone “oxytocin”, which relaxes us, and deepen our feeling of attachment and release our empathic abilities.

Also, we are boosting our immune system because we are feeling too good and healthy to get sick, hence we can feel more thankful towards our partner.


8. Have A Pillow Talk

Being able to talk openly and intimately is essential in a good relationship. And there’s something amazing about the act of pillow talking with your partner.

This crucial part of the bedroom habits for couples is a time when you can lay in bed beside the love of your life and fully cherish their presence while relishing the thoughts, wisdom, feelings, intellect, and emotions that each of you is bursting to share.

It is an intimate, authentic, unguarded conversation that occurs between lovers, and a safe, loving, genuine, and good place to make a bid for connection, attention, and affirmation – just listening to your lover’s calm voice in bed can soothe you and help you get rid of all the pressures and defeats of a bad day.

However, it doesn’t have to be weighty topics all the time. It can be a little bit of inane chatter about the latest TV show, story in the news, office gossip, or something funny your kids did.

You could also recall special moments and talk about them, like when you first fell in love, or an embarrassing moment that would make you both laugh or whatever.

It is the simple act of talking and showing interest in each other that matters. However, the key is that it must be positive news (topics that will provoke argument should be avoided while in bed). Just keep it fresh, playful, and exciting.


9. Appreciate Each Other

Gratitude is not just with actions but with words. Whether it is a positive experience you had during the day or something specific you are appreciative of, sharing positive feelings and your gratitude can help end you and your lover’s day on a brighter note.

So before falling asleep, thank your partner for the breakfast or for looking after the kids. Thank him/her for the countless times they went out of their way to make sure you are comfortable. Thank them for all the compromises they made too.

Also, thank them for bearing your mood swing and tantrums and never falling short of loving you still. You could as well thank them for standing by you through difficulties, the list is endless.

Just thank them for being the loving and caring partner you’ve always wanted because it (gratitude) is one of the bedroom habits for couples that is evergreen. It never grows old. Learn How To Appreciate Your Man And Make Him Feel Like A King.


10. Goodnight Kisses Are Important Too

bedroom habits of couples in healthy relationships

Fact is, from infancy, we are told kisses are pretty powerful. They turn frogs into princes, bring the prettiest dead into life, make fireworks erupt in the night sky, and so on.

Unfortunately, this beautiful act is also one of the activities that disappear the fastest when relationships shift from passionate to compassionate love, and that is why this is key to the bedroom habits of couples in healthy relationships.

This sensual practice helps to express love, emotions, and care and helps to bring some spontaneity to the relationship, connecting you at every level, pampering and tenderly saying “I’m here for you” – relieving you of all physiological processes that are exacerbated by stress and help connecting you to more positive mental health and behavior.

This, in turn, helps you bond better and get closer together. So kiss goodnight and get set for the good night’s sleep that you desire.


11. Say “I Love You”

Just before you slowly drift away into sleep, (and despite all the quirks and annoyances you experienced from one another), make the effort to let your partner know they are loved (even if you think they already know this important bit of information).

Saying “I love you” indicates true vulnerability and intimacy between you and your significant other. It reaffirms your feelings, reinforces exclusivity, and makes you feel yearned. This, in turn, produces continued connection and safety in your marriage.

However, say it like you really feel it, because you want your partner to feel it also, even as you (both) slip into a night’s worth of restful sleep. Saying “I Love You” is one of the bedroom habits for couples that shouldn’t be ignored.


Love Sphere

For those of you who asked, “what do married couples do in bed?” I believe the above cues have clearly answered you.

The truth is that love like lamps needs to be fed out of the oil of another’s heart and if you don’t stoke the fire every now and then in the bedroom, the heat could die out entirely.

The healthier habits you can cultivate with your spouse, the greater the chance you’ll have of forming a thriving, successful relationship.


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