50 Heartfelt Apology Message To Send To Your Lover

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Hey, you’ve messed up again, right? And you currently need an “apology message to my love” to apologize to either save your relationship or tell how deeply sorry you are.

Well, first things first, no one is above mistake, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up for it. But you should definitely feel remorse if you’ve realized your mistake and you looking for an “apology message to my love” signifies that you do.

Well, I have good news for you because you are in the right place to get the best apology message to my love, heart touching sorry messages for girlfriend, and heart touching sorry messages for boyfriend.

I have compiled the most romantic sorry for my mistake messages, apology message to my boyfriend, and apology message for my love. Without further ado, let’s get right into business because I won’t want to keep you a second later from sending that romantic sorry messages and apology message to my love.


Heartfelt “I Am Sorry” Message To Your Boyfriend

This first section contains the most romantic sorry messages, apology message to my boyfriend and heart touching sorry messages for boyfriend. No matter the offense, this message is sure to melt his heart coupled with some cute sad faces.

1.  Don’t say anything yet, just sit down and listen to my heartbeat saying “I’m Really Sorry”.

2.  All you have ever done was love and cherish me, but I hurt you with my actions instead. I’m truly sorry my love.

3.  From the onset, joy, happiness, and love is all I’ve had for you as I never meant to hurt your feelings. I’m deeply sorry handsome.

4.  Saying that I will never hurt you again would be a false vow, but I can assure you that I will always apologize asap. I’m truly sorry my baby.

5.  I must have been under the influence of alcohol or something when I said those unpleasant and unkind words. I’m really sorry my prince charming.

6.  No matter how much time takes for you to forgive me, I will keep on loving you, and wait patiently. Because I love you, and I am completely sorry for all I’ve done so far.

7.  I was always prone to sabotaging everything that goes well in my life. But this time, my love for you is too strong to just let to like that. I know I’ve acted stupidly, but please forgive me. I love you.

8.  I am terribly sorry for all the things I’ve done, hurting you was even lower than the last thing on my To-Do list. Please forgive me.

9.  Can you spare some mercy for a lost soul? I am lost without you and truly sorry that I hurt you.

10.  You are my sunshine. I can’t imagine my life without you, so please forgive me for acting out last week.

11.  My dear love, please give me a chance to rectify my mistakes and make everything right. I am sorry, please forgive me.

12.  For a great and amazing man like you, forgiveness should easy and possible. I am deeply sorry for my wrong. Please make me right by forgiving me. I love you so much.

13.  I swear, I did not want to hurt you. I am deeply ashamed of my stupidity. So, I decided to apologize to my best friend without any delay. Please accept my apology.

14.  You know if it were possible for me, I’d retrace all my words and get us to be the way we were. But the words are out already, and I realize that everything I said was wrong. I apologize for my wrong choice of words dearie. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. I am deeply sorry for my wrong!

15.  I know that “I am sorry” this sentence is short and very easy to say. But if it came from the bottom of my heart then it has a deep meaning for an apology, please forgive me for my silly mistake. I am sorry.

16.  I apologize for everything. I miss you every day because you are the silver lining in my dark clouds. You are the special one for me and I will love you forever. I am sincerely sorry.

17.  If you don’t like my words, then look into my eyes so that you can feel my pain. I am sorry. Please give me a chance to make our relationship stronger.

18.  I realized that I love you so much and my loving too much may make me do unjustifiable things sometimes. The fear of losing you is crazy and I don’t want to have any reason to ever lose you. You are my today and future. Please forgive me, my love.

19.  I feel ashamed that I broke your heart. Sorry, I hope you will understand my feelings.

20.  Remember a year ago when you told me that no matter what I did, even if you were angry. You would forgive me and love me the more. All I need right now from you is that you just pick your call and please hear me out. What I did was wrong, it was a mistake and I know. Please give me a chance baby, let me apologize to you. I am sincerely sorry for my attitude.


Sweet Romantic Sorry Message To Girlfriend

Do you think that she’ll never forgive you? Well, I can bet that she’ll have a change of heart if you send her some of this heart touching sorry messages for girlfriend and grovel enough (wink!).

21.  Forgiveness is beautiful, angry is hideous. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I’m truly sorry my love.

22.  Being a jerk never was a part of the plan, yet, it was to what the plan deviated to. Now, the only thing I can feel is sorrow and regret. I love you, please forgive me for hurting your feelings.

23.  With a sad face and soul; head bent down and I hereby apologize for causing you pain today. I’m deeply sorry beautiful.

24.  I was never really good at apologizing, but this is much more important than simply of matter of “good” and “bad”, it is a matter of “want”, and I want you to forgive me. I love you.

25.  It was just after I took your happiness for granted that I realized that my happiness also lies with you. Please forgive me, I’m sorry my love.

26.  This apology really was not easy to pull off, yet, my ego is far less superior than our relationship. Which I have destroyed due to my stupidity. Please forgive me, I love you.

27.  I vow to never do all these again – take you or your emotions for granted; your kind gesture and your love. I’m sorry my princess.

28.  Breaking your heart, has been the absolute worst of my nightmares. One that unfortunately came true. Sorry for hurting you, I love you.

29.  Until you find a place in your heart and forgive me, in every message I sent you “Sorry” is the only word that you will always see. I’m truly sorry dear.

30.  I am willing to go to the greatest lengths to prove to you that I am willing to fight for what I love. Also, I want you to know that I love you till the end of me. Please forgive me.

31.  On my road to redemption. I could think of nothing else other than hurting you. I want to make everything right if you give me another chance. I miss you so much, and I know my mistakes now. I am very sorry my love.

32.  I feel like the worst person in the whole world. I’m truly sorry for shouting at you, and I promise I’ll never do it again. Forgive me, babe.

33.  I didn’t mean to be such a possessive boyfriend. It’s just that I love you a bit too much. I promise to tone my behavior down. I’m sorry, sweetie.

34.  I lost the value of your smile and after this fight, I realize how much you mean to me. You are my one and only love and I want you to forgive me, please. I apologize for everything.

35.  You are the girl of my dreams, and it pains me to see you cry. Please accept my apology and give me a smile, because your tears are too precious to be wasted. I’m sorry.

36.  I want to be your pillow again for all the nights to come. I want to take care of you all night and all day. I miss you, baby. I want to hug you again. I want to feel you again. I can not bear any more. Please forgive me, baby. I deeply regret our fight. Give me another chance.

37.  I think I’ve taken you for granted over the years. Now that we’ve been apart for a few weeks, I’ve realized how my life is incomplete without you. I’ve learned my lesson; please come back. I’m sorry!

38.  They say that everything happens for the best. This small fight of ours made me realize your worth to me. I don’t ever want to fight you again. I love you so much and I am very very sorry. Please forgive me.

39.  I know I’ve been far from a true gentleman. But today I’m taking the first step to being the man of your dreams by writing this apology. I’m sorry for not spending enough time with you. To begin to make it up, I’ve planned a romantic evening for the both of us.

40.  You are my strength, yet you are angry with me. I feel very weak and exposed. Please accept my deepest apologies and let us unite again. We are not meant to be apart.


Apology Letters To My Love After A Fight

Do you need a sorry message to my love that is longer and where you can pour out your heart in the deepest of apologies? Then this next section of the letter of apology to my love is definitely for you!

41.  I made a choice to be with you, and you made the choice to stand by me. I know I made you mad. I know I got you angry. It was never my intention to do this but being the woman that I am, I made the mistake of doing what I wasn’t expected to do. I am sorry for being so naive and judgmental. Please forgive me, darling. I want us back!

42.  Dear love of my life, When I first met you, I promised not only to you but also to myself, that I would do whatever I can to make you feel happy.

Something that, judging by how you’ve been acting towards me the past few days, I’ve failed miserably to accomplish.

Yet, I want you to know that all of my actions have been towards that goal, making you the happiest woman on earth.

Thus, seeing you unhappy really breaks my heart, especially knowing that those feelings derive from my actions. I also want you to know that I will do whatever it takes, whatever you ask, whatever needed to get you back, to make you forgive me.

You truly are the love of my life, and I cannot imagine how my life would be without you. The only thing I want is to make you happy, I love you.

43.  I know I shouldn’t have lied. I should have just come out straight to give you the true picture of everything. You gave me the chance to rectify my lies by believing me. Yet I still lied again!

Now I am here in bed in tears and deep regret for what I could have saved. My thoughts are filled with you as I watch you walk away in heartbreak the other day.

You are my love so true. I can never do anything without you. I only need one more chance to show you I can be the special guy for you.

I only need one more chance to tell you I am a better man now. I know it will be difficult for you to trust me again but I want you to remember how we started, I was not like this.

Somebody happened to me along the way that made me change drastically. This time I am ready to work on myself but I can’t do it alone. I need your love and support. Please help me.

I am sorry for the pain I have caused and this is the reason why I have written this apology letter requesting your forgiveness. Please forgive me, my love. I deeply regret my mistakes.

44.  I’m sorry for hurting you, I want you to know that we’re not on opposite sides, we’re a team and we should be working together to solve this problem.

I’m sorry I made you feel like I’m against you. I sometimes get self-absorbed, Please forgive me for what I did and rest assured I am always on your corner.

45.  My love, kindly look past my faults and find it in your heart to forgive me. I’m so sorry for hurting you, I wish I could guarantee that I won’t cause you pain ever again but I’m not perfect, I’ll fall short again but one thing I can promise you is that I will do my best to protect your heart and our love at all cost. I love you always.

46.  As tears are rushing down my face every night after you left me, the only thing I can think of is you. Hurting you destroyed me more than I could ever possibly imagine. I know that no matter how many times I say I am sorry it will not matter.

I know everything was my fault, I know I was a fool and a complete screw-up, but if you have the least bit of humanity and love for me left in you, I am begging you to forgive me. Please come back to me and let us live the rest of our wonderful lives together. I love you, and I am going to keep on loving you for as long as I live.

47.  Love, they say is a beautiful thing that never breaks. But there are moments when things go awry and one has to take the bull.

I have indeed missed your pretty smiles, your laughter and I do miss your warm hugs and your kisses. I’m so sorry for everything that has happened and I wish to do anything to make it up to you. I miss You.

48.  I found it impossible to forget all the wonderful moments we’ve had together. The laughs, the jokes, the emotions, the tears, the hugs, the kisses.

I found myself bashing my head against the wall thinking I had taken all those moments and threw them all away to the dust.

Please come back to me so we could make more of them. Come back to me so I could show you how stupid I was. Come back to me so I could prove to you how I’m willing not to leave your side ever again. I love you, I can’t live without you.

49.  Dear Ron,

We’ve spent a lot of time together, creating some truly special memories. The connection that we have is one I have not had with anyone else in a long time, and I feel grateful for how cherished you make me feel. The last thing I’d want is to spend our precious time together arguing over petty stuff.

I still remember making you a fresh cup of coffee at our home on the morning of the first weekend we spent together as a couple. I am not sure if my cup of joe will still work its old magic, but I’d like to brew you your favorite French press first thing tomorrow.

It is time to put our differences to bed and take a day off to enjoy each other’s company. You in?

Love, Betty

50.  Dear Felix,

When I first met you, I had no doubt that you were an absolutely amazing person and an even more awesome guy. I knew you deserved someone just as good and understanding too.

However, I have let you down with my recent actions, which might have led you to question whether or not I am the right person for you. But let me assure you that I will be better. I am determined to make strong changes, so you’re not left wondering about me.

Sometimes, even if I am at fault, I’ve found it hard to be the first to apologize. I have been defensive, even when I was aware that I was in the wrong. But now, it is time for me to be honest and swallow my pride to show you that I’m not afraid.

I care for you deeply, and I love you enough to admit when I am wrong because I wouldn’t want to lose you over a petty fight.

Fights are an inevitable part of any relationship, but it is always possible to reconcile after one. Here’s to hoping that you will be able to see that I’m more than my mistakes and give me a chance to make it all better.

I am sorry for letting my pride affect our relationship, and I realize that I was stupid to do that. My special bond with you is all that I care about, contrary to what I may have led you to believe. I’m sorry for the fight that happened between us, and I promise never to stir it up again.



Love Sphere

Life is a battlefield of mistakes, both intentional and unintentional. Most times, we hurt those that are dear to us with our words and actions but once we realize the hurt we’ve caused them, it’s intelligible to offer sincere apologies.

I always advise that apologies should be tendered in person but if that’s not possible, this is the 21st Century and there are a whole lot of other ways you can get in touch with the person.

I just have to get on my smartphone, computer, or any other device and send some apology message to my love whenever I need to apologize. You can and should do the same.

Sending an “apology message to my love” might be one of the reasons why your relationship will avoid hitting rock bottom and grow stronger.

Not apologizing in a relationship or marriage when need be has been found to be one of the underlying reasons for divorce because that creates a bigger can of worms in the foundation of your relationship.

There are other ways to make your relationship stronger apart from sending an “apology message to my love” such as avoiding things that turn men off, satisfying your man in bed, and emulating strong habits of successful couples.

I hope that you utilize this “apology message to my love” article and send one to your special one after a fight and watch him melt for you.


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