9 Ultimate Pleasure Tips To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

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Some of the job descriptions for a man is to work in other to take care of his family (wife and children) giving them the best life has to offer in the process and keeping them happy. This seems straightforward until you single out the last phrase ‘keeping them happy’ and then it becomes a bit dicey. More often than not, making the children happy will be a straight line but when it comes to your wife that is now a different chess game.

This is because, unlike your kids, she has a lot of needs and no one tops the other in her priority list as she believes you can and should satisfy all of them at the same time. She calls you her superhero remember, so in her mind, you have a cape in the wardrobe and all that is needed is for you to put it on and assume your superpowers.

The pressure that comes with this is what triggers questions like ‘how to satisfy a woman, how to satisfy a woman in bed, how to satisfy a woman in the kitchen, how to make a woman happy, etc.’ As we said, she has so many needs and to her, there is no scale of preference but we would like to focus on the satisfaction she needs to come out of the bedroom.

She might think she has no scale of preference but believe me, this particular one sits on top of the others when you are looking at her needs when they are arranged according to how important they are. A woman might still move around and go about her day with a smile on her face even if her stomach is empty as long as when gets some good loving when she wants it, so tell me if you know this why did it take you this long to search for how to satisfy a woman in bed.

This is not to say that she deserves to be starved of food or satisfaction in the bedroom is the only thing that matters but we are only trying to show you how important the bedroom is to your wife.

The reason why we say this is the big one amongst the job description for a man is that regardless of how many times it is done, it can never really be a straight line for neither you nor her. What works magic today in the bedroom will rarely do the same thing next week as long as intercourse is regular. The human body is always getting used to things, so when one.


The DOs and The DON’Ts

We usually read from left to right but this one time, let the reverse be the case, let us start talking about the things on the right-hand side before we cross over. Just like with every delicate subject matter, there are fallacies when you are looking at how to pleasure a woman – things that may seem true but end up being false.

One of the top players on this list is the notion that you know already or that you are a god in bed. Every woman is configured differently, so you might think you know how to work your way around women when in all honesty what you have been able to unlock is the map of one woman’s body.

Now, there is the bias that there are some general tricks that would work on all women and this is true but at the same time, there are some that work on a few and turn off others. Remember we said the body of a woman and how to satisfy a woman is no straight line, I think you understand why now.

Most times, when you are irritating her rather than pleasuring her even if what you are doing has worked wonders for you in the past with another woman. This is why it is important to ask questions like how to satisfy a woman in bed and how long does it take to satisfy a woman’s bed – sometimes what you are doing might be the right thing but it gets done for too long and it turns a bad thing automatically.


How To Pleasure A Woman In Bed – 9 Answers To The Question


1. Relax, Enjoy

The first thing I will say to someone who asks me how to satisfy a woman in bed is to forget about satisfying her in bed first. Funny but true, forgetting is the first step in your quest to blow her mind into pieces tonight – a routine shouldn’t be in your head before the time comes.

Intercourse is one of those things that turns out bad most times when it is over planned, if you have already made love to her and gotten her to climax in your head, what would you guys do when she finally comes to see you. So, relax and tell yourself that you are there to have fun and make sure she is having fun. Regardless of what is being done, enjoy it, let yourself go, so you can properly enjoy whatever it is that is being done.

When you are kissing, make sure you enjoying it. Also, relax, foreplay, and intercourse are meant for relaxation and that should be what your experience is all about. Also, it is important to focus on her and her alone, turn your data service off, this is a time that you have dedicated to her and she shouldn’t have to share it with some random texter on Facebook messenger or Instagram.


2. Take Your Time

It is important just as we have said earlier to enjoy it but sometimes, we interpret enjoying it as rushing it but this is not the case. If you are looking for how to satisfy a woman in bed, it is important to take spend time on her body, whatever it is you are doing that she likes, it is important that you make sure she enjoys it to the fullest and the only way to achieve this is to do whatever you are doing for as long as it is possible.

When you are about to go at it, it is wrong to just get naked or get her naked – there is no fun in that. Yes, there are moments you would want to just rip her clothes but going slow should always be your first option. Seduce her, make things special tonight, do a full strip tease for her and on her too – make her laugh to tears before you make love to her. Everything should be slow and steady in the bedroom; this is how to pleasure a woman in bed.


3. Set The Mood

We are advised to drink water before we eat and most times the reason for this is to alert our digestive system for what is to come. There is a quote in Africa that translates into English as this ‘you will know if the intercourse will be mind-blowing from the way, they kiss you. Setting the mood is most times overlooked and this is why you probably have a hard time satisfying yourself here in bed.

How to satisfy a woman in bed – it is in the little things, try sexting her from work, tell how why you want to keep having just her till the day you die. Send her photos and it mustn’t be photos of you – put ideas into her head. Send her something new you want to try with her in the night and drop an amazing caption to follow. Sometimes the key is in getting her to almost climax before you make it to the bedroom, this way it becomes easy to eventually get her there.

When you finally get to the bedroom increase the voltage from sexting to talking dirty. Tell her all the wonderful things you want to do to her, allow her to make love to you in her head, and watch how every other thing becomes easy for you. It could even be something as small as the type of song playing in the background, that is why we advise that you compile a naughty playlist for nights like tonight to help take you guys to cloud 9 and back.


4. Other Factors That Matter

We know that you are focused on you and her because in the end climaxing during intercourse is dependent on both of you. That been said, it is important to consider other factors because they will have a role to play when you are trying to give her the type of love that brings women back to your room every night.

It sounds funny but the top on the list is a clean bed, you searched for ‘how to pleasure a woman in bed’ and they are telling you to go clean your bed, mad, right? The thing is climax during sex for both genders requires full concentration; this is why one of the delay tactics for men will be to distract yourself when you are coming close to a climax.

She can’t scream ‘I am coming’ and while her legs are curling and twisting, it keeps hitting your damp cloths or probably it keeps hitting Doritos sachets from yesterday. A clean bed will reduce the distractions and help her focus on the pleasure she is receiving which in turn brings her closer to climax.

Staying fit and healthy will also make things more interesting in the bedroom, it is a proven fact that regular exercise will help improve your stamina and that will help improve your performance in bed increasing your chances to satisfy her in bed. Also, it is good to lower your expectations especially when it is the first time – this is important because once she performs below par, you become discouraged to even try hard, and being discouraged is not how to satisfy a woman in bed.


5. For When You Are Done

Every step of the way has its pecks and the truth is a woman can reach climax and still not want to come back to you because in the bedroom there are two levels of satisfaction, the physical satisfaction, and the emotional satisfaction.

Once you can meet these two levels then you have successfully imprinted on her soul. First here is to get her to either cream or squirt – understand this, although it has not been medically proven, it is believed that some women do not cream during intercourse while some do not squirt.

It is, however, proving that there are women who do both and can even do so simultaneously. Getting her to climax already settles physical satisfaction and this has to be the most important point in this conversation. Cuddle and appreciate her also, she needs to know that she was amazing, even if she wasn’t this you will not know because you already lowered your expectations before time.


6. Communication

When we are looking at how to satisfy a woman in bed, this should have top spots in your priority scale, never assume that you know as the body is not yours. The plan before going to bed with her is to understand her body and how it ticks, this will make it easy for you to satisfy her in bed.

So, the best way to understand her body is to ask her questions about what makes her tick in bed. What are the things she likes to be done to her and what are the shortcuts to her soft spot – some men would say asking makes them seem like they do not know what to do but the truth is it is what the ladies want – they want a man who cares about them in bed too and nothing says I care about your needs than asking you what they those needs are.


7. Explore

There is not much that needs to be said on this subject matter as the heading explains it all – the bedroom is for fun and relaxation for you and your partner, so make sure you are capitalizing on that. Let her be comfortable when you get on the bed by allowing her to explore her own body after she is done with yours.

This is why we suggest you get a lot of sex toys and aids to help you in your journey as they would make the process of exploration even better. When it also gets to your turn, be selfless in your attempt to get her to climax, this is how to satisfy a woman in bed.


8. Use The Room To Its Full Potential

One of the things we fail to do as men understand her non-verbal cues. Sometimes women won’t say it because they are short of words but it is impossible for them not to show it, this is why understanding her non-verbal cues is important if you are looking for how to satisfy a woman in bed.

The bedroom is big and you can always improvise to keep things interesting. To make satisfaction constant, an expert suggests that something new should be added to your lovemaking now and then even if it is small as roleplaying or taking things up a notch with BDSM.


9. Foreplay Cannot Be Forgotten

It is impossible to finish an answer without mentioning foreplay as long as the question is how to satisfy a woman in bed. This is why we saved the best for last so we wouldn’t have to rush the conversation because at the end of the day everything you need is actually here and the other steps come together to make this better.

When it comes to making a woman climax, what is more, important is knowing how to use what you have and how to make use of your strengths. Being endowed most times will not be of any help to you if you do not know how to use your tools. We have talked about exploring her body and what better way can this be done than through foreplay – when we said don’t rush things when we said relax – this is what we wanted to happen.

KISS – yes, we know what we are saying, you must do it a lot, spend hours kissing, it is the most overlooked aspect of foreplay. When asked, some women admitted that they could get wet and aroused from good kissing – we are talking about how to pleasure a woman and what better way to start than to get her wet and aroused. When it comes to foreplay a lot of us end at sucking on her breasts or clitoris.

However, it is more than just these things – try playing with the body temperature a little bit, bring it down. Involve ice or cream – eat something cold while you are eating her. You can also try teasing and massaging, there are sensual parts of the body, more than you know and all you need to do is find them – they will provide the answer to you when you ask them how to satisfy a woman in bed.


Final Words On How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

You made it to this point and getting here alone is enough proof that you are ready to give her mind-blowing intercourse this night. However, we must reiterate you do not overthink it even with all this new information. Just relax and enjoy whatever is happening but remember to be selfless in the pursuit of her pleasure and satisfaction – this is how to satisfy a woman in bed.

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