How To Love Your Husband Unconditionally

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This is always a tricky subject – first because the meaning of the word unconditionally is tricky on its own. We probably understand the concept of love and we can answer the ‘how to love your husband’ question, the question now in everyone’s head is how to love your husband unconditionally.

Saying I love you too, showering him with love and gifts, giving your body whenever he asks for it – there are so many ways to love your husband but a few touch the word ‘unconditionally’. First, understanding both concepts will open our eyes as to what is expected from us when the statement has the adverb, unconditionally to it.

The love side is simple, someone told us that love is a set of emotions that best identifies itself with intimacy, passion, and commitment. So, it is safe to say that you love your husband once these three things are found within the edges of your union, that been said, what then is loving him unconditionally.

Well, loving some unconditionally would be loving them even when you have no reason to, loving without a condition attached. This sounds like an easy thing to do well mostly because we just looked at it in the simplest form or way it can be defined. If you take a closer look into the life of yourself and your husband, you would realize that most times the love you have for him is conditional. This is the sad reality of the world – half the times a man is only being love when he has done something first or provided a thing.

So, you are not wrong for asking how to love your husband, you need to know this to make sure your marriage grows stronger. After all these things have been said, it is important to note that loving unconditionally is one of the hardest things you would ever try to do. There are so many reasons why doing this is hard but one that summarizes them all is the fact that no one is perfect.

Sometimes, we all wish we were loving our partners back in the 70s or 80s –we think marriages lasted longer back then. The reason for this was the fact that technology wasn’t all that rampant as it is in today’s world. There was nothing to compare your relationship to of the internet, so they believed that whatever was provided by their men was the best and they went on living like that.

These days, the internet gives us a lot of conditions that must be fulfilled before we love our men which happens to be the reason why loving unconditionally becomes quite harder to do.


how to love your husband unconditionally

How To Love Your Husband – 15 Ways To Do It Unconditionally

We know you are trying to find out how to love your husband unconditionally but we must first let you know that there is no manual to this. What works for the woman who married an engineer and sells fabrics on your street might not be the things that would work for you and your man. this is because people are different and as such, we respond to things differently.

This is why we have listed our 15 ways to love your husband without condition, the idea here is that at least one or two out of the list would work for your marriage but there is still a high possibility that this list was tailor-made for you and all 15 are meant for your marriage. So here you go, 15 answers to the question, how to love your husband unconditionally;


1.  Love Yourself

This is the most important one of the bunch and we love it because it doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing anything to him but it affects him and your marriage a lot. If you are looking for how to love your husband, our first suggestion will always be to love yourself first. Take care of yourself, understand that two have become one, so loving yourself unconditionally will also mean you are loving this man unconditionally.

Self-love should then be your gateway to self-confidence which would be needed if you would want to love this man. A woman asks a facilitator at a seminar, how to love her husband again and again. His answer was simple; keep loving yourself, again and again, one day you would summon the courage to want to love him like that because unconditional love would need a lot of courage.


2.  His Way; His Love Language

You must understand that if you want to love him unconditionally, you will have to throw caution to the wind at some point. We all have an idea of what love is and how to show it, you know how to love your husband but the truth is that is loving him from your point of view and that may just not be enough to categorize the love as unconditionally.

Loving your man unconditionally means you go out of your way to love him his way. Understanding his love language, to love him the way he wants to love, that is how to love your husband without condition.


3.  Understand That He Is Not A 10

Having this understanding would make everything easy for you when you are trying to love this man. He is not perfect and there is a very high chance that he would make mistakes as he goes on this journey called life.

When you know that he is not above mistakes it is easier for you to love him and look past his shortcomings. The vow is for better for worse and there is a reason for that, it will never always be all sunshine and rainbows in your marriage and unconditional love is the one that loves through the hard times.

If you just want to love when things are good then that right there is the condition for your love and that is not what we are looking for here. Embrace every moment and tell him I love you with the same energy on good days and on bad, that is how to show love to your husband.


4.  He Is A Good Man Regardless

We know he makes a lot of mistakes and this is because he is not a perfect being but it is also important to know that he is a good man too. It is impossible to not have good memories with this man if you claim to love him.

At least there were times he was the man of your dreams and loving him unconditionally would have you holding on to those good memories and loving in even when there is no assurance that the good times will come back and the love would be back to the good old days.


5.  Hold No Grudge

When dealing with this man you claim to love, this man you want to love unconditionally there is no room for a grudge there. Even when all you desire is to love him unconditionally, the presence of grudges would be a barrier to your good intentions. The key lies in the two steps we mentioned above, when he is getting irritating and hard to love, you must remember a few things.

One will be the fact that he is not a 10, he is not perfect and he will never be. The second thing to note is that regardless of all that you think is going on with him, he is still a good man and that is what is most important to you, that is how to love your husband.


6.  Communication Is Key

This is where the topic starts and where the curtain is drawn on the subject matter. If you are looking for how to love your husband without a condition, we suggest you start talking to him. Talk about everything and anything – communication makes everything easy, allow him to understand you and also you do the same.

When there is an understanding between partners, it is easy to know why they do the things they do and when you know why you can adjust to the things you don’t really like easily. Instead of holding a grudge, talk about it before you kiss him goodnight, it is impossible to know your man regardless of how long you have been together and this is why communication will always be important.


7.   Forgiveness And Sacrifice

ways to love your husband

We grew up hearing the phrase ‘forgive and forget’ when a loved one hurts us and the truth is this is the right way to act if you claim you love the person. A lot of times our man will hurt us by his words, actions, and sometimes just by being him. The truth is half the time, if a proper investigation is put up, you would realize he had no idea, it was going to be that way, he never knew he was hurting you with the things he said or did.

This is where unconditional love comes in, you just forgive him for his shortcomings and move on to love him as if nothing happened. Also, when you someone, you would make sacrifices for him – when that love is unconditional, then the sacrifices will be doubled. How to love your husband without condition will involve a lot of sacrifices, you have to be ready to make it work. Here are simple ways on How To Compromise In A Relationship.


8.  Breed Mutual Respect

Everything comes easily when there is respect after love existing between the two of you. So, breeding mutual respect is how to love your husband – once this is found in both your hearts, loving becomes a lot easier. Concepts like communication will work better when you respect the person talking – you will listen not to respond but to understand because you respect the person.

This is why we suggest that mutual respect is bred and not just saying you should respect your man. Action and reactions remain equal and opposite, so if he continues to disrespect you, there is no way you can love him unconditionally. Here are 15 Signs Of Disrespect to watch out for.


9.  Believe In Him And Your Love

If you don’t believe in what you have then you will find it hard to muster the courage to fight for it. Like we said everywhere loving someone without a condition involves a lot of courage that is why we ask for self-love and self-confidence.

You must first believe that both of you deserve happiness and unconditional love, until this happens, you will not be able to love your man unconditionally. People say it is impossible to give what you don’t have, so the answer to the question, how to love your husband will be to believe in him and your love.


10.  Spend Time Together With Your Best Friend

He is your best friend; we don’t care who it was before you tied the knot but right now, he is the only best friend we know. Once love exists between the both of you there are a lot of things that will come naturally like the desire to be together or to spend time together.

Spending time together is how to love your husband without condition – you really cannot know someone completely, and every memory will not be a good one. This is why it is important to have good memories too and spending time together will increase the chances of good memories and unconditional love.


11.  Him First; Be Selfless

This is where unconditional love becomes harder than it usually is, the fact that you will have to love him unconditionally will mean that you must put him first before you most of the time.

The question unconditional love asks is how can I do more for him, what does he want from me today, how do I show this man that I will always love him. Putting him first regardless of the situation is how to love your husband.


12. Heat The Bedroom Up

how to love your husband physically

This is one of the best ways to love your man unconditionally, physical intimacy is one of the easiest ways to show your love for your husband. If you are looking for how to love your husband physically, we suggest you heat the bedroom, burn it to ashes if you can.

Communication comes in handy here, when you talk, try to find out the things he enjoys in bed and then make lovemaking more about how he feels and ways to pleasure him with the things he likes, that is unconditional love in its purest form.


13.  Give Him Some Me Time

This usually sounds weird whenever we say it but it is the truth in its purest form – sometimes the best way to show love is to leave him alone. There will always be things that your man wants and you will not be able to give him, he will need to do the things alone because you are not just interested in doing them.

So, loving him unconditionally has to involve you giving him the space to do those things without holding a grudge. The advantage here is he will come back happier and that happiness will radiate on your marriage. Trust is important also, you have to trust that while he is away, he will make the right decisions and always consider you in his actions – this is how to love your husband unconditionally.


14.  Be His Pillar

Whatever it is he dreams of, you are in his life to make sure those dreams come through. So, support your man with all you have – you would never know sometimes your words would be all it takes to give him clarity about what he is dreaming of doing and he takes that and builds an empire.

You have to be his loudest cheerleader; this is how to love your husband without condition. Whatever the decision is, the both of you have to be on the same page especially when it has to do with raising the kids or finances of the house.


15.  Adore Your Man

If you don’t worship him, we are not sure there is another person alive that will do that because you took over from his parents and siblings when you stole him from them. So, adore him and always make sure the whole world knows that your love for him is unshakable. When you can, a little bit of PDA doesn’t hurt.

It might seem like you are doing too much but I promise you, every man loves a woman who shows them to the world. This takes us back to the first thing we talked about when we started this conversation, it is important to have self-love and self-confidence as it is important for this to work.


Love Sphere

Love is a beautiful thing which means being loved unconditionally is priceless, this is why you always feel like an angel. He loves you unconditionally and that gives a special feel and now today is a good day because you have decided he needs to be loved too.

Above we have given you 15 ways to love your husband but the truth is all cannot work. However, it is important to know all and then select which one best suits you and your partner.

The most important thing now is that you know how to love your husband without conditions. Here are 10 Things A Man Really Wants From His Woman and Simple Tips To Become A Better Wife to help in your journey!

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