10 Romantic Things To Do With Your Spouse Before 10PM

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What sparks a relationship? This was the million-dollar question for an online survey we stumbled upon. So many answers were given – intimacy, vacations, public display of affection, understanding your partner’s love language.

Different things were said but if we took a closer look at the answer, there was a common factor in them – memories. A survey of a hundred different people showed that memories were what they thought could spark their relationship.

This is why you need to know the things to do with your spouse before 10pm. Making good memories most times would be the main determining factor as to how long your love would last.

A lot of questions have been through with regards to this – married and unmarried people have tried to make what they have better.

Questions like what can couples do for fun at night, fun things to do with your spouse at night? The good news here is that there are a lot of things to do with your spouse before 10pm.

A lot to do during the early hours of the day and the late hours leading to 10pm. Our advice however is to pick a little from here and there – don’t just make the night hours fun and forget about the day or vice versa.

If you observe, the word we used was things and not ‘thing’, showing the importance of diversifying what you do. Do not get the wrong picture, a routine is good for you and your partner but not in every sense. When you are trying to make memories, a reiteration of activities is not always going to be the best way to go.

Even if that is the case, there is always a need to freshen things up by remixing or spicing the original activity. The reason for this is to avoid or prevent the activity from looking boring because once it does, the aim of doing it in the first place, goes down the drain.

The activities could be as little as sending a text while they are at work and big as a dinner date after work. The popular saying is that the little things matter and this is what I so much believe in here. The little efforts you put in every day accumulates over time to make for a love that stands the test of time.

Now, we know you want your love to be talked about a million years from now but we advise you to work within your means. We have highlighted activities for every pocket size, so you should look to do activities that you can afford.

It is not really how expensive the memory costs but the thought that is put into it. Know your partner and what they would appreciate then act accordingly.


10 Romantic Things To Do With Your Spouse Before 10PM

To make the decision-making process even better and much easier for you we separated the activities. We would be having light activities and dark activities.


Things To Do With Your Spouse Before 10PM – Light

For the light activities, we are focusing on those activities that can be done during the earlier hours of the day. We are assuming that with work as a factor, it will most likely be hard to be together at this time. So, we are looking at activities that can suffice during this period.


1. Have Lunch

Food is important but remember, there is a 70% chance that you are not together so how does this happen. The little efforts are always what we are looking for and this is where it all starts and ends.

Drive down to the eatery near his workplace and buy him lunch there, talk about how his day has been going. Find out what he wants to eat for dinner and what time he would be returning home. Buy food from her favorite drive-by restaurant and have lunch at the company cafeteria.

An amazing fact here is you are not just making memories by spending your little free time at work together. You would also be marking your territory in the eyes of their colleagues who may be wanting to steal your spouse. So, if you are looking for things to do with your spouse before 10pm, try having lunch together.


2. Communicate

As we have previously established, the daytime especially during weekdays would be tough for couples. The only exception would be if you are jobless, self-employed, homesick, on leave or you work together.

If this is not the case then more often than not you will be apart but that doesn’t mean you can’t make memories. One of the key parts of a relationship is communication and this can be used to make memories too.

Text your partner immediately after they leave the house and keep the conversation going till they are back from the office. The truth is doing this every day would seem boring if your ability to change and hold conversations is low.

However, when this is done right, you would become the highlight of their day rather than whatever went down at work. Here are 200 Texts To Send Your Partner To Make Their Day!

He or she is your better half, so be comfortable and as naughty as you can be on the phone. They should focus more on coming home to enjoy their partner rather than working but this should be done moderately. We do not want our partners laid off from work simply because they lack the concentration to carry out simple tasks.


Things To Do With Your Spouse Before 10PM – Dark

The other side of this coin would have activities to be done when you are together and the time is closer to 10pm. So, most likely at this point he or she is home from work and you have them all to yourself.

Let us now provide answers to questions like what should couples do at night and things to do with your boyfriend at night at home?

Married or single, a couple is a couple, and the same principle of making memories still apply. So, at night, some of the things to do with our spouse before 10pm might include;


3. Be Alone

This point is directed to those who do not leave alone, be selfish with your alone time with your partner. Your time to make memories should not be touched by anything or anyone – not for any reason at all.

This is because freedom is sometimes lost when there is a third party in the room, no matter how harmless they might seem.

Just like the video we saw on the internet some weeks back. A woman tried to get freaky with her husband but had to switch it up to a dance routine when their baby walked into the living room.

If you have kids, it is important to put them to bed and tuck them in before it is 10pm. Also, the bedroom is not a place for your pets so send them to their beds and make sure before 10pm you are alone with the man or woman of your dreams.


4. Leave The World Behind

If you are looking for things to do with your partner at night, we suggest you start by leaving the world behind. Sometimes we get rid of the kids and pets but still find it difficult to get rid of that distraction factor.

This is caused by a couple of reasons, sometimes we bring baggage to the bedroom that has no place in it. We know that work was stressful and you have deadlines to meet but finish up the study and make sure before 10pm you are in the room without your files.

If you want to know what to do with your wife at night, first make sure all distractions are kept away. Also before popular belief, we don’t think the television has a place in your bedroom because that too is a distraction.

Maybe not all the time as it can be used positively but there is a need to regulate its use in the bedroom. One item whose use needs to be regulated is our smartphones especially the use of the internet.

If our world is right next to us in the room, what would we be looking at on the internet? Turn off your data and take only emergency calls, focus on your partner and make memories.


5. Dinner

One of the things to do with your spouse before 10pm is to have dinner. This may sound easy but it sure is difficult than you think.

When we say have dinner, we do not necessarily mean go out and have a dinner date. We also do not want you to just come back home from work and eat already made food.

If one person goes to work, making dinner waits till he or she returns from work. If you both works, then dinner would be made when you return.

When you are all in the house, go have your shower then go into the kitchen together. Pick a dish before time and get all the ingredients needed to make it. Both of you are responsible for making dinner in the most romantic way possible.

Smack her buttock while she is chopping some onions, grab him in the middle from the back while he is staring at the sauce.

Be as naughty as you want while making your meal. Afterward, sit down and have a candlelight dinner with a bottle of fine wine. If you want to enjoy the night to come and you are looking for things to do with your spouse before 10pm, we suggest you make and have dinner together.


6. Have A Night In

Of all the things to do with your spouse before 10pm, having a night in is the best economically and for memory purposes. Have a Netflix night at least two times a month, binge on all movies that make you cry, scared or happy.

Enjoy quoting the lines as the movie plays one with your partner blushing on your side. Music too can be a good addition to the equation, since along to your favorite song or play that song from your wedding and have the couples dance again.

Amongst the things to do with your partner at night, having a night inside playing indoor games is number one. A good thing about indoor games for couples is that you can take it to any dimension you want it to get to. Truth or dare in the naughtiest form possible is one of the most explored options for couples alone at night.

However, sometimes you wouldn’t want to get all naught and, on these days, there are a thousand and one other indoor games that you can use. Once a month, you can try a game that you know nothing about and see who learns it faster is does it better.

A little bit of competition can be added to the mix with the loser having to serve a punishment. It could be making breakfast for the whole house in the morning, watching the other person’s favorite show with the person, cleaning the house, etc.

If the question is what can a couple do for fun at night, then the answer is having a night in. Here are 15 Stay-At-Home Date Ideas To Try Right Now!


7. Enjoy The Night

We have touched on having the night in which remains one of the amazing things to do with your spouse before 10pm.

However, doing the opposite can have an even greater effect on the love that your share with your better half. Stay in is cool and all but how about painting the town read and coming back home to enjoy some alone time before 10pm.

There are so many things you can do when you are looking for what to do with wife at night. The good news is, you must not even go far from the comfort of your home.

Go out and gaze at stars while having a good conversation, something as little as this could spark a lot of positive changes in your relationship.

You can also visit a museum, art gallery, or aquarium after work – we know she is a masterpiece but seeing other art pieces with her won’t be a bad idea.

Enjoy the smell of an aquarium, sit close to the fish tank, and tell yourselves a lot of positive things. Go out and take a lot of pictures. A concert, karaoke bar, or a good dinner date – these are some fun things to do with your spouse at night.


8. Get Healthy

We know that you are looking for fun things to do with your boyfriend at night at home but your health is important too. So let us look for activities that help you do both – have fun with your partner and stay healthy in the process.

Our first idea would be taking a walk with your partner at night – you get the chance to talk and do some public display of affection, it is also healthy to takes walks.

You can also decide to have full workout sessions with your partner. Do some couple workouts and be a source of motivation during the sets when motivation is needed to push through the night.

Having the gym as a hobby means you would be spending more time together doing something that is loved by both for you and making this one of the most important things to do with your spouse before 10pm.


9. Pillow Talk

What should couples do at night? If the answer is not sleeping then we suggest you talk, communication is key at the end of the day. So, it is important to have heart-to-heart conversations.

Settle all differences you might have been having; tell your partner all the things they must have done to wrong you during the day.

As a couple, it is wrong to go to bed bearing grudges in your head, so it is best to talk about it, and what better time to do that than at night and alone.

This is also the time to do some future planning just before you go to bed. If something came up at work and you won’t be coming home early tomorrow, this is your chance to share that. Plan for the week ahead, ask small questions like what he would like to eat for dinner on Sunday or what she would like you to buy on your way home from work tomorrow.


10. Physical Intimacy

There are so many things to do with your spouse before 10pm, we can mention 20 off the back of my head. However, in our years of experience, the number one from this long list will always remain physical intimacy.

This doesn’t just have to do with the activities of the bed, physical intimacy is much more than that. Still, it is the little things you have to do – save water by showering together and washing each other’s body, having intercourse everywhere, and spicing it up every time it happens.

Intercourse must remain a mystery every time you go for it, always make things different. Whether it is through changing the foreplay routine or introducing toys to the picture. The most important thing is making sure it is a memory that would last for years to come.


Final Words On Things To Do With Your Spouse Before 10PM

As you can see, romantic things to do with your spouse before 10pm is an unending list. So many things were not mentioned, like the fact that sleeping together at the same time is also one of the things you can do.

10 doesn’t do justice to it but the truth is all these things can not be done in one night. This is why we have put the best 10 forward for you, now all that is left is for you to make memories with what we have given you, starting from tomorrow.

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