Signs That He Really Enjoys Making Love To You

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We all want to know when we are doing the right things – to feed our ego and also so we can continue in that line. How to know if he enjoys you in bed – a question we have asked our favorite browser at least once before.

It shouldn’t be so difficult but then a lot of things we respond to get responses in bed – both guys and girls. What then are the signs he enjoys sleeping with you, the signs he loves you in bed.

Since we know that half the time, he is faking a moan to make you ride even faster, what we are focused on here are the subtle signs.

How to know if he enjoyed it and he wasn’t just faking the whole thing to make you feel good about yourself. We might come from the angle that this information is not important as love as you are sure he loves you.

Well, yes, he loves you and yes that is the most important thing but to keep the love there is a need for physical intimacy. We are not saying intercourse is all there is to physical intimacy but it is an important aspect and cannot be overlooked.

So, we know he loves you and that is all great but wouldn’t you like to know the signs he enjoys making love to you. If the activities in the bedroom are not up to par, then more often than not the relationship would suffer. This is why the question, how to know if he enjoys you in bed is a very important one to ask.

We keep reading the news and seeing how much cheating is in the world today – so it is important to guide yourself against it.

A lot of marriages are being thrown into the trash can because of infidelity and this is not what we want for yours. It is not even a marriage thing; whatever type of relationship exists between you and him – you need to know this to keep that spark flowing.

As long as you want to maintain the relationship or you want more out of it, you need to know the signs a guy is turned on by you.

If he is not enjoying what the both of you are doing, some men are bold enough to tell you where you need improvements. However, some do not see this gesture as being respectful, so they might just find better levels of pleasure somewhere else.

How to tell if he loves you in bed – this is the million-dollar question we are about to answer here. We all know that there is a little difference between just having intercourse and making love – that difference is passion.

In both cases, however, we can find out the true intentions of a man and if he is enjoying the bedroom when he is with you. So, join us as we dive into the man’s world to learn how to know if he enjoys you in bed.


Signs That He Enjoys Making Love To You

There are so many but then we would reiterate the fact that the world of intercourse most times can be deceiving. What you see or hear might be just lies – however, what cannot be faked is what is felt and that is our focus here. So, we have put down 15 signs he enjoys making love to you.


1.  Eyes Don’t Lie

This statement has been told over the ages and we don’t think there is anyone truer. The eye of your man is one of the signs he loves you in bed as it is difficult to fake some of the eye gestures that come with pleasure.

Just think of it this way, when you clean your ears and the pleasure gets too much, your eyes roll. The hardest thing to do is to compose yourself and stop this from happening regardless of where you find yourself.

It is the same thing when having intercourse with a man, if the pleasure is true, he will be unable to hide the eye gestures from you.

Also, he will want to see how you feel when as you make him go crazy and to him, the best way would be eye contact – so he would want to keep staring into your eyes. This is how to know if he enjoys you in bed.


2.  You And You Alone Matter

When you are doing it right, his normal response would be trying to match your energy. He would put his pleasure as secondary as it is already obvious that that is assured and he would focus more on trying to please you.

So, if he tries to put on a show whenever you are in bed together – it is probably a sign he enjoys sleeping with you. If you are looking for how to know if he enjoys you in bed, we advise you to watch his behavior after a few times together.

A man enjoying the intercourse would try to know what you like getting back and focus more on doing that. Depending on what you love, he tries to make his oral game better – spends more time on foreplay than usual or tries to last long and also go with your favorite position when you guys go to penetration.

However, it is important to note that most times a man would climax faster when he is enjoying the intercourse.


3.  Uncontrollable Kissing

I know we all love words of affirmation but in this case, you should be happier and more satisfied with the words that don’t get to come out in the open.

This may seem off but the truth is most times it is what happens when he enjoys the intercourse. A lot of people believe that you can sleep with almost anybody but kissing is a different ball game.

Most times, he wants to say things but his ego is just too high to let them out, so he would keep his mouth busy with mouth-watering tongue-locking French kisses that do not seem to end.

If how to know if he enjoys you in bed is the question then the answer can be found in how much he kisses you during intercourse and how long those kisses last.


4.  He Doesn’t Rush Anything

Good things take to so if you are looking at the signs a guy is turned on by you, check how much time he spends. Here we are not just talking about penetration but everything that comes with it.

He spends time talking, kissing, and generally on foreplay – most times he would do this for the reason we have previously stated.

Men come faster due to overexcitement and too much pleasure – so he is stalling because he knows what is to come will be explosive.

So, when you man spends more time than he usually does and refuses to rush things, you should rest assured that you are doing the right things for him.


5.  He Moans

It is first important to note that men are the most egocentric beings and they would try as much as possible to keep their ‘man pride’.

However, there is a limit to how much pain a person can silently take and this is also the case when it comes to pleasure.

If he moans during lovemaking then this the answer you have been looking for when you ask how to tell if he loves you in bed.

When pleasure is received in the bedroom, we revert to moaning as the known way of letting it all out. However, this act is seen as a girly thing, so most men would rather make facial expressions but ultimately remain silent.

Even when he is about to climax, how loud and dramatic he acts would tell you how much he enjoyed making love to you.


6.  He Is Vocal About It

I know how much kissing, moaning and all the things that don’t involve words show he is really into whatever you are doing but it is also nice when he says them.

Men tend to be vocal when they enjoy intercourse and this happens during, after, and sometimes even before you start making love.

He starts calling your name in sentences that does not make sense, he begins to compliment you for how good you are what you are doing to him.

Most times you can even get him making vague promises like the writer said ‘she knew it was time to request when he started whispering sweet nothings to her’. How to know if he enjoyed it – he will be vocal about it, he will tell you.


7.  He Wants To Make His Dreams Come True

When a man finds honey, he just wants to dip in all his fingers and satisfy all his cravings. What we are trying to say is once you are good for him and he enjoys you, he wants everything with you.

All his childhood fantasies and the ones he grew to love, he would want to try all of them with you. He would also be willing to try yours – this is when he becomes free and comfortable with you bringing toys to the bedroom all in the name of spicing up the bedroom life.

Not every man would say it but there are other ways to find answers to the question, how to know if he enjoys you in bed. One of such was is that he becomes willing to try your fantasies and for you to bring him to reality.


8.  Pink Becomes His Favorite Color

I saw a video once of a man climaxing during intercourse – he screamed at the top of his voice and was vibrating like he had touched a naked wire.

This was supposed to be a dirty movie but the actress on set with him and the people behind the camera burst into laughter.

It wasn’t planned but they added it anyway, I guess to bring some comedy into the video. It was funny to them and the world because this is not the normal reaction of men to intercourse.

However, if you man gets all emotional during and after intercourse, it is a sign that he is truly into what is going on.


9.  The Look Of Satisfaction

This would be the simplest way to find out if he enjoyed you in bed. Most times all that is needed is the look on his face afterward.

After the normal facial expressions that come with climaxing, the default face for a man especially when the intercourse was with a woman, he doesn’t love is the look of disgust.

Not at her but most times at himself because he is questioning why he went ahead with it in the first place. However, if the experience was enjoyable, the opposite would be the case – he looks happy and satisfied.

Congratulating himself for doing an amazing job of picking the right girl to have intercourse with. So, like we said when we started, the answer you seek will always be in his eyes all you need to do is look.


10.  Again, And Again

It’s like the honey and the man’s fingers story we told earlier – he just kept dipping and never wanted to stop again. When you do the right things to a man in the bedroom, he keeps wanting more and more of it.

You would know you are doing a good job because not only would he ask for a second round – letting you leave will be a hard task for him.

If what is on your mind is how to know if he enjoys you in bed then we suggest you watch him after rounds of intercourse – does he want you to stay longer and does he seem not to get enough of you? These are the signs he enjoys sleeping with you.


11.  Pillow Talk Is Just Extra

When you give him a sensation he has never felt before, more often than not he would want to talk about it afterward. Questions would arise and most times it would be questions that make no sense but still make sense.

Things like where did you learn how to do that, who thought you to do it this way. Then he goes ahead to make silly promises or get silly promises from you like he wants you to be his own forever and things like that.

The Pillow talk is more real and it gets more emotional when he truly enjoyed sleeping with you. Here are 200 pillow talk questions to ask your partner.


12.  He Wants It Forever

Even after you leave, finding out if you did a great job in bed is always going to be possible. No man visits a restaurant with good food once, so if you are good, he would want more.

Have you ever been with a man for the first time and then afterward he keeps calling and texting more often than he normally would? Well, if you have then you already have met the answer to the question ‘how to know if he enjoys you in bed’.


13.  He Learns The Gentleman Handbook In Seconds

He becomes submissive, not in the BDSM context but a relationship context and it doesn’t matter if you guys are dating or not.

He learns how to be a gentleman especially when he is around you because he is afraid of doing something that makes him lose you and the pleasure you bring.

Even when he is making requests, he tries to do so most subtly and respectfully possible. So, when he becomes all mushy and loved up after intercourse, it is probably because you did a good job.


14. Understands Your Non-Verbal Cues Better

There tends to be a connection when you have been with a guy for one too many times but this tends to grow faster when you are doing a good job.

This connection is what makes it possible for understanding to flow seamlessly between the both of you and this is what breeds love over time.

Now if you are doing a good job in the bedroom, even if you are not in a relationship with him, he learns fast. So, your non-verbal cues like it’s time to stop foreplay and go for penetration, I want to change positions – things you say but not with words, he learns them faster.


15.  He Prepares More For Next Time

To him, it is a battle and even if you won the first day of it, he would love to win on the second day. So, you see him trying so hard to make sure he tops the pleasure level for you and this is how to know if he enjoys you in bed.

When he is always trying to match up the level of pleasure you give out to him effortlessly then you know you are doing the right things.


The bedroom is not a battlefield but a place where pleasure is given and received. That been said it is important to know if you are doing a good job or you need improvement as it might be what saves whatever relationship you have with him.

So instead of asking your browser, how to know if he enjoys you in bed – scroll through the list and check for these signs in him.

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