How To Ride A Man In Bed Like A Pro -15 Hot Tips!

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Making a man happy is one of the most important parts of any relationship between both genders for the woman and the opposite is the case for men.

Doing what it takes to make the relationship worth it at the end of the day is one that cannot be overemphasized and knowing how to ride your man in bed comes amongst to top when you are looking for ways to do this.

Knowing this is one of the easiest ways to turn a boring relationship into a very exciting one – when he knows he is in for a treat whenever you go on top, he will always want that to be the order of the day.

This in turn is what strengthens your relationship over time as it brings more unforgettable memories to hold last a lifetime.

He is not a car but I bet you these men would rather have you ride them than their cars. These are trying times and to keep your man it is important to know how to ride a man because if you don’t there are a million other girls who would love to do it and they can all do this like pros.

Social media has made the notion that men are cheats go viral and every day women are thinking of ways to keep their men loyal and coming back to them every time.

If you know how to drive a man crazy over you then it becomes an easy task to keep him and the easiest way, we know is to ride him like a pro. You make him wonder if this level of pleasure existed before now; once he knows he cannot get what you offer somewhere is, you get a high chance of keeping him for good.

Knowing how to ride a guy is your gateway to all the love and affection you have been seeking all this while in your relationship but you don’t have to be scared, thinking it would be a hard task.

This is one of those times you felt the math test would be everything in the syllables but it ends up being just the part you read and understood very well.

Simple body movements with a couple of other tricks that you have been getting wrong and all are set to blow his mind when next you share the bed with him.

However, although the plan is to pleasure your man, intercourse is not just about him – you have to look out for yourself also. It will be impossible to make somebody happy when you are not so, don’t just learn how to ride a man, know how to ride your man while satisfying yourself.


How To Ride A Man – all you need to know!

It has everything to do with what you are already doing, but we will only be showing you how to do it right. Not just that we would be telling you when to do it too because there is one thing knowing what to do and another thing knowing when to do it.

Possessing both is ultimately what separates you from other girls and makes you a pro. We have listed 15 hot tips to show you how to ride a man in bed, so sit back, read, and then go ahead to practice one by one until you are the only thing running through his mind.


1.  Be Comfortable

You will never be good at anything if you are nervous, so it is important to always be comfortable before you go on top to ride him.

Proper leg positioning to avoid cramps is very essential else you won’t last 30 seconds on top of him. Also, it is important to be careful when sitting on him, we know you are being passionate and you want to jump on him to show who is boss.

However, you must understand that it breaks even if it has no bones attached, so be careful when sitting and be comfortable when riding.

How to ride care is no different from how to ride a man – seatbelts, helmets, and other things are added to make you feel more comfortable enough to enjoy the ride at any speed. On the list of steps for how to ride a man without tiring, being comfortable is number one.


2.  Eye Contact

You know when the songwriter said ‘eyes don’t lie’ or when the scriptwriter said ‘look into my eyes and tell me what you see’, that was when we realized how important the eyes are. Want to know how to ride a man, it is very simple – keep making eye contact with him while you are riding.

He needs to see passion, when he knows you are enjoying what is happening, it becomes very easy to take him to the extremes of pleasure.

A man wants to know, you are enjoying whatever is going on – this is one of the ways he gets pleasure and knows he is doing a good job even if you are the one doing the work.

When next you are rolling those eyes back with pleasure while on him, make sure his eyes are focused on you. This is how to ride a man – you keep him in the loop on what you feel inside and what better way to do that than with the eyes, remember, eyes don’t lie.


3.  Prepare For The Occasion

On days when the work would be done by you, it is important to prepare for the occasion, it all looks better when you do this. Be professional with everything leading to this wonderful ride – this is how to ride a man the right way.

You don’t just undress him like he was a baby and you were trying to change his clothes, you don’t undress yourself that way.

Most times knowing how to ride your man doesn’t have to start from riding him – a lot of things are involved even before you start riding him and they all have to do done with precision.

Also, while you are at it, it is always to start with your hair packed in the middle or arranged to the side. If it must be scattered, let it be done while you are riding him; that shows you know how to drive a man crazy over you.


4.  Get Him There First

We know what you want to do is ride him like a pro but the truth is that is not the only thing you would have to do. It will be impossible to get him undressed and just start riding, this is why getting there is an important step when you are learning how to ride your man in bed.

Turning your man on is necessary because if he is not aroused, there is no way you would ride him. So, kiss passionately and enjoy foreplay for as long as possible before you go ahead to show him all you learned after searching ‘how to ride a guy.


5.  Be Vocal

When on him, it is important to tell him how you feel even if you are just making sounds. During intercourse, all senses have to come into play and one of the most important is the tongue and voice – talk to him while you are riding him.

Ask him questions, let him know that the both of you are together in finding pleasure for him in this endless well. Ask him if he enjoys it when you go fast or he wants things slow, moan rhythmically – even if you are faking it when it flows with your thrusts, it sounds more believable; this is how to ride a man.


6.  Be An Ocean

Have you ever sat on the beach to watch the ocean or river do its thing, it is one of the most beautiful sights to behold.

This is how we want you to look in his eyes, so your movement should be like the ocean. Going up and down can’t be the only direction you go when riding him.

This just would cut because the sensation becomes just one kind over a continuous period. Yes, this works but what we are looking at is how to ride a man like a pro and not just how to ride a man.

So, throw in some clockwise movement is not a bad idea, and following it up with some anti-clockwise motion will do you a lot of good.


7.  Control Everything

You know how they say the man always wants to be controlled and how they are all against feminism in secret, these are the biggest lies ever told.

The opposite is the case in real life, men love been controlled to an extent, especially in the bedroom. So, you should make sure you capitalize on this and do the best you can to control everything that happens in the bedroom with him.

Most commonly, he would like to control the pace by leaving his hands on your waist, don’t let him do that – you control how fast or how slow.

This way you even help him because most times he tries to increase the pace to increase sensation and when it is reduced, he lasts a little longer. Also, you can try choking and smacking if he is into those types of kinky behavior.


8.  Make Him Work

Your man is not going to doing a lot of work since you are the one on top but it gets boring if he only thinks back to the things you did.

He is a man and doing stuff is something he looks forward to – that is why most of them prefer the missionary or doggy style to the cowgirl which is you riding him.

So, make him work, he can feel your body or hang just above him and let him thrust while lying on the bed. Always make sure all five of his senses are fully focus on you when you are riding him – this is how to ride a guy.


9.  Switch Gears

We have been looking at the similarities between how to ride a car and how to ride a man and one of them would be the gearbox.

This is what makes the car tick especially when it is a manual car – you go from 1 to 2 and then 3 all having their speed settings attached.

You can fall back also from 3 to 1 before rising again depending on how fast you want to go and how much obstruction is in front of it. This is the same thing with riding him, make sure the pass varies constantly, from fast to slow and then to fast again.


10.  Be Yourself, Be Confident

Thanks for searching for how to ride a man in bed, the answer is simple – be yourself. We know we have said a lot here already but the truth is you cannot do all of them, this is why we are giving you 15 hot tips to choose from.

This way you are certain that you would find something that works for you and not try all. Be yourself and also it is important that when you find what works for you, you do it confidently.

There is nothing more sensual than confidence; it has never been what you do but how you do it – so when you are trying to have eye contact be confident about it and watch him go crazy for you.


11.  Relax, Rest When You Can

Yes, this might sound crazy but you must have some rest whenever you can. Step down and switch to other forms of pleasure probably with your hands or your mouth while your knee and waistline take a rest.

Remember, five minutes of a good ride would always be preferred to 20 minutes with just 3 minutes of a good ride and 17 minutes of you moving tired on top of him.


12.  Make Sure He Sees Both Sides Of The Coin

This something, we most times fail to realize, the man needs to see it all for him to be happy. You mostly ride your man using the normal cowgirl method with you on top of him facing him front to front.

This is beautiful and a lot of men would appreciate what is going on in front but you have to realize at some point he wants to see how things are going from the back.

When you cream on him, it looks even more beautiful when you are looking at things from the back – so switching positions from facing him to backing him gives you variety.

A pro tip would be to turn without him having to pull out but this would take a lot of flexibility and practice. So, if the question is how to ride a man, the answer is with confidence.


13.  Dress For The Occasion

Turning him on is very important else there is not a need for any of the shenanigans at the end of the day because it won’t even work.

So, try to seduce your man with the way you appear in bed, dress to entice that’s what the women say these days – he should be close to climaxing with the way you take off your clothes.


14.  Yourself First

Remember we were talking about moaning and then we suggested faking it even when you don’t want to just to make him feel good.

You can help make it real always; in fact, you should help yourself make it real always. Even if it is a known fact that you are out there, riding him to please him – it is important to know that he came to do the opposite.

So, if for any reason you are not receiving any pleasure, he goes home angry and unsatisfied with himself. So, whatever extra you have to do even if it involves bring toys into the bedroom, we suggest that you do it just to make sure you too will be satisfied afterward.

If you have ever creamed or squirted on a man, you would understand what we are saying since you know how good it made him feel.


15.  Cuddle After Intercourse

This is the one that we forget a lot. When you are done with all the tips on how to ride a man, if the man doesn’t come back then your aim is defeated and the easiest way to bring him back is to cuddle and have pillow talks.

If it is just causal intercourse then you just focus on what just happened, get feedback on what you did right, and how he would want you to do it next time. Then you can probably just on him for round 2 and make sure you perfect your imperfections.


Love Sphere

As you can see it was never really a hard task – these are just things you know but you just don’t know how important they are.

Also, you must have been doing it all wrong and this is why you came asking ‘how to ride a man’. It is important to ask questions and your question is what we have answered here showing your 15 hot tips on how to ride a man in bed like a pro.

Here are further resources to help you; Hot Things To Say To Your Man In Bed, Dirty Questions To Ask Your Partner, and How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed.

We will be hoping for testimony or two in the comment section after your next session with your man. So, until then, this is us saying goodbye.


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