12 Things A Woman Wants In A Relationship

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What a woman wants in a relationship has been the million-dollar question for a lot of men over the years because no matter how hard they try; it can’t seem to be found.

The thing is we complicate things a lot, so what was meant to be very easy to find becomes the hardest in the books. She loves you and this was why she agreed to enter into the relationship with you in the first place.

So, what she wants back from you is that love back but it all seems complicated because a woman’s needs are different from that of a man.

More often than not, we feel it is wrong to go finding what a woman needs in a relationship because this way you are generalizing and that cannot work for women.

No two women are the same, so what works for Jane might not work for Marry but it is not a bad thing. Also, you must know that some basics would surely work for every woman when they are in a relationship with anybody.

For example, having a man that is faithful and won’t cheat on them is something all women dream of regardless of where she was raised or what she believes in.

Regardless of how different humans seem, even if we have a lot of things that can be used to categorize us, we are all the same at the end of the day – we want the finer things of life, even when we are with a man – we just want someone that would be there and stay there doing everything he can to make us happy and appreciating the things we try to do to make him happy.

However, some factors will affect how effective what you do turns out to be i.e love language is different in people; so, words of affirmation would not work with effect when she is someone who believes in receiving gifts or who has physical touch as her love language.

So, before we go ahead to tell you what you need to know, you must know this – not everything mentioned here would work for your wife, this is why we suggest you know your partner even before you find what works for her.

This way it is very easy to say this is my girl and this would be what she wants but women would appreciate any of them you try, so if you can do all but if you can’t then make sure you are doing the once that would suit her the most.

So, if you are trying to find out what a woman wants in a relationship, we suggest you follow the coming lines attentively.


What A Woman Wants In A Relationship – they won’t tell you this!

The biggest issue we face most times when finding what women want is the fact that they most times won’t tell you, they expect most times that you just observe and find out what makes them tick.

However, that is the hardest task even if it seems like a very easy thing to do, so to make things easier, here are 12 answers to the question of what a woman wants in a man.


1. Be Able To Communicate

We know it is taboo for a woman to answer the “what do women want in a relationship” question but sometimes asking might spring up surprises.

Maybe she is part of the few that would spill the beans once they are asking then you wouldn’t even have to read what is left in this article because she has given you all that you need to be the man of her dreams.

Communication is important in a relationship for many reasons – the absence of it would be the end of whatever love you think exists between the both of you.

So, always ask questions, when you are dealing with your partner, make sure you don’t assume anything – if you are not sure what she wants for dinner, don’t assume every woman likes ice cream.

Once in a while, her favorite meal can work but more often than not, these women have cravings and this is what they want to satisfy.

Also, it is important to always say the right thing – it is one thing to communicate always and another thing to say the right things when you do.

Women like to be complimented and they love when you notice changes. So, no matter how small what she did is, make her know you saw it – the new hair or dress even the new lingerie she would wear to bed tonight.

Tell her how beautiful she is every morning with new words – that is it, that is what a woman wants in a relationship, some communication. Here are 7 Simple Ways To Communicate better!


2. Trust Her

Even as a man being second-guessed is something you would not find funny especially when it is your partner doing it.

So, the benefit of the doubt is important, don’t judge her based on what your ex did to you 10 years ago because is not that ex and there is no evidence, she has the same plans for you. If she hasn’t given you a reason to lose trust in her, we suggest you do that with all you have.

More often than not, the folks that bring stories about how your partner is jealous of what you have and probably want the same thing but cannot find it. So not everybody around you should be given a listening ear when it comes to matters of your heart or your partner.

Also, while you go about trusting her, you should be trustworthy too, don’t give her a reason, not to lose trust in you. Guard your integrity as if it was your manhood – do this and watch your home become a happy one, remember a happy wife is a happy home. Here are 5 Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship.


3. Confidence + Support

When you know your partner and what they are about, it is important to build confidence in them. Believe they can do whatever they say they want to do and show that you believe in them.

Also, you must know that there is nothing hotter than a confident man – so, building some self-confidence should be on your to-do list.

When they want a cake made for the neighborhood meeting don’t go suggesting they buy one because you are scared, she would make a mistake while doing it when you know she makes amazing cakes.

Become her number one fan and cheerleader whenever she is trying to win then celebrate her victory as if it was yours because it is yours.

When we talk about support, it doesn’t end with being a cheerleader for her when she is doing what she is good at. Go out of your way to be available when she needs help, regardless of what it is your partner does – it may seem weird but this is what a woman wants in a relationship.

Financially also, you should be generous enough to support her ideas when you have the finances to do so. Here are  10 Ways To Compromise In Your Relationship.


4. Respect Her

This should even be number one when the question is ‘what does a woman want in a relationship’. Respect her it is as simple as that, when you respect a woman a lot of things you would normally do which might she might not even find funny would not cross your mind.

Understand what she is about – everyone has beliefs, you have to respect hers too. She wasn’t raised in the same area as you and even if she was, it was not in the same house.

So, it will be impossible for you to have everything in common but with respect, the difference can be worked out and a stronger relationship can strive.

Sometimes, I imagine what a man is doing with a mistress on the same bed his wife sleeps on. This is not just cheating but a lack of respect for your partner and these are a few of the things that wouldn’t cross your mind once you have respect for her.

So, when next you are asked what a woman wants from a man in a relationship, tell them to respect her, that is simply it. Check out these 15 Signs Of Disrespect you should avoid.


5. Be Available Emotionally

The internet has succeeded in fooling men into thinking they are not emotional beings when in honestly, they are the most emotional gender.

A man is allowed to feel bad or cry when his favorite team loses a game but not over a tragic movie that he can relate to because he is a man.

The truth is this is not the case, men are emotional beings and this is what your partner wants to see. That you are available to her emotionally and you can get emotional too. Women most times will conclude that love does not exist once getting emotional is an issue for you.

Heart to heart talks about your feelings, fears and dreams are important in your relationship. Men can be babies too, especially when they are around their women, when you are not, she begins to think you are not comfortable with her or probably concludes that there is someone out there you would rather be free and open emotionally too.

So, if you are looking for what a woman wants in a relationship, we suggest you try to become more emotionally available to your partner.


6. Know Her Bedroom Needs And Wants

Something tells me, you wanted this to be number one on the list and it is fine to think that way, this is how important this one is.

You must know what she wants and needs in bed, if you don’t already do and you have no plans of finding out then you probably are coming to the final days of the relationship.

Her bedroom needs should be the top priority to you, that is why we suggest you be with someone that matches your own crazy.

Women are different and so are their bedroom needs, so it is important to understand who she is and what she is about.

Some women enjoy foreplay a lot while others would rather just go straight to intercourse. What turns her on, does she believe in doing it spontaneously everywhere around the house or she holds a sacred bond with the bedroom – these are a few of the things you should know.

Not every man would be blessed with a very huge third leg and even amongst those blessed not every man would be able to properly use it.

That been said, it is important to understand your body and what works for you then make sure you use those your strengths to satisfy her bedroom needs. Here Are Some Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom. 


7. Look Good

Yes, she would be seen outside with you at some point in her life, in fact, a lot of times she will be outside with you so it is important to look good when you can.

Know what your woman looks to see her man wearing and get a lot of it. Now, women would have a wardrobe filled with clothes and tell you they have nothing to wear.

It is not new also they prefer to wear your shirts more than their things – it is one of those things they do to establish authority and show territory, so allow her to take them. Buy polos in her favorite color and keep them around the house, for her.


8. Accountability And Safety

We all want someone we can count on at the end of the day regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. There is a reason why you say for better and for worse at the altar, the woman you are with wants you to be her knight in shining amour, and sometimes what that entails is that you be someone she can count on when the whole world fails here.

A shoulder to cry on is what a woman wants in a relationship – someone she can tell everything and not feel stupid for doing so. Also, we are not saying fight everybody that comes her way but your woman should feel safe in your hands.


9. Some Personal Space

Yes, she wants her man always around showing her all the love and affection available to humans but at the same time, some personal space doesn’t hurt.

There are things she loves that would be impossible for you to partake in and she needs time to do them, so when you can, it is important to give her all the time she needs.

She comes back missing you and loving you even more. Also, when she falls out of love with you, it gives her time to miss you and all the other things you do which help her come back to loving you even stronger.


10. Humor Has Never Failed

Not everybody can be as funny as Kevin Hart but it is important to have some humor in your locker as humor is something that will never fail you in the quest to make your human happy.

Yes, laughter is what a woman wants in a relationship – she still wants the fancy things and all but she wants her man to be her pain relief and the only way you can do that is by knowing how to throw jokes around the house using situations that arise while you are together.

We were told once that making a woman laugh a lot is the fastest way to get to her heart and there has never been a truer statement said.


11. Help Around The House

This is where we get it wrong most times, taking care of the house is not the role of your wife, even if she assumes responsibility, a little help when you can never be a bad idea.

The kitchen should be the most romantic part of the house, make food together and play while you are at it – you can even sneak in some intercourse while the turkey is in the oven.

Raising the children is a tough job and she shouldn’t be the only one doing that too – helping out in the house is the easiest way to make your house a happy one.


12. Know Her Boundaries

Being friends with your woman is the most important. Forget about everything we just talked about, what a woman wants in a relationship is just friendship.

Know what she is about, knowing her will also mean you know her boundaries then the next step is to make sure those boundaries are respected.

Some things just don’t sit right with her – it could be how your friends meddle in your affairs or how you relate with other women. Whatever it is, just make sure her boundaries are respected.


A Quick Recap – What A Woman Wants In A Relationship

At this point nothing can be said again, you have asked us what a woman wants in a relationship and we have provided the answers for you.

However, we must reiterate that we cannot list out all the things women want and it is because like we said women are different.

That been said, we have tried to provide the basic which would work for almost every woman out there. So, go with this knowledge and make your home a happy one – a happy wife is a happy home, never forget that.


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