10 Weak Points Of A Man During Romance

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Get ready to uncover the hidden secrets of men’s hearts! In the game of love, both men and women have their own soft spots that make them vulnerable and open to deeper connections. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top 10 weak points of a man during romance.

From sucking his n#pples to licking his ears, we’ll reveal the intimate details that can drive your man wild in bed. So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn what really makes men tick in matters of the bedroom!


How To Make A Man Weak For You In Bed

I know we all have a question or two on how to make a man weak for you in bed or things to do to make a man weak for you in bed as these men tend to act tough and not want to be vulnerable about it, but worry not, that’s why I’m here for you!

Let me take you through a journey of things to do to make a man weak for you in bed, so read on.


1. Ride Him Well

This refers to a s#xual position where the woman takes an active role during interco#rse. It’s about finding a rhythm and motion that both partners enjoy.

Confidence, communication, and responsiveness to your partner’s cues are key to making this experience enjoyable and memorable.


2. Keep Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact during intimate moments can be incredibly arousing and intimate. It deepens the connection and allows partners to express their desires and emotions non-verbally. It shows that you’re fully present and engaged in the experience.


3. Romance Him Deeply

Romance extends beyond the bedroom. To make a man weak for you in bed, focus on creating a strong emotional connection outside of it. Surprise him with affection, thoughtful gestures, and heartfelt conversations.

Emotional intimacy often enhances physical intimacy.


4. Tickle Him

Playful and lighthearted moments can add excitement to your s#xual experiences. Light tickling can be a fun and intimate way to engage with your partner, as long as both partners are comfortable and consent is respected.


5. S#ck Him Well

This likely refers to oral s#x. To excel in this aspect, communication is crucial. Understanding your partner’s preferences, using your mouth and tongue skillfully, and maintaining enthusiasm can enhance the experience.

Ensure both partners are comfortable and consenting throughout.

weak points of a man during romance


10 Weak Points Of A Man During Romance

I told you earlier that we would be exploring 10 weak points of men during romance in this post, and yes, this is the point where we get to talk about these weak points of men during romance. Before we go ahead, I need to make you understand that these points are tested to be true and you just have to make sure you do it the right way for it to work for you.

Without much ado let’s go straight into the world of the weak points of men during romance!


1. Suck His N#pple

Sucking your man’s n#pple is sure one of the many ways to make him weak for you in bed and get him aroused for s#xual practices in the bedroom. This action has a way of making your man crave for you and want to get down on you.

Men love it when their woman sucks, and tickles their n#pple, you can imagine how you feel when your man sucks on your b##bs, that’s exactly the same way these men feel when you suck their n#pples and of course, by doing this you can make your man weak during romance.


2. Rub His D#ck

Rubbing a man’s d#ck is one of the weak points of a man during romance. Before getting down with your man, it’s important that you make him hard so he can be eager to perform well, and to be honest, rubbing his d#ck does just that for you.

If your man’s d#ck doesn’t get hard just by the sight of you the best way to make it hard is to rub it s#xily and be careful while doing it. This is one of the weak points of many men out there as their d#cks can’t resist it.


3. Lick His Thighs

The thighs are a very sensitive part of the man’s body and that’s why we can say that kissing, licking, and rubbing a man’s thighs is one of the ways to make him weak for you in bed.

Licking your man’s thigh most especially sends a very sensual message to their brain that gets them in the mood for s#xual activity! This right here is another one of the weak points of a man during romance.


4. Lick His Armpit

I know many women can think licking a man’s armpit isn’t s#xy or doesn’t have anything to do with romance and that is why I intentionally added it to let you know that this act is one of the weak points of a man during romance.

Licking his armpit would send a sensual signal to his brain and system the same way you licking his thighs would, this would help get him in the mood fast and even make him beg you for s#x.


5. Suck His Scr#tum

Because the scr#tum is the closest to the d#ck, this is what makes sucking it one of the weak points of a guy during romance. But it’s important to remind you to be careful while sucking your man’s scr#tum to avoid hurting him.

You can start by kissing, licking, and sucking his d#ck then you move to the next step which mostly renders many men weak in bed and that is sucking off the scr#tum.

It is also one of the most sensitive parts of the man’s body. So suck your man’s scr#tum today but remember to handle it with care.


6. Lick His Ears

Romantically licking his ears with passion will have him finding himself hard, h#rny, and craving s#x. If you decide not to give him your honey pot after licking his ears you can find him begging you for it, yes, it’s that crazy and effective and can also make him weak for you in bed.

Licking his ears is one of the weak points of a man during romance.


7. Kiss His Neck

The neck is a very sensitive part of the human body and you can imagine what a kiss on this sensitive body part would do to your man, he would enjoy it because it would send a shock down his spine!

If you intend to make your man weak for you in bed, this right here is one thing you should do, and yes, it’s also an answer to your question on how to make a man weak for you.


8. Give Him Bl#wjob

So many men out there crave this particular one because it’s one of the ways to make a man scream your name in bed, which is one of the weak spots of a guy during romance.

It is important you learn how to do this as many ladies get it wrong. Try as much as possible to avoid using your teeth while sucking his d#ck as this would only cause him pain and not pleasure, play with his b#lls and lick his d#ck like you lick your lollipop!

It’s that simple, but as simple as it may sound it will make your man scream and beg for mercy in bed if you do it the right way.


9. Touch Him S#xily

Touching your man’s body s#xually is another one of the weak points of men during foreplay especially when you touch him and caress him in the right places like the chest, his neck, his back, his d#ck, his thighs and so many other sensitive parts of the man’s body.

Many men crave for this and to think the majority of the men’s love language is physical touch! They enjoy being touched and caressed. Touching your man s#xually in the most sensual places men like to be touched would get him ready and prepared for s#x.


10. Give Him A Foot Massage

A foot massage is also another one of the weak points of a man during romance. While romancing your man you can offer to give him a foot massage just to get him ready and in the mood for the romance activities.

Men love it when being touched at the right places just as I’ve said earlier and yes foot massage does the magic.


Guys’ Weaknesses When Kissing

Here are some extra weaknesses of guys when kissing them. Read carefully.


1. Kiss Him Passionately

Kissing passionately is a universal desire for people of all genders. It’s about conveying desire, connection, and intimacy through your lips. To kiss passionately:

Begin with soft, gentle kisses and gradually intensify the kiss as the moment allows.

Use varying pressure and movements of your lips and, if desired, incorporate your tongue.

Show enthusiasm and genuine interest in the kiss to make your partner feel desired and connected.

This is one of the weak points of a man when kissing.


2. Mo#n Softly

Expressing pleasure through soft mo#ns or sighs can enhance the intimate experience for both partners. It’s important to note that mo#ning is a natural and spontaneous response to pleasure. If you’re enjoying the kiss, allowing yourself to express it through gentle mo#ns can intensify the connection.

This is one of the guys’ weaknesses when kissing.


3. Match His Energy

Kissing is a mutual activity, and matching your partner’s energy level is key to a satisfying experience. It means being in sync with their pace and style:

If your partner is kissing passionately and with vigor, reciprocate with a similar level of intensity.

If your partner prefers a slower, more tender kiss, adjust your approach accordingly.

Pay attention to their cues and body language to ensure you’re both comfortable and enjoying the moment.


4. Use Your Hand Around His Head

Incorporating your hands can add an extra layer of intimacy to the kiss:

Cradling his face with your hands gently can convey tenderness and allow you to control the angle and depth of the kiss.

Running your fingers through his hair can be sensual and heighten the overall experience.

Holding his cheek or gently caressing the back of his neck can intensify the connection and make the kiss more memorable.


A Quick Recap On Weak Points Of A Guy During Romance

In conclusion, the world of romance, often portrayed as a seamless act of passion and intimacy, can indeed reveal intriguing nuances when it comes to men. While there may be stereotypes and misconceptions about their supposed stoicism, it’s important to remember that every individual is unique.

The vulnerabilities, desires, and strengths that surface during romance are not confined to gender. Embracing open communication, trust, and empathy in any romantic encounter allows us to better understand and appreciate the complexities of human connection.

So, whether you’re exploring the subtleties of a first kiss or savoring the depths of a long-lasting relationship, remember that vulnerability is a shared experience, transcending gender boundaries, and enhancing the beauty of the moment.

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weak points of a guy during romance

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