12 Signs Your Marriage Is Over

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12 signs your marriage is over

I know you didn’t get married to come online and search for signs your marriage is over, but the truth is some marriages might not just be working anymore and some may really not be worth fighting over or forcing yourself on.

The act that seems to be the deal-breaker in most marriages is domestic v#olence cause it has to do with life; I mean, nobody wants a marriage that would take their life, so it’s better to walk out of any marriage that is full of domestic v#olence.

If you have a feeling that your marriage doesn’t seem to be working anymore and you need confirmation that the signs you’re seeing are signs your marriage is over then I would advise you to keep reading this post cause I have carefully listed 12 signs you should watch out for that shows your marriage is over.


What Are The First Signs Your Marriage Is Over?

The first signs you should watch out for that show your marriage might be over is when you feel emotionally and physically drained in your marriage and when you feel angry towards your partner frequently.

The moment you start to feel like you are drained emotionally and physically in your marriage and you know the cause for this is your partner or your marriage in general, it is a sign to leave or end the marriage before things go out of hand.

Being drained emotionally would make you feel like you’re worth nothing; it would affect your mental health and your sense of reasoning would change totally!

Emotional draining is a severe issue that often can’t be controlled until it hits deep. If your marriage makes you feel drained emotionally and physically that is just the first sign you need to know when to walk out of that marriage.

Also, when you suddenly start to feel angry towards your partner over minor issues, then you should know there is a problem somewhere.

Every relationship, or let me say marriage would definitely have times whereby you argue cause marriage is the coming together of two people from different backgrounds to start a life together, there is no way you won’t argue or disagree.

But the moment you start feeling angry over minor issues that are meant to be resolved in no time and you see yourself being comfortable with that anger with no sign of you resolving the issue then that’s a huge sign that your marriage is over because an angry man can do and undo and before things go the other way it’s best you take your leave or call it off.


How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over?

You would know when your marriage is over or might be coming to an end when there’s lack of communication, loss of intimacy, constant arguing, infidelity, or feeling emotionally disconnected. These are some of the major signs that show your marriage is not working anymore.

There is no need to be confused about anything because love or marriage affairs can really not be forced! It’s either working or not working. Once you start seeing traces of these things mentioned earlier start to happen in your marriage, then it may be time to consider if the marriage is still viable.

signs your marriage is over


12 Signs Your Marriage Is Over

To be sure your marriage is over these are other signs you can see or notice that would give you a confirmation that truly your marriage is over.


1. You Don’t Feel Loved

What is marriage without love? Every marriage or relationship is always centered on the foundation of love. The moment you start to feel like you’re not loved anymore in your marriage then it’s a warning sign your marriage is likely to come to an end.

Marriages without love can’t be helped most times, they end up leading to conflicts and constant arguments, so if you don’t feel loved in your marriage, it’s one of the signs your marriage is over.


2. You Don’t Trust Each Other Anymore

signs your marriage is not working

When you don’t trust your partner anymore this breeds a gap for conflicts and arguments on several issues no matter how minor the issue can be. Trust is one of the things that holds every relationship and marriage that you see standing strong these days, and the moment that trust is no more, there is a high possibility that your marriage has come to an end.

In case you don’t trust your partner anymore, it’s one of the signs your marriage is over.


3. Constant Argument

Constant or frequent arguments would only make you tired of your marriage easily, and it’s also one of the signs your marriage isn’t working. Nobody would want to keep a marriage that is full of fights and arguments, if you find yourself and your partner fighting constantly, even over minor issues, then it’s one of the signs your marriage is coming to an end.

The worst part is when it resolves into physical ass#ult or v#olence, it could take life or lead to physical body injuries, and to prevent this, once you notice that you and your partner constantly argue in your marriage that’s the vital sign you need on how to know when your marriage is over.


4. You Don’t Feel Jealous

This is pretty simple; if you love someone, you would naturally find yourself feeling jealous when they’re away or spending time with other people. Once you don’t love your partner anymore that jealousy won’t be there. The moment you don’t feel jealous anymore then you know that’s a sign your marriage is not working.


5. You Keep Secrets From One Another

Keeping secrets from your partner would only breed issues and conflicts in the marriage. When you keep secrets, you open doors to trust issues, arguments, and every sort of problem that can cause disputes. Whenever you feel the need to keep secrets from your partner then that is one of the clear signs your marriage is over.


6. You Can’t Tolerate One Another

Tolerance is one of the things that keep a relationship standing. When you can no longer tolerate your partner’s bad behaviors or habits, and you’re always pointing them out, conflicts would arise between you two and when the conflicts occur frequently, then it’s just a matter of time before you eventually say bye-bye to your marriage.


7. You Don’t Miss Each Other

Missing someone is a sign of love. It takes a deep level of affection and feeling for you to miss someone because it’s a strong proof that you have the person in mind and you love them; now imagine you don’t miss your partner and you can go days without communicating with them while away, this is primarily applicable to marriages that are long distances.

When there is no feeling of you missing your partner’s presence and wanting to be around them it shows you don’t love them the way you used to, and if you don’t work on it, your marriage may come to an end.


8. You No More Communicate

Lack of communication is the issue most marriages that fall apart today lack. If you are unable to express yourself or your feelings to your partner openly in your marriage then it’s one of the signs your marriage is over.

Marriages that are strong and healthy today are so because both parties communicate frequently; when things aren’t fine they communicate and when they have individual issues they make sure they talk them out. Once you see that your marriage is lacking communication, then you know your marriage might end soon.


9. You Don’t Talk About Personal Issues

Because you both have come together as one on your wedding day then there should be no such as a “personal issue”.

You should be able to share every of your problem in detail with your partner in your marriage, this would help build trust and sincerity, but in cases whereby you start to hide things from your partner or you no longer feel comfortable sharing personal issues with your partner then it’s a sign you are done with the marriage or the marriage is over.


10. You Don’t Want To Have S#x

signs you know your marriage is over

Why would you get married to someone you can’t or don’t want to have s#x with?

The moment you start feeling irritated at your partner or you no longer enjoy s#xual pleasures with him then you know that’s a huge issue and it’s one of the clear signs your marriage might be over cause your partner would likely not take it from you, and from there, disagreements would arise and if things don’t change your marriage would be over in a matter of time.


11. You Feel Lonely

You feeling lonely is also one of the warning signs your marriage is over or close to its end.

You have no reason or cause to feel lonely in your marriage cause not everyone can stand loneliness, and if your partner is making you feel lonely, it’s possible to look for someone out there to fill the void and from there you are calling for the end of your marriage. Once you start to feel lonely in your marriage, please take it as a sign that your marriage is over.


12. You Are Growing Apart

Growing apart simply means you’re enjoying life separately, doing things separately and you feel comfortable living without each other. No more signs of jealousy or you missing one another! This is one vital sign you should look out for in your marriage as it mostly can’t be helped or worked on.

The moment you feel you and your partner are growing apart, then it’s one of the signs your marriage is not working and possibly going to be over soon.


When Should You Let Go Of A Marriage?

If you need to know when to let go of your marriage, here are some hints on when you should let go of your marriage;

  • When you get angry with your partner frequently
  • When there is no more support
  • When there is a lack of communication
  • When you feel like detaching yourself
  • When you don’t feel like getting intimate with your partner

Letting go of your marriage can be a very painful and sad decision to make, especially because you didn’t get married and expect to find yourself looking for signs to let go of your marriage.

Humans generally have different ways of handling situations, but still, some marriages aren’t worth saving when they are already at some certain level! It’s just better to let go, move on and stay happy individually.

In most cases, these things can’t be helped, and when they keep reoccurring in marriages, they break marriages. No matter how much you try to hold or save your marriage, once the issue results in no intimacy, lack of support, and lots of arguments, it becomes very evident that it will never last, and the best thing to do is just to let go and live your lives separately.


In Summary: Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Divorce is a tough pill to swallow. Making the decision can be draining because the thought of how people will criticize you and how you would either raise the kids alone as a woman without any father figure or as a man without motherly care can make you decide to keep enduring in the marriage no matter what it brings, but let me tell you just so you know, some marriages can’t just be helped or endured and in cases like that the best thing is to let go and move on with your life individually.

Moving on to live individually even with the kids in the picture can still be managed and it would only relieve you of the stress and emotional torture your marriage is giving you; it’s just a matter of time before you heal completely and be fine.

Marriage shouldn’t be a do-or-die affair; in the case of the kids, both parents can come to an agreement on who would take custody of the children and both parties should make sure they play their part well in taking good care of the kids till they’re fully grown to look after themselves.

All of these signs that I have listed and discussed above in this post are vital signs you should always look out for in your marriage because they would give you that assurance or let me say, the confirmation that you need to be sure that your marriage can no longer be helped and would be over soon.


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